Wolf War 1

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Garett had been awake for the past few hours. He couldn't sleep. He was pissed that he nearly lost control of himself before. He wanted to run his hands all over her body. Slowly undress her. Run his tongue down her body and take his time to tease her. He wanted to hear her heart race as he turned her on and hear her moan as he kissed the inside of her thigh and make her cum as he slowly caressed her clit and buried his fingers inside of her. He desperately wanted to hear her scream his name in the throws of passion.

Stop it! Garett sat up. His cock aching at the thought of cassia naked and under his spell. He unwound his arms from Cassia and sneaked out of the room and went downstairs. He needed a little space between them so he could think straight and finding it increasingly difficult to stop himself from pouncing on her.

He walked to the kitchen and pulled a glass from the cupboard and ran the tap. He was mid drink and lost in thought when a blood curdling scream sounded from upstairs. The glass dropped from his hand and smashed as he raced upstairs to Cassia. It looked like she was dreaming. He jumped into the bed next to her and soothed her. She stopped screaming but started to whimper. She softly stroked her hair until her breathing relaxed. She didn't appear to wake up but cuddled into him softly saying his name.


Garett woke before Cassia. She was still cuddled up into his chest. He stared down at her in awe of her beauty. She smiled.

"I can feel you watching me you know." Garett laughed.

"I can't help but stare at the perfect woman currently cuddled up to me." Cassia looked up and into his eyes. She smiled shyly. She lifted herself onto her elbows. Garett stroked her hair and slowly let his fingera run over her cheek.

"I wish I could stay with you here all day. I can have breakfast then will have to leave you I'm afraid."

"That's ok. Go and be alpha." they got out of bed and made their way downstairs. Together they made breakfast and ate.

Garett felt uneasy leaving her on her own. He was so used to spending time with her it felt wrong somehow leaving her despite knowing he would be back later on. Begrudgingly, he got into the truck and went to meet Brax at the offices.


"I thought that went well to be honest! This new guy in charge seems more on our wavelength." Brax offered in conversation.

"Hm. Time will tell. It depends on who he surrounds himelf with and how much influence they over him and his opinions of peace." the meeting with the local governor was polite and bordered on friendly. He was new and young to be in a powerful position. He seemed open to peace and working with the wolves. Garett remained open minded he didn't want to leave his pack open to attack because he became complacent.

They pulled up to the house. Brax came with him because Leila had the car and it was girl time tonight. Garett opened the door of the truck.

"Is that someone shouting in the house?" Brax asked as Garett ran for door.

"... and never will be. You ungrateful bitch! Who the fuck do you think you are speaking about him like that! You have known him for two weeks and will never be worth of his love! Fucking human!"

" Don't you fucking DARE speak to her like that! You think your worthy because your a fucking wolf? Bitch please she is a better person than you ever will be!" Garett walked into what looked like a war zone. The table had been upturned, Cassia was holding a very red faced and angry Leila back whilst Malena was behind Jane holding her arms.

"Fuck you miss perfect! And fuck you too Cassia you no good jumped up bitch!" Jane screamed at Leila and Cassia. Malena pulled her to the floor and shouted at her to shut the fuck up.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN MY HOUSE?!" Garett roared and the women in the room jumped. Brax ran to Leila and hugged her close to his chest.

"Jane was just telling us how much she despises your mate and thinks she is unworthy of you." Malena stood from her best friend and spat her words out.

"she thinks the mating bond doesn't matter!"

Jane remained on the floor staring at Garett.

"We were good together. You knew we were! You gave me up when you met her. Dropped me like I was NOTHING! look at her! She is nothing. She is a fucking human! And you are an alpha. You need a wolf by your side not a broken fucking woman!" Garett growled at the pathetic wolf in front of him.

" Don't you speak to me like that ever again! Who do you think you are! Leila is right. Cassia is everything you will never be and more. She is my mate and I will love until the day I die."

Garett turned away from Jane and started walked to Cassia. Cassia screamed and quick as a flash a brown wolf dived towards Cassia. Garett ran and threw himself infront of the wolf just as claws gashed across his chest and abdomen. He fell to the floor as he saw two wolves tackle Jane and rip her apart. Then everything went black.


Fuck I feel like I have a hangover!

Garett opened his and looked around. He was on the sofa shirtless. Gauze bandages covered most of his body at the front. He started to sit up.

"Do not get up or you will bust the stitches. They've only been in a few hours and need a few hours more before they are healed." Brax demanded. Garett lay back down. He looked around the room. The glass had been cleaned up and the table had been taken out. Leila and Cassia came in with rubber gloves and buckets.

"Oh my god your ok!" Cassia dropped her bucket and ran to Garett to carefully hug him. Leila smiled at Garett and started cleaning the rug to get rid of the blood stains.

"Is Malena OK? Where is she?"

"Leon came for her about an hour ago. She wouldn't leave until she knew you were OK. She is devistated. Thinks it's her fault because she invited Jane tonight. She and Brax took her down after she attacked you. Her body has been taken to the woods. Brax said she didn't deserve a burial in the pack after her attack." Cassia answered and looked at Brax as he came beside her.

Garett lay for awhile whilst Brax, Cassia and Leila cleaned the rug and floor. An hour or so later Leila and Bax left. Garett was sat up and taking the badges off. The wounds were healed but the stitched needed taking out.

"Here let me." Cassia sat next to him with surgical scissors, tweezers and a bowl of water with a cloth.

"sorry to bring this up now. I need to ask. You and Jane had a relationship?" Cassia wouldn't look him in the eye as she pretended to concentrate on his wounds.

"it wasn't really a relationship. We were both lonely and took to drinking. I'm ashamed to admit. We would drown our sorrows together and end up in bed. When I met you in the bar I put a stop it and wouldn't rest until I had found you. You became my reason to live. I barely spoke to Jane after. She avoided me. I knew I hurt her but I believed I had done right by her and I was honest about you. I didn't realise she had fallen for me." Cassia stoked his face and her touch felt comforting.

"Hey I'm not judging. We all have a past but it shouldn't shadow our future. What I've learned from tonight has effected how I feel. You threw yourself infront of a wolf for me. You have saved me twice in the last two weeks!" Garett pulled he towards him and kissed her. The pain in his chest searing but kissing her dulled the pain.

" You are a wonder Cassia! Truly!" he leaned back and groaned in pain. Cassia took out the rest of the stitches and cleaned the scars as best as possible.

"will these scar?"

"No. They will be gone by morning. I need to sleep." Garett slowly got up and Cassia held is hand.

"what a fucking pair we make. You gashed up and me with a busted ankle."

They settled down in bed. Cassia cuddled up to Garett carefully. He smiled in the dark and leant to kiss her forehead. As he was slowly falling asleep he heard a whisper.

"I could fall for you Garett."

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