Wolf War 1

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Photo album

Three days and night went by in a blur of craziness for Cassia. She was walking (if you could call it walking) in her splint without the crutches. Doc had seemed impressed with the decrease in swelling but still wanted to keep the splint on. At night try to circle the ankle and wiggle it around.

She had spent most of her days with Garett. He had taken her to see a few other pack members and Malena again. Leila had been over too with Brax and had all eaten together.

They had been to Greta's yesterday and for a drive around the local town. Most people knew Garett but not what he was, at least not for sure. He was good to the town and in return they were good to him and his pack. Cassia had noticed a few females look her up and down then go starry eyed at Garett.

Typical women. Fall for the guy and shit eye the girl who he's with. She rolled her eyes remembering the dirty looks she had been given.

Every night had been spent with him sleeping. She would wake up in the mornings refreshed and still in his arms.

No denying Cass. You want him. You are falling for him and you could do worse! Maybe you could have a shot at love again.

She would always remember her husband and son. Always. But she was in a better place now than nearly two weeks ago when Garett saved her from the cliff. Maybe she could move on with her life and be happy again.

Last night was the first time in a year she took photos out of her bag. She had shown them to Garett. She opened up to him so much and shown him photos of her family. Garett couldn't get over how much like her mum she looked. He had stroked the photo of Max and told her he looked a happy child. Then had kissed her head. Cassia tingled at the thought of the kiss. So full of emotion and what she believed; love.

She wanted to show Garett her appreciation of what he had done for her. She wanted to show him how thankful she was for saving her and giving her a reason to live. That is what he had done. He had shown her that in a world of violence and tension, there was still hope, love and kindness. Garett had given her hope and a faith that things could get better. She had hit rock bottom. The only was up now.

Garett had gone into the offices with Brax and Leila had offered a girly day. Cassia was grateful because she had a plan of action and hoped Leila would help.

"What would you like to do today?" Leila asked when she sauntered into the house.

"I have a plan. I want to show Garett how much his support had meant to me. Can you take me for a drive and I can explain whilst we are out?"

"Oooh sounds fun! I'm in. So what's your plan?"

Cassia smiled at the woman whom she considered a friend.


Three hours later they were back in the house. Cassia uncorked the red wine to let it breathe for awhile. Leila started to unload the food and turned on the oven.

Cassia started to make the Lasagne whilst Leila had offered to make Garett's favourite cake; chocolate sponge with whiskey butter cream.

The two women danced around the kitchen listening to music. Cassia felt happy and carefree. The pair worked on the meal and cleaned as they went.

"I've had a message from Brax. They will be done in an hour. That should be enough time shouldn't it? You lady need to get ready! Go on. I will keep an eye on this." Leila pushed cassia towards the stairs with a bag.

Cassia climbed the stairs slowly and entered the room. She was glad she had left her plaits in because her hair would now have a gorgeous crimp to it. She took a shower and changed into the mustard polka dot maxi dress. It buttoned up at the front but stopped between her breasts. The sleeves ended just above her elbow. The waist fitted and skirt flowed around her to the floor. Cassia decided to put make up on to add to the look. Bit of powder, tamed her eyebrows. Eyeliner and mascara to accentuate the blue of her eyes. She finished the look with a brush of bronzer just under her cheek bones.

She loosened the plaits and shook her hair out to create volume. A bit of hairspray to keep it in place. She walked to the walk in wardrobe to the full length mirror

First time in a long time I've felt like a woman! And looked like one.

Cassia slowly walked downstairs and spun infront of Leila.

"wow girl! You're slaying! If I wasn't married I would have you on my arm for sure." Leilas gushed as cassia flushed and said thank you.

They got to work setting the table outside with candles, plates and glasses. The wine was brought out to the table and music played in the background. Leila hugged Cassia.

"I will come by tomorrow evening and you tell me about tonight. I will see if Malena wants to join too? I'm sure Brax and Garett can entertain themselves for awhile"

"That sounds great. Thank you so much for your help today." As Leila left, Cassia became nervous.

Cassia busied herself putting buttercream on the cake before putting it under a net so flies didn't get to it. She uncorked the second bottle of wine for later.

" Do you have a date tonight?" a low gravelly voice spoke from behind her and she spun around to find Garett in a black pair of jeans and a white button up shirt.

"I didn't hear you come in. Go, sit outside I will bring out dinner. Before you ask, no I don't want help. Go and sit." Cassia pointed to the door as she spoke. Garett smile and bowed as he walked towards the glass door. Cassia watched him walk away, appreciating the site.

She took out the salad and garlic bread then pulled the Lasagne out of the oven and took it to the table.Garett had already poured the wine.

"What's all this in aid of?"

"I wanted to thank you properly and show my appreciation for everything you have done for me. For pulling me back, showing me kindness. Showing me that I do have something to live for. I can never pay you back for what you have given me, but I can do small things.... Like this. Cheers." Cassia held up her glass as did Garett. Whilst eating they spoke about their day. Garett mentioned he would be working in the evening tomorrow and to not wait for him to eat.

" That works out well. Leila is coming by in the evening with Malena. I will be fine."

Fifty minutes later and two servings of Lasagne, Garett leaned back and thanked Cassia for the food.

"Oh I hope you left room.... Leila made a cake. Chocolate and whiskey butter cream. She said it was your favourite."

"Aw that woman is a legend. Wait until you try it. You stay I will clear these and bring us some back." Garett stood to clear the table. He came back with two plates of the cake.

"mmmmm! Oh my god! I can see why this your favourite! Leila makes amazing cakes!" Cassia closed her eyes and savoured the taste of chocolate and whiskey. It was a little bit of heaven. They ate the cake in silence, both enjoying the dessert.

Once finished, they cleared the table. Garett cleaned the dishes.

"why don't you sit at the table. I'm just going to grab something. I will be right back." Garett ran up the stairs. Cassia took the glasses and second wine bottle to the table as Garett came down the stairs with a large black photo album.

"This is my family. These photos were taken at Aria's fourth birthday party. Three days before they were killed." he slid the photo album towards Cassia and sat back as she slowly opened the pages. The first photo was a full family photo. They all looked so happy.

"You and your brother look so alike." Cassia whispered. She could see the difference in Garett in the photo and Garett now. The Garett in the photo looked so much younger, carefree and happy. She looked at Garett and noticed the sadness in his eyes and the small lines around them. Losing his family and having to take the alpha role had clearly taken its toll on this handsome man. She felt her heart ache for him.

It's not just humans the war effected. It wasn't just wolves who were the bad guys.

Cassia felt the tears flow as she looked at the photos of a normal happy family, celebrating a child's birthday. She felt Garett move behind her and put his arms around her.

"Hey. Don't cry. I had an amazing family and I am so lucky to have been a part of them. My only regret is they didn't meet you."

Cassia stood from the chair and turned to face Garett. Before he could say anything she pressed her lips to his and wound her hands into his hair. Garett moaned into the kiss and pulled her closer to him. Cassia felt all his emotions and her own intertwine. She felt her heart skip a beat as she realised her feelings for this unbelievable man.

Garett picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he walked into the front room and sat down on the sofa. Their lips never parted. As Garett ran his hands gently down her spine she parted her lips and ran her tongue over his. She felt him shiver with pleasure and his hands rest on her waist to pull her even closer. She slowly ran her fingers through his hair and down to his broad shoulders and moaned through the kiss. She pulled away and leaned into his ear.

"For the first time in a year, I feel alive. That's your doing, my hero." Garett growled and lifted her up to place her on her back on the sofa.

"All I want is to give you a reason to live, to laugh. I need to see your smile every day. I want to be your reason to live. You have no idea what you have done for me. No idea." Garett placed his hand on the side of her face and gently kissed her forehead before returning his lips to hers. Cassia pressed against them and ran her hands down his back as she wrapped her legs around him. Garett growled again and pulled away.

"You keep doing that and I will mate and mark you right here. You deserve better than that. You deserve the world." they were both breathless and they say up. Cassia giggled feeling on a high from the kiss. She smiled at Garett and stood up. I will go and get the rest of the wine and you can explain your mate and mark comment."

When she got back to the sofa, Garett had placed himself at the far end of the sofa, creating some distance between them. Cassia noted this and frowned. Garett appeared to read her mind.

"I need to calm down, so does my wolf. I figured a bit of distance would be good for us. Especially if I am explaining mating and marking." Cassia nodded in understanding and sat down.

"The mating and marking is the act of showing the world you have found your mate and you are as one. When you find your mate the scent of the person is intoxicating and your wolf goes wild shouting 'mate'. That's what happened to me in the bar when I first saw you. As soon as I opened the bar door it hit me like a tonne of bricks. And then I saw you! For a human it's a gradual process of falling in love. That's how Laila explained it to me. She knew something was there between her and Brax but didn't know what exactly. Once both parties are ready you start the mating process. Whilst your err.... You know, and about to orgasm the male marks the female first. Or if the male is a human and the female a wolf then that's reversed. The mark is at the nape of your neck. It's starts the process of linking each other; mind body and soul. Once the female marks the male, you can feel each others emotions, sense where they are and speak to each other through your conscious. Then the mating is complete. So... Yea. That's that." Cassia noticed Garett looked a little embaressed and she started to laugh.

"If one of the couple is human, how do they mark? As a wolf, don't you use your canines?"

"A human will take on some characteristics of a wolf after they are claimed including canines to mark their soulmate. So you can reclaim during sex. It will become an eronious zone for us both and cause such an intense pleasure when re bitten on your mark."

"You look a little red faced there hero!" Garett laughed with her and scratched the back of his head.

"I won't lie that I desperately want that with you. But I understand its alot to take in and it could be scary. I stick by what I said when I brought you here. If you want to leave, I won't stop you." Cassia watched him speak and saw the smile fade on his face at rhe prospect of leaving her. She felt cold at the prospect of leaving him and shivered.

"Are you cold?"

"Oh no. I just felt cold at the thought of leaving you." she smiled a little smile. Then yawned.

"Come on English Rose. You need sleep." he stood and held out his hand to help Cassia up. They walked to the stairs and Cassia hobbled up. Once in the room, Garett went into the walk in wardrobe to change whilst Cassia used the bathroom. She took her make up off and brushed her teeth. She became nervous again.

I'm sharing a bed with a man I'm falling in love with. She could her heart racing.

"Cassia. Are you OK in there? I can hear your heart racing." fuck! Of course he can. Fuck!

"Yea I'm OK. I'm coming out now actually." Cassia walked to the door and stared at Garett. Topless and in a pair of black pyjama bottoms. She bit her lip in anticipation of being held by this man.

He stepped closer to her and caressed her cheek.

"Your heart is racing again Cassia." he whispered in her ear. His free arm wrapped around her waist and the hand caressing her cheek moved to her chin as he lifted her lips to his. Her skin tingled at his touch. She pushed her body into his desperate to feel more. In seconds he had picked her up and placed her on the bed.

"Do you have any idea how beautiful you are? Inside and out?" Garett lay next to her his fingers tracing her clavicle bone gently.

Cassia pulled his lips down to hers and he manoeuvred on top of her. His hands in her hair. Their tongues intertwined in a passionate embrace. He pulled away to kiss her neck once he reached the nape he pressed the tip of tongue on her skin as she shivered with pleasure.

"This is the spot you would bear my mark. If you chose to." he whispered. She couldn't help the moan that escaped her lips. She pulled his lips back to hers and kissed him passionately she slowly felt his hand run up the insode of her thigh. Anticipation and sexual tension ran through her body. He bypassed her sweet spot and let his hand rest on her waist and pulled her body to him. She could feel his arousal.

"My god! Cassia! What the hell have you done to me? He whispered as he pressed against her.

"The same as what you are doing to me right now." she whispered back. Her tongue traced a line up his neck. Garett pushed his hips into her in response. She could feel the rumble of a growl in his chest. She could see his eyes darken.

"Fuck! Cassia we need to stop. I can't control my wolf anymore he is begging me to mark you." Garett stood from the bed and went into the bathroom. He closed the door behind him and she heard the shower turn on. Cassia sat up, her breathing laboured and she tried to calm herself down.

Wow! Shit! I was so close to letting him take me!

Cassia lay back down on the bed and closed her eyes. She has started to drift off when she heard the bathroom door open and the bed sank next to her. Garett wrapped his arms around her and she snuggled into him and drifted to sleep.

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