Game Changer

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Uh, what?


We barely make it into my house before I've got her against the wall, my hands caressing her body as she groans against me. I'm not in a rush though, and I want to take my time with her. We had fucked so many times, I actually wanted to gaze into those insane eyes this time, actually take it to a different level.

"Why have you stopped? Is your mum or sister in?" Savannah panics, as she glances around the hallway anxiously.

"No, none of them are in," I whisper soothingly, stroking her hair back to reveal her delicious throat. "I just want to take it slowly."

She looks surprised, and I mentally chastise myself. What sort of a boyfriend was I if I was like a horny old man all of the time? We kick our shoes off, before making our way up the stairs to my room. I hold the door open for her as she walks in, before she reaches for me hungrily.

"Get these off," she mumbles in between kisses, and I oblige, tugging my top off and dropping my jeans. She is gazing at me with a heated expression, but I can't stare at her for long. We kiss, dropping onto my bed as she peels her top off, revealing her insane body. I unclasp her bra with ease, before I tug her jeans off. She is lying there in just her underwear, but she is soon on her knees, kissing me again as she pushes me onto the bed, straddling me. Her lips meet mine, and our kisses are light yet sensual, and I groan when she drops her lip down to my chest, making her way down to my abs as I stop her, her eyes looking at me questionably.

"I don't want to just fuck Savannah," I say hoarsely, sitting up so that she is now on my lap, her slender legs wrapping around me as she smiles softly. "I want to make love to you."

I kiss her collarbone tenderly, my hands cupping her ass as she grinds against me, moaning softly.

"I need you though," she whimpers, as my finger brushes over her nipple. It hardens instantly, and my mouth surrounds it, sucking it gently as she throws her head back. I move to the other nipple, as my hands span her back, pressing her to me. "Adrian," she moans, and I dip a finger into her wetness, hearing her inhale sharply as I begin to caress her intimately.

She begins to ride my fingers, and I decide to make her cum this way first of all. I wanted her to get this out of her system almost, so that she could focus properly. It doesn't take long, between heated kisses and my fingers, before she is crying out against me. I turn her around, laying against her as I kiss her neck, moving back down to her stomach as she digs her nails into my arms.

"I want you inside of me, please Adrian," she says, looking up at me with those fucking eyes. I reach for a condom when she slides my boxers down, waving the condom away.

"Implant, remember?"

I move my hand back, sliding her underwear down as she looks up at me eagerly. I'm kissing her again as she guides me inside of her, and I can't help but let out a moan of appreciation as she gasps beneath me. I move my hips slowly at first, our mouths locked together as I wrap her in my arms.

"I love you," I whisper, stroking her hair away from her eyes as she kisses me, whispering it back to me. She throws her head back in ecstasy, slamming her hips against me as I increase my thrusts.

We continue like this for a short while before I can't take it anymore- and I bury myself inside of her. I cry out, wrapping her in my arms as I do.

"Ok fine," she gasps, as I move my head to meet her eyes. "I'll marry you."

We both laugh then, and I kiss her before I get up. I clean myself up, and turn to grin at her as she does the same.


"Aww, you're so cute. Do you have biscuits?" she asks expectantly, as I make a face.

"Would I be British if I didn't?"

She laughs, pulling on her underwear as I drag my eyes away, leaving my bedroom and closing the door behind me. If someone would've told me six months ago that I'd be in a different relationship and happy- I'd have laughed them out of town. I hum to myself as I make the tea, realising I didn't know if she took sugar or not. I decide to go back and ask her, and I jog up the stairs, in time to see Jermaine leaving my sisters room.

I frown as he swallows, his eyes like saucers as he stammers out an explanation.

"What the fuck?" I ask, as he makes a face. The door behind him opens to reveal my sister, Cheyanne. She looks at me with a bored expression before tossing something to Jermaine.

"You left these."

Jermaine catches the keys instantly, biting his lip as he smiles at her anxiously.

"What?" Cheyanne asks, before shaking her head and closing the door. I'm standing there in my boxers, with my naked girlfriend in my bed whilst my best friend fucks my sister across the hall.

"This is awkward," huffs Jermaine, as I blink slowly.

"I didn't see that coming," I say, as the door behind me opens, to reveal Savannah in one of my t shirts, which luckily covered her ass.

"Bathroom?" she asks, before doing a double take at Jermaine, who averts his eyes accordingly. I direct her down the hall, as Jermaine sighs.

"Are you pissed with me? I should've told you."

"Are you and her a thing?" I ask, crossing my arms as he shakes his head quickly.

"Not like a you and Sav thing, nah. It is what it is, um, you know..." his voice trails off as I nod. I'm stunned my sister would sleep with any of my friends considering she is four years older than me- let alone that she would do it in our house.


I regard him coolly as he walks past me, jogging down the stairs as Savannah walks back out.

"What is Jermaine doing here?"

"Jermaine is leaving. Bye!" Jermaine calls humorously, as I hear the front door slam. I stare down after him, before I feel Savannah beside me.


"Yeah," I say, scratching my neck as I absorb the recent events. "Sugar?"

She shakes her head as she walks back into my room, closing the door behind her. I'm left in the empty hallway now, and I'm confused.

What the fuck just happened?

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