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Splish Splash


A break.

I didn't want to even look at the girl again, but she had sobbed and sobbed so much I'd agreed to spend the next few weeks apart. Ironic really, considering she had pretty much fucking followed me here.

She had threatened to go home, and I could only hope she did. She argued that it was because I just wanted to fuck around- but as I reminded her- she had done that- not me.

I felt bad though, it was going to be so awkward for our friends. I sat up on the sun lounger, gazing at the pool as Lawrence scored girls out of ten beside me.

"You want a ten mate. An eleven would be perfect, that would top Rachel. Who is, annoyingly, a ten."

I send him a look that makes him grin apologetically, and I nod at a pretty redhead reading by the pool.

"She keeps looking over here."

Lawrence follows my eyes, shrugging with disinterest.

"Mate, she is a seven at best."

"God you're a twat," I chuckle, turning my head to see Rachel, Savannah and Leigh walk in.

"Sav is a solid ten. Such a shame she is off limits," Lawrence sighs beside me before nudging me. "For you anyway."

I am thankful I've got my aviators on, as I lean back and pretend to sunbathe.

"Leigh is a ten too. Maybe a ten point five." Lawrence is mumbling to himself, as I sigh loudly.

"Stop rating girls you dick."

"Christ. Can you just look at Savannah? She is wearing a bikini and she is now an official eleven."

I open my eyes to see Savannah wearing a simple black bikini, and I find myself staring at her longingly. She is laughing at something Leigh was saying, but I couldn't look at her anymore. She was off limits indeed.

"Right. I'm getting a beer," announced Lawrence, as he gets up to head to the bar. My eyes find Savannah again, and I feel something shift deep within my stomach when she looks over and catches my eye. I smile softly and she returns it, before flopping down onto her front to read her book. Her breasts look good from here, and I watch as her lips move as she reads. She seems lost in her book, until I see it snatched from her hands. I frown with annoyance, noticing the guy from last night leaning down in front of her, blocking my view.


I take the beer Lawrence is handing to me, as I find myself craning my neck around to see what was going on. Savannah is sitting up now, smiling politely as she gazes off into the distance. Whatever he is saying isn't interesting her, and I feel bad for her. She just wanted to relax and read her book, why did he interrupt her like a massive dick?

"Yo, yo fuckers."

Jermaine has finally risen, and he looks like he hasn't had an iota of sleep. He follows our gaze to see twatface talking to Savannah, before he does a double take at me.

"You're sitting opposite your soon to be ex with a face like a smacked arse. Sort your life out."

I scowl at him, as he frowns at the scene before us.

"Is Sav with him? Fucks sake. If she is feeling like experimenting whilst away-"

"Then she can hit me up!" cuts in Lawrence, as the two high five.

"So where have you been all night?" I ask, not caring in the slightest but wanting to change the subject.

"Bellas. Then Jodies."

I stare at Jermaine but he shrugs, laying back onto his towel as he puts a finger to his lips.

"I need sleep."

"Jammy bastard," mutters Lawrence, as he finishes his beer.

"Well at least someone is getting some," I joke, as Lawrence stares at me.

"I'm going to speak to the redhead," he announces, and I smile broadly.

My attention moves back to Savannah, and I notice Rachel isn't there anymore. Leigh is watching me however, and I drop my gaze instantly. I watch as Savannah gets up, moving towards the pool as the dickhead from last night watches her, exchanging a smirk with another guy who has joined them. I recognise him as the guy that probably spent the night ball deep in my girlfriend, and as if on cue, Rachel appears by his side as she wraps her arms around him. She sends me a smug look, but I'm honestly not as affected as I thought I would be.

Jermaine is now snoring beside me, and I allow my gaze to follow Savannah as she swims, her hands slicing through the water as she does, creating perfect ripples in the otherwise empty pool. Leigh seems to be striking up a conversation with Savannahs piece from last night, and with the sun pounding down on my skin, I decided to cool off in the pool.

Lawrence is watching me, as the redhead beside him gives me a small wave. I wave back as I dive into the pool, the water soothing my parched skin as I swim an entire length under water. I take a breath, resting my arms on the side as I do.

Savannah is treading water not too far from me, and I feel a stab of jealousy when the guy from last night sits on the side with Leigh. His attention is on Savannah though, and me of course. I feel eyes burning into me and I don't need to look over to see its Rachel. I decide to swim again, and feel my muscles burn as I do, pushing myself with every length. Savannah climbs out, squeezing her hair as it starts to bounce back into it's delicious curls, our eyes meeting as she smiles softly.

"You alright Princess?" I murmur quietly, looking up at her as she darts an anxious look to her friends.

"Yeah, are you?"

Her voice is a little over a whisper and I nod quietly.

"Best I've been in a while to be honest. You and that guy-"

She smiles suddenly, and I feel a warmth in my stomach, making me sigh with longing. Why were things so damn complicated?


I shoot him a look before shrugging, pushing my wet hair out of my eyes. Savannah is watching me, and I see her bite her lip slightly, her skin displaying goose pimples despite the heat beating down on us.

"Is he bothering you?" I ask, leaning back and forth to create momentum in the water, enjoying the cool water as it slaps against my warm skin. Savannah shrugs as she crouches down in front of me, the droplets from her hair drawing my attention to her glistening skin. The sun was making her skin a deeper tan colour, and to be honest I was struggling with how light it was making her eyes look.

"I kissed him in a moment of intoxication," she laughs, as I shake my head. "I'm getting the death stare now. Excuse me."

She stands up and walks away, and I can't help but watch her leave. Rachel is glaring at Savannah now, and I notice her hissing something at her. Savannah shrugs it off, sitting beside Leigh by the pool.

"Mate, you know the rules. You can't go there."

I look up to see Jermaine grinning at me, crouching down in front of me as I go to deny his accusation.

"But you know, rules are made to be broken..." he muses, as I roll my eyes, turning away so he can't see my smile.

"Is that a fucking smile? Christ, it's been a while since I've seen one of those on you. I'm going to get another beer. Want one?"

A beer wasn't just what I wanted, but it's all I can take right now, so I nod as he walks off towards the bar.

Savannah leaves the pool area, and I sigh before climbing out of the pool. I wander over to Lawrence, as he introduces me to Melia, the redhead. She smiles warmly at me, but her attention was fully on Lawrence. I make idle chat for a while, but decide to find Savannah.

I'm not sure where she has gone, but I realise I'm not alone.

"Looking for something? Or someone?"

I tense at the voice I'd loved for so long which now made me want to punch a wall with annoyance.

"Rachel, let's not do this," I sigh, folding my arms as she walks towards me, looking a vision in a white bikini. I feel nothing when she looks up at me, thick lashes that frame baby blue eyes which used to make me feel nothing but desire.

Now I felt nothing.

"I hope I'm wrong, but you better not be trying it on with Sav. She thinks you're a dick, she would never go there. So go back to the dregs you and Lawrence were talking to. Sav and Carl are getting...close. So keep away from her."

She juts her chin out defiantly, and I watch as she walks away, anger burning in my stomach. I was annoyed she knew that I was feeling things for Savannah, when I didn't even understand them myself.

Fuck Rachel.

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