Wolf War 1

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Chat time

Garett opened the door for Cassia. He watched her as she walked over to the kitchen.

God she is beautiful! I want her. I want her now. His wolf was barely able to contain himself. On the drive back he felt her gaze turn to him and she would look away embaressed when looked at her. He could hear her hear beat quicken when she looked at him.

It's happening. She is feeling the mate pull. She is falling for us.

She sat down at the dining table and placed her ankle on the seat next to her. She looked lost in thought.

"Are you hungry? Or would like a drink?" Cassia's head snapped around to the sound of his voice.

"Oh yes please. I'll have a water. And I could eat." she smiled at him.

"OK, so we have stuff in for a stirfry. Oooh I make a mean pasta bake I make my own sauce and put plenty of cheese on it? Do you like red wine"

"Pasta bake sounds good and I love a good red. Would you like any help?"

"No it's OK. You sit and watch a master at work." he expertly popped the Cork of a bottle red and left on the counter to breathe as he cooked.

He loved to cook. Being on his own and no family around him, he didn't see the point.

"I've just realised this is the first time I've cooked properly for nearly a year."

"I will hold off the honoured spiel until I've tasted your cooking." Cassia played with the end of one of her braids whilst she watched him in the kitchen.

Forty minutes later he placed a plate infront of Cassia and went back to the kitchen to retrieved the red wine and two stem less glasses.

"Oh my god! Garett! This is amazing!" Cassia hummed her appreciation.

"I've not cooked for nearly the same amount of time you know. The last meal I cooked was a full breakfast for my husband and son. Then we were raided by wolves." Garett looked at Cassia. This was a turning point. He could feel emotion radiating from her... Loneliness, confidence and hope.

"it's OK Cassia. You don't have to open up to me unless your ready." Cassia took a deep breath and sighed as she closed her eyes. Garett reached for her hand.

"I want to tell you. I feel I can open up with you. I feel I can confide in you. I had my son young. Eighteen actually. Me and Nathan had been together since we were sixteen. Childhood sweethearts. We got married when we were twenty. My parents thought we were stupid and should have waited. But we believed we were forever. The morning after the wolf announcement, our house was raided. Men barged in with wolves behind them. They took Max, my son out of his chair and outside. It looked like they were rounding up all the children. Me and Nathan were screaming for him. My last memory before everything went black was a wolf attacking Nathan and him screaming. When I woke in the kitchen it was dark. My clothes were torn and bloody my underwear was next me and the pain was excruciating. They beat me and raped me, left me for dead. Nathan's body was no where to be seen and Max was gone. Everywhere was silent. I managed to drag myself to the front door. Houses had been set on fire and bodies of adults were scattered everywhere. No children. I think they took them.

I managed to get up and went back into the house. I cleaned myself up, got changed and grabbed the car keys. I went to my parents house around the corner. The house was on fire. I realised I was alone. Since then I've been looking for for Nathan and Max. I know Nathan is dead. I was hopeful about Max. I travelled around everywhere looking answer's. My last hope was pinned in the USA.

When you met me seven months ago I had just arrived and found out my contact had dissapeared so I was on my own. When you found me on the cliff edge, I lost hope. I wanted to end my life because I felt there was nothing to live for anymore." Cassia whispered her last sentance. Garett remained silent. He was stunned. He knelt infront of her and wiped the tears that fell from her eyes.

"They were rogue attacks. They happened all over the world simultaneously. They did take children but no one knows why. As retaliation, human governments planned attacks on packs all over the world, not understanding the difference between rogue packs and my kind. My pack was attacked. We were bombed. The school was a target and a few houses. Luckily most of the kids were out on a trip to the aquarium. We lost nine kids and five adults in the attack. My family were targeted too whilst out visiting another pack. My parents, brother, his wife and my niece were killed.

I had to take over the pack. I was given no choice. Everyone in the pack liked and respected me so no one challenged me for alpha. It was a title I didn't want and still don't. But I accept my burden and I will do my duty for my pack and keep them as safe as possible." Garett could feel his voice breaking as he spoke. Cassia pulled him into a hug.

"Thank you for trusting me with your story." Garett whispered to her as their hug lasted a little longer. Garett pulled away first, not wanting to feel overwhelmed.

"I don't know about you, I feel like watching a film. How about we re heat the pasta and eat in front of the TV?" Cassia laughed and nodded her head.

"I will choose whilst you head up the food." Cassia hobbled into the front room as he took the plates to the microwave. Garett replayed the last twenty minutes in his head.

She is trusting us. She is still hurting. We still need to take our time and not push her into anything. She is strong but she has been broken. His wolf howled in agreement in his head.

Garett's heart ached for her but at the same time he felt elated that she seemed to be trusting him.

Man this is fucking confusing!

Garett took the wine into the front room and laughed at the choice of film; safe haven.

"Didn't have you down for a hopeless romantic."

"Hey! Don't mock the choice wolf. Where is my food?"

"Someone is making themselves at home ain't they. Yes ma'am, coming right up ma'am." Garett bowed and Cassia giggled as she poured the wine into the glasses.

Once Garett brought the plates in and settled next to Cassia, she pressed play and on the remote.


"That was a good film until the end. Why the hell was a ghost needed?" Garett asked as he poured the last of the wine for the pair of them.

"I agree with that to be honest. But see the love story. It's sweet! Thank you." Cassia took the wine from him and shifted to face him.

"Do you like romance films then? Personally I like horror films or crimes."

"I can watch most films to be honest. I will give anything a go. I get a bit jittery with horrors I won't lie. I'm the kind of person who has to watch sherk straight after so I can sleep." Garett laughed at he sentance as she took a sip of wine.

"Have you watched the haunting of Hill House?" Garett had a glint in his eye. He was hoping she would watch it so he had an excuse to hold her.

Cassia laughed at Garett. "Yes I have watched it. I enjoyed it. I see your game wolf. You wanted fo have an excuse to hold me. I wasn't born yesterday."

"I would never! I am a man of honour!" he feigned shock and horror and put his hand to his chest.

"I've had a lovely evening Garett. Thank you for the food, wine and chat time." Garett raised an eyebrow.

"Chat time? I enjoyed chat time too. Want me to carry you up?"

"You don't mind?" Garett smiled at her and swiftly picked her up and carried her up the stairs. The last few nights they had gotten into a routine of getting ready for bed. Garett enjoyed this routine. It meant he could lie next to her and have his arms around her. He looked forward to this part of his day.

Cassia came out of the bathroom. Her hair still braided and in black shorts and t shirt. She put her crutches next to the bathroom door.

"Hey. Watch this." slowly she hobbled in the boot without the crutches towards the bed smiling.

"That's great! Take it slowly though. You don't want to make it worse." Garett smiled at her but he knew his smile didn't reach his eyes.

Does this mean she won't need to rely on us soon? I like looking after her.

Cassia hopped onto the bed and took the boot off. The bruising looked to be disappearing a little bit the swelling was still bad.

"Cassia? Why do you let me sleep with you?" Garett had been aching to ask this question.

"Honestly. You stop my nightmares. Every night since the raid I have the same flashback of that day. I can never sleep. With you next me I don't have it. The last few night with you have been the best sleeps in a year. Your like my comfort blanket." Garett lifted her chin so he look into her eyes. He kissed her lips softly and rested his for head to hers.

"I'm glad to be of service my English Rose." his hand rested on her cheek.

"I hope I can return the favour... My hero." she whispered.

You have no idea what you have done for us Cassia.

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