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Goldfish Bowls


If the day was sweltering, the night wasn't much better. I was dripping with sweat and I'd just had a shower, for fucks sake.

Jermaine was styling his hair in the mirror, a stupid grin on his face.

"Tell me you're gonna get laid tonight, Romeo."

I roll my eyes as I tug my t shirt on, wishing I could just walk around bollock naked, an air con unit attached to my arse. Jermaine began to drench himself in aftershave as I cough dramatically.

"What if the girl for you is allergic to perfume? Calm down man," I choke, sliding open the balcony doors to join Lawrence who is leaning over the railings, gazing at the street below us.

"Then she will be unlucky," Jermaine retorted, continuing to spritz himself.


"Fuck knows, the boy is a health hazard. Why is it so hot?" I grumble, joining him as I glance down the street. People are out already, girls in tiny dresses and boys in tight tops. There was more Celtic band tattoos here than there was in entire population of Ireland, I was sure.

"Soak up the heat man. Nothing like home," Lawrence sighs, as he suddenly leans forward, checking out a blonde in a skin tight red dress. "Christ. We need to get down there, sharpish. Where's the perfume counter?"

I snort then, following him as we make our way past Jermaine who is posing in the mirror.

The air outside is stifling, thick with heat. I loved the smell though- suntan lotion and salty sea air, the sound of laughter and excitement greeting my ears as we made our way down to the strip.

"Let's go to the Red Lion," Lawrence declares, as I follow him quietly. I'd still not heard from Rachel, and I was beginning to feel a bit pissed off. If the shoe was on the other foot-

"Hi handsome," a voice chirped from behind me, as I turn to see the girl in the red dress beaming at me.

"Uh, hey."

"So I've got some free passes to all the best clubs in Maga, so make sure you bring all of your friends. I'll give you vouchers for free shots, and if I see you I might even buy you a drink."

"Ha, thanks," I say, taking the vouchers from her.


Lawrence shoots me a look before reaching over to slide his arm around her waist, as she plasters on a professional smile. I try to hand my laughter when she hands him some vouchers, before moving on to another group of guys behind us.

"Promo girl. Makes sense," lawrence grumbles, watching her with a lust filled gaze as she pulls out the same speech she just gave to me. She keeps the guys at arms length, and I can't help but admire her balls.

"So many fit girls. Why isn't it like this back home?" Lawrence complains, as he turns to see Jermaine surrounded by girls. "Tell me why we brought him along."

I chuckle as we reach the bar, and I order myself a beer as Lawrence orders twelve shots. The barman doesn't blink an eyelid, instead obediently lines the glasses up as I let out a chuckle.


"Yeah. I'm getting fucked up."

I watch in awe as he downs the first six, before grimacing. I feel obliged to stoo him, so I reach out and take three one after the other. I take the other three away from him as he starts to look a little green, and call Jermaine over from his little fan club.

"I need a beer man," he says, ordering one from the barman. He does a double take at Lawrence, before howling with laughter when I fill him in on the twelve shots.

"You're a fucking idiot my friend. Speaking of which," he says turning to me. "See anything you like?"

I cant help but grin, refusing to get into this debate again. The beer is ice cold and I drink it greedily, ignoring Jermaine as he points out countless beauties.

"You're not even happy with her. You're young, and you're boring. Live a little."

"J, I'm fine-"

"That's like when Lawrence says he is happy not getting laid."

Lawrence scowls at him wordlessly, ordering a pint of beer to wash down his six shots. I couldn't think why he was still single- it wasn't through lack of trying. Maybe its because he insisted on only going for the stupidly hot girls that only seemed to want bad boys.

Which Lawrence wasn't, bless him.

We begin our pub crawl, and pretty soon even I've relaxed a little, the alcohol buzzing through my veins as I allow Jermaine to convince me to play a stupid game. The rep was clapping her hands together, looking for volunteers as Jermaine drags me up, holding our hands up in the air. The rep grins, getting everyone to give us a round of applause as she then goes on to select two more guys, and four girls. Thos goes on until she has a long line of us, boy girl, boy girl.

"So you know this game! Suck and blow!" croons the excited rep, who I notice making eye contact with Jermaine. I'm the last guy in the line, and I can't help the feeling of dread as the girl in front of me turns to give me an appreciative once over.

Pretty soon, the girl in front is blowing the card onto my lips, and I suck it away successfully, turning to the girl behind as I blow it onto her lips. The card drops, and my lips meet hers. Her hands go around my neck as I stiffen, moving away as she tries to push her tongue into my mouth.

"Sorry, I've got a-"


I frown at the voice, the icy cold tone that I know belongs to Rachel. This cannot be happening. The girl in front of me steps away, moving back towards her friends as I turn to see my girlfriend staring daggers at her.

"Rachel? What the-" I begin, stammering stupidly when she shakes her head angrily.

What the fuck was she doing here?

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