Game Changer

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Mmm, food.


The next morning I woke up to feel the sun gently warming my body through the thin blinds, and I kick off the sheets in desperation for cool air. I sit up, looking over to see Rachel curled up in a ball fast asleep in the far corner of the room, with Leigh snoring away on the middle bed.

My eyes fall on the air conditioning unit, and I make my way over to it, my feet relishing the cold tiles on my warm skin. I turn it onto cool, before grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. The room us pretty spacious, I have to admit, despite Rachel throwing her clothes every where the night before. I decide to go and explore, noticing that it was only seven thirty am.

I shower quickly, before tugging on shirts and a thin top. I take my camera, determined to get some nice photos for my mother. She had an obsession with photography, but I sadly didn't inherit her skills. I try to wake Leigh, but she just groans in response, pushing her face further into the pillow as she grunts.

I grab my bag, sliding my large sunglasses on before making my way outside. Instantly I can smell bacon and eggs, and my stomach grumbles, reminding me that I drank on an empty stomach last night.

Last night.

I cringe when I remember kissing the guy from the plane- Carl- on the dancefloor, before I recall the way I felt when Adrian touched my face. I shake the memory from my head, smiling at the receptionist as I walk through onto the main strip.

In my drunken haze I clearly didn't pay attention to it, but in the cold light of day I was mortified. The bulbs that held the tacky neon lights were cracked and burnt in places, the stench of sick and alcohol overwhelming me. The gutters seemed to dominate my senses, and I turn and gag before walking away.

On my usual family holidays, we always choose to go somewhere rural. We usually rent our own villa, and cook and laze around the pool there before jumping in a car to explore our destination. I step over some sick as I try not to heave, imagining my fathers reaction if he could see where I was. I smile to myself before noticing the beach was ahead of me, and I stride towards it confidently.

It looked totally different in the morning, and as I make my way to one of the cafes there, I stop to take a photo for my collection. The sun has rose hours ago, but the way the sun danced on the ocean made a beautiful photo, the colours complimenting each other perfectly. I examine the photo, pleased with my work, before sitting in a plastic white chair close to the sand.

"Buenos días señorita," a lady smiles as she appears beside me, and I'm warmed by the accent and language she uses.

(Good morning Miss)

"Buenos días cómo estás?" I smile, as her eyes light up with delight.

(Good morning, how are you?)

"Dormí mal pero estaré bien," she sighs, fanning herself with the menu before handing it to me. "Recomiendo café y bollos," she says, as I hand her the menu back.

(I slept badly, but I'll be fine. I recommend the coffee and scones.)

"Yo lo tendré, Gracias."

(I will have it, thank you)

She shuffles away happily, and I congratulate myself at having been able to conduct a conversation in Spanish. It had been many years since I'd been able to practice, but I think I'd done ok. My father always says you have to try with the locals when you are away, and it's advice I try and stick to.

"Did I just hear you speaking Spanish?"

I look up to see Lawrence grinning at me with amusement, before sinking into the seat beside me.

"Yeah, I know a little. My dad is fluent," I smile, before peering at him curiously. "You're up early."

Lawrence examines the menu with interest, before grunting in response.

"I'm an early riser. It doesn't matter how late I go to bed, I'm always up with the birds. Sadly I'm referring to the feathered variety."

I start laughing as the waitress brings my coffee and scones, complete with ana amazing selection of cream, butter and jams. I can't help but laugh as he orders his food- and English breakfast of course- with a hint of what he believes is a Spanish accent. The waitress smiles politely but winks at me, and Lawrence stretches beside me.

"So what the fuck happened last night? Adrian's up already. He's gone to see Rachel."

I feel my stomach flip at the mention of his name, but I focus on stirring the sugar into my coffee. I should have known they would be back together and sorted, but still...the way he had looked at me last night had actually made me think he may have felt something for me.

I shake my head in disbelief, as I shrug.

"You know what they are like. Rachel thought he was kissing that girl he was playing a game with, and so she got hammered and made out with a guy. Adrian found her."

Lawrence cringed, before shaking his head and looking away.

"Listen I know shes your mate and all, but she's a nightmare. I wish he would dump her. I can't believe she is here."

I sink my teeth into my scone, groaning with appreciation at the clearly homemade jam. I eat slowly, trying to savour the taste. To my surprise, Lawrence is fairly quiet. Before long his food arrives, and he destroys it in seconds.

"So did you pull?"

I roll my eyes at his choice of words, before leaning back to sip my coffee.


Lawrence gazes at me for a while, before frowning.

"Listen, if you're a lesbian, I'm cool with that. I mean, I'm very cool with that-"

"I'm not a lesbian, Lawrence," I sigh, enjoying my coffee as I begin to wish Lawrence would just go away.

"I'm playing. Sorry, I don't mean to be a dick."

We sit in silence then as he looks up, reaching out to greet someone. I sit up, my stomach twisting as Adrian sits down, his eyes looking tired and frustrated. His hair falls in his eyes as he moves it away, before our eyes connect over the table.

"Morning," I say, hoping there is no awkwardness between us.


Lawrence glances at us both, before asking how it went with Rachel. I suddenly focus on my cup, which happens to be plain white. Nothing to see here, Savannah. Adrian sighs, and smiles when the waitress returns. He orders a coffee and a breakfast, and I notice the waitress smile at me once again.

"Obviously I'm in the wrong."

"Obviously," yawns Lawrence, as he glances at me as though to say, see?

I finally look up to see Adrian folding his arms, smiling brightly when the waitress places a coffee down before him. He lifts it to his lips, and I try not to stare as he blows the liquid before sipping it, wincing slightly as he did.

"So what's happening then? You guys done or carrying on as normal?" Lawrence demands, as my phone lights up on the table. Both boys look at it as I grab it hastily, seeing it was Leigh asking where I was.

"We are having a break," Adrian says carefully, as I try desperately not to meet his gaze. I type back that I'm having breakfast and that I'll be back soon, praying they don't ask where I am.

"A break, just dump the twat."

"Loz. Wind your neck in, her best friend is sitting right there," Adrian reminds him sharply, and I remain completely still.

A break?

"I, uh, better go. Sorry to hear that, Adrian."

I make my way over to the till, smiling as I pay for my food. I'm aware of his presence before I even see him, the way his body just radiates heat makes me tingle all over.

"What am I going to have to do to stop you apologising for things that don't require an apology, Savannah?"

I feel slightly dizzy when I turn around realising he was alot closer than I'd imagined.

"Sorry. I mean, fuck. You know what I mean."

He nods, before stepping closer to me, his voice just above my ear, his breath making me shiver when he speaks.

"Thank you again, for last night."

He moves away then, and I watch as his broad back muscles ripple through his top. I realise I'm biting my lip, hard. I say goodbye as I walk away, but I know he is watching me leave. I make a conscious effort not to fall over as I make my way back to our hotel, mentally preparing myself for the hurricane that is Rachel.

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