Wolf War 1

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They ate the pizza on the veranda. Garett and Brax having a few beers whilst the ladies stuck to herbal tea. Cassia decided to steer clear of alcohol for now because of the painkillers.

They watched the sunset whilst celebrating his friends pregnancy. He was so happy for them. Truly he was.

He sat back in the chair satisfied. It turned out Cassia liked pineapple and jalapeño on pizza too. So they shared a large pizza between them.

"Stick a fork in me.... I am DONE!" Cassia declared as she sat back in her chair. Garett and Leila laughed. Brax looked confused.

"What the fuck does that mean?"

"Means she is full babe." Leila laughed.

The sunset was gradually dissappearing and the solar lights in the garden started to turn on.

"Now I have drank your beer and ate your pizza, I think myself and Leila will be going now! Leila... Your driving right?" he threw the car keys to her and she rolled her eyes. Garett showed them to the door and hugged them both.

"I really am so pleased for you both!" Garett closed the door behind him and sighed. He was on his own with Cassia and he suddenly felt very nervous.

He walked to the garden and offered another drink.

"Do you have any beers left?" she bit her lip as she asked.

"Of course. I shall be back in a minute." he smiled at her and walked to the fridge freezer and grabbed two beers.

He sat back in his chair and handed her the beer. She smiled at him. It sent thrills through his body and he saw the sparkle in her eyes.

"This is the most relaxed I've felt in so long. Thank you. For everything you have done for me and being such a gentleman." Garett smiled at her and nodded.

"Honestly? It's a pleasure Cassia. How's your ankle doing?" he cleared his throat as he felt the air between them become think with tension.

Cassia blushed. She looked beautiful. He imagined being the reason her skin blushed like by kissing her. Touching her in places that would cause her to moan.

Yes please! Take her! We want her! Garett shook his head and cleared his throat again.

"Feels sore still but so far so good I guess. The bruising all under the arch of my foot now. I genuinely think it's going to drop off in a few days." she giggled at her joke. Garett was figuring out when she was relaxed she had quite a sense of humor. He liked it and hoped it would start to come out more often.

"It's nice to see you and Leila get on. She is an amazing person. Did you guys have a nice afternoon"

"She really is. We spoke about you actually for a bit. She told me how great you are and what you do for the pack and the community. How you invested in Greta's diner when the recession hit. She was singing your praises you know. Gave me more of an insight into you. Oh my god! Why the hell am I telling you that? I'm so sorry!" she blushed more and put her head in her hands out of embarrassment.

"Hey! Don't be embarrassed. It's nice to hear good things.... Gives my ego a boost!" Garett moved his chair to face her and took her hands away from her face. Their faces were close. They looked into each others eyes. Garett watched as she bit her lip. He touched her chin and pulled her lip from her teeth. He ran his thumb over her lower lip. He watched a she closed her eyes and sighed. She slowly moved her head towards his until their foreheads were touching. His skin tingled at the soft touch and felt the intensity of their feelings flowing between them. He knew she was starting to feel how he felt.

He moved his lips to hers and sparks ignighted a passion he had never expected. Her lips parted and allowed his tongue to explore she laced her fingers into his hair and moaned into the kiss. They pulled away breathless. They both remained speechless for a minute or two. Cassia broke the silence by picking up her beer. Garett mirrored her action and took a mouthful.

"who needs a fucking beer and painkillers to feel buzzed?" Garett spat his beer out as he snorted in laughter. Cassia looked at him shocked and proceeded to laugh out loud.

Her laugh is like music! We make her laugh. She needs to stay.

"Do you mind if I ask why you invested in Greta's diner?" Cassia toyed with the empty beer bottle on the table.

"How about I grab us another beer and I tell you?" Cassia smiles and nodded her head. Garett headed in and got two more beers. He placed in infront of Cassia.

"Greta has had a diner here for as long as I can remember. He dad had it before her and she took over when he retired. Our pack have been going there for so long. She knows what we are and has done for decades. About forty years ago when she and my dad were were late teens, she was attacked outside the diner at night. My dad was close by and heard her scream. He saved her. She saw him change into his human form and he carried her home. She kept our secret and treatied us all like family. After the treaty was signed and people knew about our pack being close by, her business struggled and she nearly lost it. So I invested and helped her. The is nothing I wouldn't do for family. And that is exactly what she is to me." Garett smiles as he called Greta her family. He meant every word he loved her like a mother and as seeing as she had no children, she treated the pack like her own.

"That's an amazing thing to do for someone. You must get revenue from the place though right?"

"Nope. Not a dime. I didn't give her money to get anything out of it. I gave it because it was the right thing to do for someone who had showed us nothing but kindness." Cassia watched him curiously as he smiled at her.

I wish she was marked so I knew what she was thinking.

"What are you thinking?" Garett asked, not expecting her to tell him.

"I'm thinking that maybe your not all so bad. I'm thinking how confused I am about how I feel about you. There is alot going through my head right now."

"Listen. I will never force anything on you. You have to believe that. I'm not that kind of person and never will be." Garett hoped she believed him.

"I know and I do believe you." she whispered.

"I'm getting pretty tired. I think I should head to bed." she started to get out of her seat and hobbled into the kitchen towards the stair case.

As they got to the bottom he lifted her in his arms and climbed the stairs. He could feel her sink into his embrace. Once at the top he gently placed her on her feet ams steadied her until she got the crutches on her arms and walked her to his bedroom door.

"Goodnight Cassia." Garett turned to towards the spare room but was stopped in his tracks.

"Wait - would you mind staying with me? The last two nights you have been in the room I've slept better than ever. You might keep the nightmare away." she looked down at her feet when made her last statement. He had the impressing she did not want admit the last part.

" Of course. Let me get some bottoms and I will wait out here until your ready?" he got a pair black pyjama bottoms. He decided to forgoe a t shirt. And left the room. He waited outside and within 10 minutes Cassia told him to come back in. Garett went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and turned out the main light. Cassia had taken the right side of the bed. He assumed this was because it was close to the doors so she could see the sunrise. He claimed in next to her and lay on his back. The tension was building between them again. This time something was different. This wasn't just lust. It was a longing to hold each other. To be close.

Garett decided to take a chance and rolled onto his side to face her. He put his arm under her pillow as she rolled so her back was on his chest and snuffles into his embrace. He placed his free arm around her waist and pulled her close as he kissed her shoulder and inhaled her scent.

"Goodnight my English Rose."

"Goodnight.... My hero."

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