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My suitcase is so heavy I'm paranoid the check in girl is going to open it to make sure I'm not caring around bricks for fun, or a dead body. Behind me Rachel pulls her brand new suitcase with four spinner wheels which my poor fingers long for easily, grinning at me through her new fake eyelashes.

"I'm so fucking excited Sav! Where's Leigh?" she demands, looking around em expectantly.

"Loo," I reply, gazing at Rachel thoughtfully. "So I know you said Spain, but where abouts?"

I was pissed she hadn't told us more than that, but as she was paying and the holiday was free I decided to just go with it. I spotted Leigh making her way back over to us, her bright orange adidas hoody making her easy to see through the crowds of holiday makers. The airport was reasonably busy with hoardes of children and harassed looking parents, pushing iPads and gadgets into their hands as they make wait impatiently to check in.

"Well...," Rachel says, pausing dramatically as Leigh reaches us, searching in her bag for something as Rachel clears her throat. Leigh looks up, frowning.


"We are going to surprise the boys."

A nervous laugh escapes my lips as Leigh's mouth drops open beside me. Rachel is positively beaming as she nods, clapping her hands together excitedly as she looks at us expectantly.

"Ibiza?" Leigh says slowly, as I shake my head.


"Oh, one of the islands?" Leigh muses, as I stare at her with annoyance.

"To surprise the boys? Are you serious?" I ask, unable to keep the disbelief from my voice.

"Of course I'm serious. Adrian and I have never spent this long apart. I don't intend to let him suffer without me. I'm not sure where he is staying, but I've booked us a hotel right on the strip in Magaluf, which is the lively part. Are we excited?!"

Part of me wants to take my case and go home, rather than embark on what will no doubt be a soul destroying drama filled fourteen days with Rachel and Adrian. Rachel is already marching away, waving at us to follow her as she points excitedly at the check in desk in front of her.

"This is going to be a nightmare," I wail, as Leigh shrugs beside me.

"Who cares? Leave those two to it, and we will soak up the sun and sangria without her if that's what it takes. I'm not having a shit time. This is our summer holiday!"

I nod glumly, following Rachel and Leigh to the desk as we join the queue before us. It's filled with groups of guys and girls, all eyeing each other up as they smirk accordingly. Don't get me wrong- I love nothing more than banter and some good snogging just as much as the next person- but only when I'm in the mood.

A queue is not somewhere I'd like to stalk my future boyfriend.

Rachel is already being lured into conversation by two good looking guys who are also checking me and Leigh out, as I turn to her uncomfortably.

"Here we go, how long is the flight?"

"About three and a half hours," Leigh says, swiping at her phone screen as she absorbs the information about our destination. "Theres a city we can go and see called Palma-"

"This is Leigh, and this is Savannah. Unlike me, they are single."

Oh no she didn't. I feel my cheeks burn and I thank my lucky stars that thanks to my heritage you can't see it.

"I'm Lance, and this is Trev. That's my cousin Carl. Where are you girls staying?"

Away from you.

"The Nefeli."

I turn my attention away to make eye contact with a guy who is standing beside the more talkative of the three, and he looks away quickly. His eyes are gorgeous- a stormy grey colour. His jaw is chiseled and strong, flecked with the signs of a recently shaved beard. He doesn't seem at all interested in our conversation, and for that I decide I quite like him.

"I bet she hasn't pre booked seats," chuckled Leigh as Rachel turns to stick her tongue out.

"Where is the fun in that?"

She winks as we follow the boys, rolling her eyes as they continue to banter with each other, including her every now and then.

Pretty soon we are boarding, and I'm pleased to see the boys from check in using the stairs at the opposite side of the aircraft. I didn't want to be sat next to Lance or Trev, but I wouldn't mind being beside Carl...

Unfortunately I get seated beside a nervous flyer who begins reeling off statistically, how likely we are to crash. I lift my earphones up apologetically, plugging them into my ears before blasting out Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Jared Leto could get me through this.

Leigh is about three rows up, also on the aisle seat. She mouths something to me as I look beside her to see Carl, and I pout with jealousy. Leigh looks elated however, and sends me a smug look before turning around to Carl.

Rachel was deep in conversation with a girl she was sat with, both of them comparing their nails as I lean back and close my eyes.

I just wanted to feel the sun on my skin, and all I had to endure was this flight before I felt it. My mind drifted to Adrian then, and I felt a pang of sympathy for him. I knew Jermaine and Lawrence wouldn't be happy about us pulling up to ruin their planned fuck fest, but what could we do now?


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