Wolf War 1

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She felt herself falling... She felt free! She felt... Pain! But not pain from falling and hitting the ground. Was... Was someone pulling her HAIR?

She was pulled back by hair and then felt a strong arm wrap around her waist and she hit the ground.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?" she screamed so loud it hurt her throat.

"Are you kidding me? I've just saved you from death and you want to burst my ear drums? Some goddamn English Rose you are!"

"You want to be a hero? Find a willing damsel! How dare - Wait... YOU!" she pulled away from his arm that was still around her wait and faced her hero. It was him. The wolf from that bar. God when was that? Six maybe seven months ago? She rose to her feet. She could feel the anger coursing through her veins.

He rose to his feet and stood over her. He dwarfed her five foot four frame. He must have been over six foot and built like a brick shit house. He was intimidating! But beautiful. He was tanned with jet black hair. Short at the sides but longer on the top. He had the face of a god! Chiseled features and a strong jaw line. He had dark stubble that made him look rough and ready and eyes so grey they almost looked silver. He was mesmerising!

He put his hands either side of her face and leaned towards her. She felt the air between them change. It became charged. Her skin pulsed under his touch.

"Why would you do something like that? Why would you try to end your life?" he whispered almost despairing.

"Why is that your concern? You do know me. You have nothing to do with me!" she tried to pull away from him.

"No! You are not going away from me again! We need you! You need us! You are our mate!" he growled as he pulled her back towards him. He looked down into her eyes and narrowed his eyes. "Don't deny what you feel!"

She managed to break away from him and put a little distance between them. This wasn't happening! She could not and would not be tied to the kind of animal that took her away from her family.

"I could NEVER be with you! I would NEVER take a wolf as my partner!"

"Why do you hate me so much?"

"Your kind took me away from my family! Your kind killed my husband" she felt her emotions bubble over. Tears welled in her eyes. She looked at the wolf. He appeared to feel her pain.

"Your kind killed my son. He was three. Three! What threat was he to your kind?" she whispered to her hero as the tears flowed freely. She looked into her hero's eyes and she could see his heart breaking for her.

She couldn't be here any longer and if she tried to go over the edge he would only pull her back again. She ran the opposite way and down the dirt path towards the diner. She was sobbing now. She could barely see the path in front of her. She didn't see the branch in her path until it was too late. She tried to stop but in time but in vain. She cruckled over on her left ankle and felt hard on her shoulder. Holy SHIT! The pain! She felt it from her ankle up her shin bone and into the calf muscle. The pain was so intense she couldn't lift herself off the ground. She felt nauseated from the pain.

Fuck! Come on! Get your arse up! He will be behind you!

She managed to sit up as her hero came into view. He saw her on the floor and ran to her aid.

"Here. Let me help you please" her hero pleaded as he lifted her into his arms. She didn't fight him. He started walking along the dirt path and towards the diner on the main road.

She lay her head on his shoulder. Exhaustion was taking over from lack of sleep over the last three days and from fighting the pain in her left ankle. Christ it hurt! She felt sick from the pain. Felt sick at the thought of relying on a wolf for help. She felt her body crashing with a lack of energy and despite trying to fight, her eyes were closing.

"Brax! Open the door!" she heard her hero shout and then the sound of a car door. She was placed gently on a seat and lay down. The car door closed and within seconds the door at her head was opened. Hands softly lifted her shoulders and she felt her head placed in his lap.

The car started and she felt it move. The gentle movement of the car, the sound of the engine and (as much as she hated the thought) her hero stroking her head soon had her in a deep sleep.

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