Game Changer

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What the-


I was beyond caring, in all honesty. As the cool air hit my face I turned to see Savannah right behind me, a concerned look on her face. She paused before me, sighing dejectedly as she pushed her curls behind one ear, chewing on her lip thoughtfully.

"I'm glad you didn't react back there," she says quietly, and I shrug my shoulders. I glanced back down at her hand which I'd been holding, which I released instantly.

"Sorry," I mumble, as I fold my arms and stare at the night sky above me. "I'm gonna go for a walk Sav, will you be ok in there?"

I remember her with that dickhead on the dance floor, the way my stomach dropped when she turned to me, his lips on her throat.

Of course she would be ok.

"If it's ok, can I walk with you? I'm really not feeling it in there anymore."

I nod, walking away as she follows me, her head down as she texts on her phone. I'm walking ahead of her and a group of guys pass me, clearly worse for wear.

"Fuck me, how are you walking home alone?" one calls out to her as I stop, turning to see her ignoring them as usual. She looks up at me, confusion in her eyes as she frowns.


"Why do you ignore everyone?"

She shrugs then, and continues to follow me. I take a sudden left, following the tracks that lead to the beach.

"I don't," she finally responds, and I wait for her to catch up with me. "Why?"

We keep walking, passing drunken groups of friends as they scream with laughter, couples kissing in the street and the odd drunk spewing up. I finally see the sand and I relax, something about the beach calms me.

"I dont know, you just don't seem interested in anyone. Well, other than Mr Muscle back there," I tease, surprised by how relaxed I felt considering the previous antics of the evening.

"I'm tipsy, what can I say. I let my guard down."

She sounds almost guilty, and as I tug my shoes off I watch her do the same. Her toes are painted a bright white, and I feel my gaze travel up her legs slightly. I understand why she is guarded, she oozes sex appeal. Given half a chance guys would nail her and ditch her- not something I think she would take well.

We slump down into the sand, listening to the waves crash against the shore as we gaze into the darkness. The moon is highlighting the tips of the waves, and I watch in fascination as they shimmer beneath its glow.

"I'm sorry we are here," she whispers into the wind. I move my gaze to her, swallowing as I reach out to touch her chin, softly stroking it as she looks at me in surprise.

"I'm not," I murmur, before dropping my hand instantly. She doesn't move back though, and her gaze drops to my lips before she forces her eyes away. Did she just imagine what I thought she imagined?

Surely not.

"You and Rachel will be fine, when she is sober-"

"Nah, fuck Rachel."

My blunt words surprise even me, and Savannahs mouth forms a shocked 'O' shape. It was true though. I felt stifled by Rachel, and a relationship had to be more than just one person pleasing the other. I had to admit I wasn't feeling happy, and seeing her sitting on that dudes lap tonight had just fucked me off royally. I lean back onto my elbows, gazing up at the stars as Savannah sits quietly beside me.

I like how she does that, sits in silence yet has so much to say. I find my gaze moving back to her, as she wraps her arms around her knees, her curls spilling down her back as I find myself wondering what they would feel like in my fingers.

What. The. Fuck.

"You'll be fine tomorrow," she says again, turning to give me what looks like a forced smile. Her eyes are stupidly beautiful, and I notice that she barely has any make up on. How can she be so totally different to her best friend, who insists on having fake lashes, nails and hair extensions at every opportunity. "Rachel will probably expect you to gravel though," she bites back a smile as I make a face.

"She can fuck off. I can't believe she did that to me. Turns up, accuses me of cheating- which by the way- I wasn't," I reinforce, as Savannah nods. "Then has the audacity to dry hump some guy blatantly in front of me. I mean, what the actual fuck?"

Savannah allows the gaze to drop, and I notice the sadness in her eyes.

"Who treats someone like that? I mean, you're her best know her better than anyone."

She looks up at me then, and I'm floored by her beauty. My hand begins to move towards her again, and this time she doesn't move away.

"Savannah? Leigh has took Rachel home because she is being sick. Leigh said you were walking home so I came to see if I could find you, make sure you were ok."

Savannah jumps at the voice, and I turn to see the guy from the club glaring at us from the sun loungers near the entrance to the beach. I roll my eyes and turn back to the sea, as Savannah reluctantly gets up. She dusts the sand off her dress, but not before it exposes her thighs. I stand up too, as the guy from the club frowns at me.

"Hey, aren't you the boyfriend?"

As we reach him, he goes to out his arm around Savannah who moves away, making me smile to myself smugly. Fuck knows why, maybe because but I didn't think he deserved a night with Savannah.

"Carl, I'm good. Thanks for looking for me, but I'm walking with Adrian."

Take that, mother fucker.

Carl nods, shrugging his shoulders as he backs up, but not before his parting shot.

"When you've finished helping them patch their relationship up, we might be able to pick up where we left off?"

God he is a suave prick.

Savannah just laughs, the sort of laugh that tells you to fuck off without using any words. Carl walks away with a knowing smirk, which makes me glare after him.

"What the fuck did you see in that guy?"

Savannah looks up at me, and this time I force myself to move away from her. She looks almost disappointed, but soon smiles brightly.

"We all act stupid when we are drunk right?"

She walks past me, and I catch up with her, my heart pounding in my chest as I try to think of something something to say that won't sound like I'm being a slimy prick, but nothing sounds right. Instead I walk beside her silently, until she stops outside of a hotel.

"Uh, this is where we are staying," she sighs, and folds her arms as I shake my head in disbelief.

"Well would you believe we are staying here too? Wow."

I'm stunned that Rachel booked exactly the same hotel as me, and I realise eith annoyance that she never intended to give me a break from her, which I clearly needed.

"Ah, really? I'm sorry, Adrian-"

I move closer to her, and her breath hitches in her throat. I stroke her face again, and this time she shivers beneath my touch. It's almost like electricity bounces between us, because she jumps back, her eyes wide as I speak.

"As I said before, Savannah. Don't be. I'm glad you're here."

She moves back, her eyes finally breaking their contact with mine as she heads into the reception. I'm gazing after her, watching as she commands attention by her presence alone. Her dress is clinging to her body and I can't stop thinking about the way she seemed to care about me tonight, losing myself in her stunning eyes everytime they looked at me with intense concern.

I mentally slap myself.

I need to stop drinking.

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