Wolf War 1

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Cassia loved her life. A young wife and mum; she kept her home and cherished every day given to her. 2019 was the year the world imploded. Werewolves became public and within twenty four hours, war broke out. No one was safe. Everyone was under scrutiny. Many people were lost over the short war. Cassia is now alone; a survivor with nothing to live for any more. Garett is an up and coming alpha with a strong pack at his back. He wants more than glory. He wants his mate.

Romance / Fantasy
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The end

She wanted one more sun rise before she left. Feel the heat one last time on her face. She watch in awe as the colours started to dance across the still darkened sky. Bright orange with a hues of red, slowly turning to pink. Just beautiful!

The sun rise was always a thing of joy and beauty for her. Her dad has always told her to look forward to it. For it brought a new day with new prospects. She lived by that all her twenty two years on the earth.

A slight wind teased her dark brown hair and she shivered. Not because of the cold. But for what she was about to do. She knew it was the right time. She could no longer carry on in this world without them and by God she tried to find them! After a year of searching and dead end after dead end. It was finally hitting home; they were gone. She felt broken.

She thought back to just a little over a year ago and how her life was different. Perfect. She closed her eyes and remembered her husband. His dirty blond hair and green eyes that shone when he laughed. His tall frame, athletic from years of sports and his charm. He has that in abundance. That was how he won her over. At fifteen years old he pursued her. By sixteen they were a couple and eighteen a little family unit. They married when they both turned twenty and it was all taken away by the time she turned twenty one.

Her husband gone and her son. Both disappeared off the face off the earth. The pain was too much now. There was no where else to search. She was alone. She couldn't carry on. No. This was it. This was her time. This was the last thing in her life she could control and be damed if this was taken from her too.

The sun rise started to lose it burnt orange colour as the sun was rising on a new day in a violent stricken world. She stood up from her sitting position under a tree and slowly walked to the edge of the cliff. She looked down and saw the rocks below shining in the brightening sunlight. She took a deep breath and edged a little more so her toes were off the edge. She stretched out her arms and looked to the sky.

She let the horrors of the last year, the violence and suffering leave her mind and she focused on her husband and son. She imagined them in her mind, waiting for her... "Im coming home" she smiled as she felt her body lean forward over the cliff edge and she began to fall.

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