Wolf War 1

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They pulled up to the house and Leon met them outside.

"Malena has been beside herself all day Garett. She thinks we are going to excommunicated or she will be killed for she did to Jane. Please.... Tell she isn't right." Leon looked panicked. Garett placed his hands on his shoulders.

"Nothing is going to happen. Malena saved me and my mate. I owe her my life." Leon nodded and gestured into the house.

"She's in the babies room."

"How about you men go ahead and I make some tea?" Cassia walked into the kitchen and busied herself. Clearly not wanting to overcrowd.

Malena was on the floor with her baby boys in her arms. She had been crying a lot and maybe hadn't slept. Her eyes were red and puffy. Her hair a wild mess.

"Have you come to take me now?" she whispered and her chin wobbled.

Garett knelt down infront of the usually strong woman.

"Malena. Thank you. Thank you for pulling Jane back and holding her when I wasn't there. Thank you for helping to save me. I'm not going to do anything to you apart from let you know I owe you my life and my mates. I will indebted to always." Garett slowly placed his hand on her shoulder as she started to cry again. These were tears of relief. Garett pulled her into a hug as wept uncontrollably. Garett didn't see Cassia come to the door and watch him as he comforted Malena and take one of the boys from her arms to pull her closer.

"Do you guys want some tea? Cassia has just made some it's on the table." Leon left the room as Garett put one of the boys into the crib and Malena done the same. Garett pulled her into another hug as they left the room for the lounge.

Cassia stood when they entered and pulled Malena into a hug.

"Thank you from the bottom of me heart. You saved me and my mate from Jane. I could never even begin to repay you for that."

Oh my.... She said mate. Her mate. What does this mean? When can we mate her?

Garett's wolf was going crazy in his head and howling. Garett tried not to draw attention to her words. However, Leon had noticed it too.

"Woah! You said mate. Does this mean we are getting a Luna?" an awkward silence commenced until Irina came running through and dived on Garett.

Thank god for that! He though.

"Garett you came! I hoped you would. Will you read to me?" Garett smiled at the little girl in his arms and nodded.

He walked with her to her room. At the door she ran ahead and grabbed her book before diving onto her bed. He began to read to her doing funny voices for the characters and memories began to swim in his mind of doing this for his own niece. He felt privileged that Malena and Leon had accepted him as part of their extended family. He would have been lost if he didn't have these amazing people and Brax and Leila.

He smiled at the girl who was now sleeping soundly in her bed. He stroked her hair, placed the book down and stood to walk out. There in front of him was Cassia. He didn't know how long she had been there. She smiled affectionately at him and pulled him into a hug.

"Malena is falling asleep in there. I think we should leave them to it." Cassia whispered.

They quietly said their goodbyes and left the house.


"That was not how I expected today to end. I'm sorry about that. Want one?" Garett grabbed a beer from the fridge and Cassia nodded.

He noted she hadn't spoken since leaving Malena and Leon's and it unnerved him. She sat at the breakfast bar as he placed a beer in front of her but remained on the other side of the counter. Allowing her some space.

"Are you OK?"

"You are quite something ain't you? I mean, you started the peace treaty, you look after people, your so caring and kind towards everyone both humans and wolves. You love those children like they are your own family. I mean the orphans too. How can you even be mine? How am I worthy of you?"

"You listen to me and listen good. You are strong, determined and intelligent. You are a beautiful person inside and out. I think the world of you. Clearly Brax, Leila and Malena do. They stood by you last night. I never want to hear you say you are not worthy of me." Cassia nodded and looked at him.

"I watched you with Malena and the kids. You have so much to give people. I love that. I called you my mate tonight." Cassia seemed to go shy.

"I know. I didn't draw attention in case you slipped up." Cassia shook her head and bit her lip.

"No Garett. I knew what I was saying. I meant it. In a weird way, the last two weeks have been two of the best of my life. I fell in love with myself again and with you as an added bonus." Garett walked around the counter and stood close to Cassia. He could hear her heart racing. She placed her hand over his heart which was beating just as fast.

"I'm falling in love with you." she whispered.

Garett felt the sparks between them stronger than ever before. He wove his fingers into her hair and pulled her into a kiss. The passion and raw emotion between them made his wolf howl in his mind.

He felt her wrap her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He pulled her out of the seat and carried her up the stairs. She buried her head into his shoulder and giggled.

Such a beautiful sound.

He kicked the door open of the bedroom and gently placed her on the bed. He watched her pupils dilate as he reached for the bottom of his t shirt and pulled it over his head. He knelt on the bed and pulled her up to meet his lips. She pulled away quickly and took her own top off. She pulled him back down on top of her as they continued to kiss. His hand wrapped in her hair and pulled gently.

He lifted off her and stood up to take his jeans off. He kicked them off and he went to slowly undue her shorts pulled off her shoe and splint before slowly taking her shorts off being careful not to hurt her ankle. He stood and took in the perfect site before him.

Cassia on his bed in her underwear, smiling at him. Her eyes watching him. He slowly traced his fingers over her right leg, over stomach and breasts. She shivered and moaned lightly at his touch.

He pulled her up and undone her bra and threw it to the side as he kissed her neck and down towards the spot where she will wear his mark. She let out a small gasp as he lightly grazed his teeth over the spot and continued to kiss down to her breasts. Her breathing hitched as he slowly circled his tongue over her nipple. His hand slowly traced up the inside of her thigh and hovered over her underwear. He decided to relish the moment and traced the lining of the underwear where it met her stomach. She wiggled underneath him in anticipation. He moved his tongue across to her other nipple whilst his hand traced the line of her underwear on her leg from the outside to the inside of leg. She moaned and instinctively opened her legs wider. He leaned up and pulled her underwear down slowly. He kissed from her knee up ever so slowly. He wanted to make the experience last. He had waited so long for her and he wanted to savour the scent of her skin. He wanted to hear her little breaths and moans as he peppered the inside of her thigh with kisses and little licks here and there. He finally got to his destination and he parted her legs to see all her beauty.

He let the tip of his tongue slowly tease her clit a few times, expelling more moans from his beautiful mate.

"fuck! Oh my god Garett!" she shouted in breathy moans as Garett used his tongue to assault her clit. Her response to his tongue made him slow down. He wanted to taste her and enjoy it. He wanted Cassia to build slowly and feel every spark, every little bit of pleasure he was giving her.

Her moans became louder and he could hear her breathing quicken. He knew she was close. He slowly placed a finger inside her and she bucked her hips up in response. She was so tight he could feel her walls pulsing as he pushed her closer to her climax. As he pulled out his finger, he replaced it with two. Her response caused a growl to emanate from his chest and he felt himself get harder the more she moaned. He continued his assault with his tongue as he curved his fingers inside of her to hit the nerves. Her walls were tightening. Her moans louder as she came. He continued until he could feel her body shake and she tried to close her legs.

Garett leaned up he could feel his wolf itching to take over. He was losing control.

"I need to get outside. I can't fight off my wolf anymore." He jumped off the bed and went to the balcony, inhaling the fresh air to help calm his wolf.

The air cleared his senses and slow breathing helped calm his heart beat.

Cassia came out wrapped in the throw from the end of the bed. She stood beside him. She put some distance between them and he appreciated that.

"Your scent drives my crazy. Hearing you respond to me the way you did, I couldn't hold my wolf back any more. He was so close to the edge and coming out. He would have taken you and marked you. That's not how I want it to be. I want it to be hearts and flowers. Not rough, uncontrolled and not without your consent."

"Wow! You are quite a soppy romantic! But I appreciate the gesture." Cassia placed her hand on his arm lightly and he turned to face her.

She was still flushed from her orgasm and her hair wild. She looked beautiful. He pulled her into a hug and kissed her forehead.

"We have all the time in the world. I won't mark you until you say you want it."


The sunlight streamed through the windows the next morning. Garett stretched and looked over towards his English Rose. She was still sleeping soundly. He untangled his arms from around her and made his way down stairs to make coffee.

He put the mugs of steaming liquid onto the tray and pulled a couple of pastries out of the cupboards. He slowly made his way back up being careful not spill the coffee. He opened the door to find Cassia sat up in bed.

"I wondered where you had gone. Ooh thank you!" she took a mug from the tray and leaned back against the headboard. Garett smiled and sat on the bed picking up his own mug and placing the tray on the bed.

"So! Marie is having a birthday party today. I've said I will go. It's not until this afternoon. Would you like to join me?"

"Sure." Garett smiled brightly and drank his coffee. His phone rang on the bedside table and he picked it up.

"Hey Greta. What's up?......... OK, have you turned the water off? .......... No I've done stuff like that before. Give me thirty minutes and I will be with you. Greta is having flooding issues at the diner. I'm gonna check she is OK. Will you be OK for a few hours?"

"I'm sure I can entertain myself. Don't worry. Go and make sure she is OK."

Garett kissed her forehead and pulled his t shirt on before leaving the room.

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