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Holy shit.

We had been in nearly every bar on the goddamn strip, and I was more than half cut when we reached Sinky’s Bar at around eleven pm. I was absolutely baking, and I’d thrown on a dress that was too tight and too thick for the humid heat. As we walked in, we saw everyone was crowded around a line of people, and I made my way to the bar which was surprisingly empty thanks to whatever spectacle was taking place in the middle of the bar.

“Can I get three peach schnapps and lemonades please,” I smiled, as the barman nodded, before pausing momentarily.

" It’s cheaper to get a fishbowl.”

I shake my head in confusion, wondering what the hell he was on about, when I heard the bar fall silent around me.

“Rachel? What the fuck?”

I turn to see Adrian staring at Rachel in horror, a girl in front of him stepping away quickly as I do the math in my head. The silly bastard seems to have been caught red handed.

“Is a bowl bigger than three drinks?”

The barman nods as he reaches for a large glass bowl, and I hold my euros out.

“I’ll take one of those.”

Rachel storms out of the bar as Adrian runs after her, and Leigh makes her way over to me with a big sigh.

“Day one and the drama commences. Did you see what happened?”

I watch with fascination as the barman pours the multiple bottles of alcohol into the glass bowl, as I crane my neck to the exit to see Rachel screaming at Adrian. I cringe as I sigh, turning back to the barman as he sticks about forty straws in the bowl. Hardly necessary mate, theres only three of us.

Well, two.

“What the fuck are you lot doing out here?” demanded Jermaine from the side of Leigh, as he leaned in with a look of disbelief on his handsome face.

“We thought we would come and crash your party,” I said drily, taking a straw into my mouth as he watches me. I cough with the strength of the alcohol, as Leigh grimaces beside me.

“Is it that bad?”

“It’s strong, but not too bad,” I shrug, as someone pushes past me, reaching for the straws. The shiny red nails grip the bowl and I watch as Rachel almost inhales half of the bowl.


“Fuck you, Adrian. I’m serious. Leave me alone,” she hisses, as I make a face at Adrian. He clenched his jaw, before walking away back towards the exit.

“Rachel, he didn’t even do fuck all. Why are you even here?” barked Jermaine, sending her a furious look as he goes after Adrian, as Leigh cringed.

Rachel ignores him, continuing to suck on the straw defiantly as I grab a straw, drinking quickly before she downs the lot.

“Are you ok?” I ask, earning myself a look of fury.

“No. My boyfriend is a fucking slut.”

I glance at Leigh, who is yawning, waving her hand at me as I send her a desperate look.

“Maybe he was just-”

“Don’t defend him!” Rachel cries, her eyes now glassy and red. “He can fuck himself. See if I care.”

“Jesus Rach, I was just asking,” I mumbled, glancing around for the ladies. Leigh shrugged as she leaned in to Rachel, who snapped at her too. “I’m going to the loo.”

I pushed my way through the bar, before I saw the sign for the toilets upstairs. The place was heaving now, and there was a queue for the toilet. In my drunken state, I suddenly had the idea to nip to another bar to find a quieter bathroom, grinning to myself as I wandered out onto the street, heading to the bar opposite that seemed much quieter. I congratulated myself as I made my way to the toilet easily, sighing with relief as I sat down on the loo. My annoyance with Rachel for bringing us to her boyfriends holiday seemed to be slipping away as I drank, and I decided that was what I needed; more alcohol. I needed to find out where the clubs were, more to the point. Rachel would be in a right mood so I wanted her to be distracted.


I stopped, turning to see Adrian sitting on a stool at the bar as he waved me over, his arms bulging out of the top he wore as I narrowed my gaze.

“You are in serious shit, Wells.”

“For what?! I didn’t do anything! Seriously, I didn’t.”

I nod slowly, glancing back at the bar across the road as I crane my neck to see my friends.

“Why are you here?”

I turn to see Adrian frowning at me, and I point at the stairs as though it was a way of explanation.

“Oh, I needed the loo and the queue over there was crazy so-”

“I mean, why are you here in Majorca?”

“Oh,” I cringed then, as he shook his head.

“I should be happy shouldn’t I? That my girlfriend surprised me with this. That’s what she said, I should be happy,” he said bitterly, lifting the bottle of beer to his lips as I tried not to stare too long. He was incredibly handsome, and his face looked so troubled. I wanted to explain that no, he shouldn’t be happy. This was his holiday away with his friends, and if he had wanted her there they would’ve organised it. But that wasn’t my place to say, so instead I chewed on my lip and said nothing.

“Your friend is a fucking psychopath,” I heard Jermaine mutter behind me as he slipped his arm around my waist, tugging me into his arms as Adrian looked away. “But seeing you is always a nice surprise.”

I suddenly felt uncomfortable, and I wriggled out of his arms as I glanced towards the bar across the road.

“I better go-”

“Home with me?” murmured Jermaine as I laughed, wishing his hands didn’t feel so good around my waist. He span me around so he was facing me, and I placed my hands firmly on his shoulders as I moved away.

“Nah mate, I don’t want to catch anything.”

I winked at him as he roared with laughter, turning to catch Adrian’s eye as he smiled sadly.

“It’s ok, I’m sure she will get over it tomorrow. Just let her cool off.”

Adrian scoffed, as Jermaine glanced at me with surprise, his light eyes widening.

“Wait, you agree she is overreacting? She turns up here, on our holiday, and starts this drama? This is precisely what he is here to avoid- her shit.”

Adrian gazes at me then, and I feel a tingling all over my body as he smiles softly, almost gratefully. Wait, what? No, no, no.

“I’ve got to go,” I whisper, as Adrian holds my gaze, watching me until I turn around and walk away.

What sort of friend am I? I curse myself as I hurry over the road, looking around breathlessly to see Rachel now with a tall blond guy who she is looking up at dreamily.

“Fuck,” I mutter, wondering where the hell Leigh had gotten to. I make my way over to Rachel before she can lock lips with the hunk, pulling her away as she stumbles in my arms.

“Wharrya doing- he is sooo beautiful,” she slurs, pouting as I glance around desperately for Leigh.

“He is not your boyfriend, remember him?” I remind her, cringing as a random man tries to wrap his sweaty arms around us both. “Urgh, please don’t,” I hiss, when I see Leigh waving happily from the front of the bar. I sigh with relief as I half drag Rachel away from the Adonis who is still gazing after us, reminding me of a predator stalking his prey. Jeez, maybe that was a lucky escape after all.

“Girls! Look who I found!” Leigh trills excitedly, her arms laced with the man I recognise as Carl from the plane. He glances over me appreciatively before gazing into the distance, allowing Leigh to cling to him tightly. Beside them I recognise Lance and Trev, feeling my stomach sink when Lance runs up to Rachel in recognition, picking her up and carrying her away as I begin to protest.

“God, just leave her. What she does is up to her,” says Leigh softly, holding my arm as I watch the pair of them fall into a wall, giggling hysterically. It seemed strange to me that Adrian was miserable on his holiday because of Rachel yet she was now intoxicated and cosying up to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

“I thought she had a boyfriend, your friend?” Carl chuckles, nodding at Rachel as I turn to see her snogging Lance urgently.

“Oh, fuck,” I whisper, glancing around to see if Adrian was anywhere to be seen. This was sobering me up, and I was already exasparated with being their mediator.

“Chill babe,” Carl said, wrapping his large arm around my shoulders as we begin to move up the strip casually. Leigh grins at me from the other side of him, as I smile weakly. “You are on holiday, have fun.”

Fun according to Carl was copious amounts of shots and encouraging me to dance on the podium in the largest club on the island. Soon enough I had stopped caring about Rachel and Lance, and focused on swaying my hips to the music, downing shot after shot as I laughed with Leigh and Carl. Trev turned out to be pretty funny too, and I soon began to enjoying myself.

I crouched down to get off the podium, grinning in thanks as people helped me down. I felt stupidly happy all of a sudden, the music acting like therapy as I closed my eyes and danced. I was eighteen, I was on a Spanish island and everything was good.

Hands span around my waist as I danced, and I didn’t even bat an eyelid when I realised it was Carl. I turned to see the stormy grey eyes before they close briefly, his lips on mine as we kissed. He was all man, strong broad arms that wrapped around me, his fingers running through my hair as I melted against him.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered into my ear, making me bite my lip as he began to kiss my neck softly. My stomach was doing flip flops now, and I closed my eyes as I allowed him to devour me.

“Savannah,” I heard a voice command gruffly from beside me, a hand on my arm as I turned to see Adrian glance at Carl dismissively. “Sorry to interrupt, where is Rachel?”

Carl snorted in my arms, as I shot him a look.

“Are you the boyfriend? Fuck man, if I were you I’d leave.”

Adrian moved his eyes to his coldly, before he spoke.

“If I were you I wouldn’t have been so easily distracted.”

He glances at me then, pushing through the crowd as I untangle myself from Carl, who is laughing at Adrian as he begins dancing with another girl. I shake my head in disbelief as I follow Adrian, before finally catching up with him. He stops suddenly and I fall into him, his arms steadying me as I trip over my own feet, cursing as he remains stony faced.

“Adrian, lets go get some fresh air-” I say desperately, hoping he hasn’t seen Rachel with Lance yet. I follow his gaze to see Rachel sitting astride Lance, her hands lost in his hair as they make out passionately.

“Wow,” he spits out, and I grab his arms as he tugs them away from me.

“Please Adrian, don’t do anything, you’ll get arrested and the police out here are apparently super strict-” I plead, as I proceed to pull him after me towards the exit. My heart was pounding as I saw the struggle behind his eyes, but then he glanced at me and suddenly I knew I’d won. Good old rationality.

“Outside?” I repeat, as he pushes past me furiously, and I chase after him, wondering where the fuck Leigh was and what he had meant when he said he wouldn’t had been so easily distracted if he was Carl.

More importantly, I wondered why my hand was in his as we left the building.

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