Wolf War 1

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Seven months

It has been seven months since he found her scent. Seven Long months! It was always on his mind; the day when he walked into that bar. As soon as he opened the door it hit him like a sledgehammer. The scent was intoxicating! And then saw her. The owner of that scent. His mate.

She had been sat at the bar and looked like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. Long dark bown hair cascaded over shoulders like a waterfall. She wore a leather jacket over a plain t shirt and dark blue jeans. As he started at her, she appeared to become aware of someone watching her and she looked up from her whiskey glass and focused on him. Her blue eyes started into his and she paled. She knew what he was. She didn't appeared scared, rather repulsed. She focused back on her drink.

He remembered walking over to the bar to be close to her and ordered a drink. He was about ask if she wanted a refil but her reply cut him like a knife.

"I'm not interested in your kind" her words were venomous. He was sure if she was looking at him the hate for what he was would have been apparent.

"Wow! Talk about tarring with the same brush"

"You are all the same... Bloodthirsty and Savage." her English accent sounded so exotic. Her voice so sweet despite her harsh words.

"You know a few of my kind do you?" he felt himself become defensive.

She looked at him at this point and she gasped. Yes! She feels it! Our mate feels the connection! Her pupils dilated and her breathing quickened. She stood up and made to leave. He caught her hand and kissed it.

"Will my English Rose at least tell me her name before she breaks my heart and leaves me?"

She pulled her hand away too late. He already had her scent and face memorised. She walked away only turning back once to have one more look at him.

The past seven months were excruciating. She was always a step ahead of him. Never caught. Why was she so focused on not being near me? Our mate leaves us behind. Why does she not want me? Why does she not want us?

He tried to block out the voice in his mind and focused on the man in front of him. He had a lead on my English Rose and it was unexpected.

"We have reason to believe she has been seen in the next town over. A woman matching her description has been looking for leads on a man and young boy. She claims they are her family."

"Do you have someone following her?"

"Brax is on her tail. But she appears to be aware someone is following her. She is a clever woman."

His eyes misted over as he linked with his warrior.

Brax! Show me the woman! NOW!

An image appeared in his mind of his dark haired English Rose. Still just as beautiful... But something was different about her. She looked.... Lost. As though all hope had left her.

Noooo! I can't bare to see her like this! We need to find her. Please! We need to make her better. The voice in his head pleaded with him to find her.

"Raul. Your in charge." before his beta could nod he left the courtyard and got into his car. The engine roared to life and he sped down the road.

An hour and a half later he found himself in the parking lot of the diner. Brax was waiting for him.

"Alpha. She gave me the slip about twenty minutes ago. She was last seen at the side entrance. But her..."

He stopped mid sentance as his Alpha raised his hand and closed his eyes. He looked in the direction of a dirt path covered by trees and ran!

He was so close to her. He could feel her! He could feel her anguish and sorrow. We are coming mate! We are coming!

He reached a clearing that opened up to a cliff face. The view was stunning. Almost a perfect dream! There she was. At the edge watching the sun rising. His English Rose!

She looked up and stretched her arms out. He suddenly felt panicked. No! She couldn't be doing this! He slowly walked out just as heard her whisper and slowly lean forward over the edge.

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