Wolf War 1

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"Hey Cassia... Cassia. I have a surprise for you." she woke up to whispered words and a slight shake of her shoulder.

"Hey, what's up? What time is it?" Cassia yawned, as she looked up at the sleepy but handsome man who was waking her up.

"It's pretty early but I have a reason... Come on! Get your boot of shame on and come out to the balcony!" Garett ran out to the balcony like an excited child. Cassia sat for a minute coming to terms with the fact it was still dark outside.

The last two nights she had slept with Garett and she slept through the night. No nightmares, no flashbacks. She put the boot on, a jumper and got her crutches. She headed to the balcony and gasped at the surprise.

Garett had set up a table with fresh coffee, pancakes, fresh fruit and pastries. There was orange juice and a small bottle of champagne. A blanket sat on each chair. Garett pulled a chair out for her to sit down.

"Garett this is amazing!"

"You like the sunrise so I thought we should admire it in style. With breakfast!" Garett smiled as she picked up a pastry. Garett poured her some coffee and asked if she wanted a mimosa.

"Sure I would love one." they sat in a comfortable silence as they ate and drank and watched as the sun started to rise. The sky started to glow a pink then blazed into orange as the sun rose. It was the sun rise that was responsible for or age being her favourite colour. She could feel Garett watching her out of the corner of her eye. She like feeling his eyes on her. She liked that he was so affectionate towards her despite only knowing her now for four or five days. She had lost count if truth be told.

"How was the breakfast? I hope it was OK for you?"

"I've just eaten two pastries, three pancakes and a bowl of fruit. It was definitely OK. Where did you get the pancakes and pastries at this time of a morning? Great gave me the pastries yesterday and I made the pancakes myself."

"Wow, good looking, a leader and a cook! What on earth would I bring to this relationship!" Cassia went wide eyes when she realised she said relationship

Really Cass? What the actual fuck are you doing?

"You can bring attitude, clumsiness and a boot of shame." Garett laughed to lighten the mood. Cassia appreciated the gesture.

"I'm sorry for saying that. I don't know what came over me. I like you. I do Garett. I just need a little time. I don't want to give you false hold or anything." Cassia looked down at her plate.

"It's Ok and I do understand your need for time. You have a lot going on and are confused. If you need help or to talk, please know I am here for you." Garett reassurance and reaching out for her hand made her feel better. The sparks from his touch caused her to gasp. It was a mix of comfort, lust and affection.

By now the sun was up and shining down on the pair.

"Would you like to see some of the pack lands today? I'm doing visits and wondered if you like to come and meet some more people?"

"I would actually love that. I'm gonna run a bath and get ready. Should I dress in a particular way?"

Garett smiled and told her to be comfortable. They headed bakc into the room. Garett ran the bath for her as Cassia gathered clothes. She decided to go with a black band t shirt and a pair of denim shorts. She entered the bathroom as Garett was finishing bruising his teeth.

"I will have a shower in the spare bedroom and come back in to wait for you. See you in a bit." he kissed her forehead and brushed his thumb on her lips before he left her to get ready.

Thirty minutes later Cassia entered the bedroom, dressed, hair in two French braids and a bit of make up on. Garett sat on the bed he wore an emeral green v neck t shirt and stone washed jeans. He stood up as she entered. His muscles evident in the thin material of the shirt. It made her mouth water as she suddenly envisioned running her tongue over his abs. She shook her head to get the image out.

"You look beautiful Cassia! Your tattoos are amazing" she blushed at his words and the image still in her mind.

"Thank you. That green colour really suits you." he seemed to stand taller at her compliment.

They headed out of the house and into the truck. Garett helped her into the front and placed her crutches in the back. Garett slid into the drivers seat and smiled at Cassia. He appeared to her excited. As if he read her mind, that was exactly what he said as put the truck into drive.

"So the plan is to visit Leon and Malena first. We are helping to finish the extension on their house because they have just had twins. After that we are going to visit Norm and Trisha. I think you will like them."

Leon and Malena's house was small one story house. The front garden adored with different coloured flowers. Someone in this house clearly took pride in their garden. Cassia followed Garett to tbe back garden where scaffoldng abourned the back extension. Two men on the scaffolding were painting the rendering white to match the front of the house. Another was on tbe ground painting. Two women sat in tbe garden watching the men holding babies. Another child sat at the table drawing.

"GARETT!" Screamed the little girl as she jumped down from the chair and ran to him. He bent down to pick her up and spun her in the air as she squealed with delight. Her dark hair flying behind her.

"Irina! My I have missed you! Do you like being a big sister?"

"They don't do anything. I tried to get Vitaly to draw with me but he wouldn't hold the pen and mom shouted at me. Who is this?" Cassia smiled as Irina looked at her and shyly put her head on Garetts' shoulder.

"Irina, this is Cassia. Cassia, meet Irina. The big sister of the new twins in the pack." Cassia watched in awe as Garett gazed lovingly at the child. Cassia held her hand out Irina and said hi. Garett put the child down.

"Come meet my brothers Cassia. Why are you wearing different shoes?" Irina asked. Garett laughed as Cassia tried to explain.

"Well I was silly and tripped up. I hurt my ankle so doc gave me this boot to help it heel."

"Can you not heal quickly? Are you human?" Irina asked and Cassia nodded. Irina skipped away shouting for her to come over.

"I'd better pick up a paint brush." Garett placed a kiss onto of Cassia's head and walked to the men. She watched as he took his t shirt off to prevent it from getting paint on. She sighed and hobbled over to the women.

"Cassia. Lovely to meet you. I'm Malena and this Jane. Irina you have just met and the boys are Vitaly and Alek. Here please, take a seat. Would you like some iced tea?"

"Oh yes please. How are you settling into have three children?" Cassia asked as she took a sip of iced tea.

Malena was blonde with dark eyes. She kept her hair shoulder length. She was a beautiful woman with an hour glass figure. It seemed crazy she had given birth only six weeks ago. She spoke with a slight Russian accent.

"I love my children but my god! It's hard work! I thnak god my husband is a hands on father or I would go crazy. How are you finding staying at the glass house? Garett a good host? Oh... Irina calls his house the glass house because of all the windows." Malena laughed at the confused look on Cassia's face.

Whilst the men worked to finish the extension, the women discussed their lived and compared their worlds. There were not many differences Cassia found and the realisation made her feel secure. These people were not blood hungry or savages. They were families, mothers and friends. Cassia was holding Alek and cooing over him as Garett, still shirtless came behind her.

"Mind if I have a bit of your iced tea?" Cassia handed him the glass still cooing over the baby boy in her arms.

"Malena, the extension is officially finished!"

"Amazing! Thank you so much for the help over the last few weeks. We couldn't have done with you. Leon! Start building the furniture!" the man at the top of the scaffolding jumped down and walked over.

"Yes woman. Right away woman. Hand me that iced tea I'm parched!" the man kissed Malena then took her drink and ran inside laughing.


"Did you have a nice morning? I know it's not the most fun but on most days this is pretty much what I'm doing as an alpha. I like the physical stuff of running the pack. Brax takes care of the books and most of the office stuff."

"It was nice actually. Irina is such an amazing little girl! She made this for us." Cassia handed him a picture as she settled into the seat of the truck. It was a picture of her and Garett outside the glass house holding hands.

"Hm. It's pretty. Your more beautiful in person though." Garett smiles at the picture as he was walked around the front of the truck. Cassia watched him and knew he would be a good father. He doted on that little girl.

"So, Norm and Trisha. Who are these two?" Cassia asked once Garett sat in the drivers seat.

"They are elders of the pack. They also look after the orphaned pups from the war." Cassia watched as the smile disappeared from Garett's face. She instinctively placed her hand on his leg and gave it a small squeeze. Garett looked into her eyes and smiled as his hand moved to hers. He started the engine and drove away from the house.

It only took a few minutes to get to the next destination. As soon as they pulled up, five children ran out of the house to the drivers side. Garett laughed as he opened the door.

"Alright! Give me a minute! I want you guys to meet someone." Garett raced around to the passage side to open the door and help Cassia out.

"This is my friend Cassia. Cassia this is Nathan and his sister Lisa. This is Marie and her sister Nancy and their cousin Matty." All the children said hi to Cassia then badgered Garett with questions.

"can you push me in the swing?"

"are you staying for lunch?"

"Woah! Yes we are having lunch with you guys and yes I can push you on the swing and do whatever else you want me to. Now get your butt's in and get my lunch ready." Garett chased after the children as they ran inside screaming and laughing. Cassia giggled and followed behind them. She was seeing a new side side to Garett. She wasn't daft. She knew he had done this on purpose to show her all aspects of his personality and try to win her over. It was working. Although he had set these meetings up with a goal, it was clear to her that these people meant alot to him. The children loved him. Genuinely loved him and the people he was helping appreciated his care and devotion to them.

"Ah! This is the woman who had out alpha in a tizz for months!" an older man walked towards her and pulled her into a hug. He was maybe in his 60s but still in good shape. His dark eyes still had a boyish glint to them.

"Oh she is a pretty one Garett. Selene chose well for you my boy. Come, lunch is ready and the children are sat down." Norm led Cassia and Garett to the back garden where a large table was set with sandwiches, fruit, jugs of iced tea and water. A small woman with black hair walked towards the table with pizza.

" Kids, remember the pizza is for everyone and I want you all to have fruit if want some cake after. Hello dear. Very nice to meet you. I won't be a minute, I have one more pizza to get then I can sit down." she gave Cassia a quick hug and ran back to the kitchen.

Everyone sat down as Trisha Brough out the last pizza. The children had Garett's attention discussing school, weekend plans and Nathan's first shift that occurred two days ago. It would appear that at eleven years old he was very young for his first shift.

"He is a strong little boy. When our pack was attacked during the war, he saw the explosion that killed his parents. Lisa being only four, he protected her and took her to safety he had mature very quickly. We belive that is the reason he shifted so early." Trisha was quietly explaining to Cassia. Her heart broke for the boy who was currently laughing and shoving a third piece of pizza in his mouth.

"The war hit both sides greatly I guess." Cassia said out loud.

"Indeed dear. We are lucky to have people in charge like Garett who helped bring together the peace treaty." Cassia gasped and looked around the woman who spoke.

"Yes dear. When his family were killed and Garett took over, that was his first act as alpha. To contact other alphas and world leaders to start peace talks. Both sides had massive losses of life in a short space of time. His argument was if peace was not started humans and wolves would become extinct within the year. He was forced into a leadership role, but by Selene he is doing wolves and humans proud!" Cassia followed the woman's gaze to Garett who had Nancy on his knee encouraging her to eat some fruit.

"I did not know that." Cassia stared at Garett shocked but also in awe of this man who appeared to be perfect. He was caring and kind. He was a man of devotion to his people and instrumental in organising one of the most important peace treaties in history.

" No dear. Garett is not one to blow his own trumpet. Nor is he one to relish the limelight. Garett always wanted a simple life and to protect his people. He is a good man." Trisha smiled and took Cassia's hand.

The afternoon was spent keeping the children entertained. Cassia played word games and drew with them whilst Garett played ball games and pushed the children on the swings.

"Will you come back and see us Cassia?" Marie asked as they headed towards the truck.

"Of course! I would love to come back and visit you all." Cassia bent down and hugged the little girl before getting into the truck. She watched as all five children dived onto him and fell onto the floor laughing. She smiled at the sight and felt her heart beat fast as she began to realise how strong her feelings were becoming.

Fuck.... I think I could fall for him. If I'm not already.

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