Wolf War 1

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Long night

He stayed in the back of the car with her and ordered Brax to drive. He would have someone pick up her car later on.

As soon as they started to drive she fell asleep but he continued to stroke her hair. She appeared peaceful. Our mate is in so much pain! The voice inside his head whined and a howl reverberated in his mind as his wolf despaired at the mental state of their mate. Their English Rose was hurting.

The drive back to the pack house was quiet. He didn't dare take his eyes from her. She looked gaunt. Telling him she had lost a lot of weight since he first met her. She was extremely pale. The dark circles under her eyes suggested she hadn't slept properly for some time.

Brax stopped the car and turned to his Alpha.

"We're back. I will open the door. Do you need help taking her in?"

"No, thank you Brax. Get the doc to come by. She needs her ankle looking at. Ask Leila for some clothes. They look about the same size"

Brax opened the car door and he gently lifted his English rose back into his arms and carried her into his home. He felt in her jacket pocket and found her keys.

"Brax one more thing. Have two men go back to the car lot and retrieve her car for me." he ordered as he handed over the keys then shut his front door.

He made his way through the hallway and up the stairs. He opened the first door on his left and entered his bedroom. He lay her on the bed.

Alpha, it's doc. I have my bag and some clothes from Leila.

Come on in. Up the stairs and the first door on the left.

A tall, greying middle aged man entered the room and handed the clothes to his alpha.

"So, what mess have you got yourself into this time?"

"She fell on her left ankle. She couldn't walk on it. Please take care of her... She's my mate." he looked at the doc with worry.

"You know she is in safe hands. OK. Let's get started" the doc gently took her boot and sock off. He then cut her jeans from her ankle to her knee and studied her ankle. It was heavily bruised and swollen. The bruising went up her shin and down to her toes. Doc closed his eyes and ran his hands over the ankle. Doc was a healer. Passed down from generation's he didn't need human medical machines to tell him ailments. He could visualise them.

"It's not broken. But it is a bad sprain. She will be in a lot of pain when she wakes up. For now I will give you this. Put two drops in a hot drink three times a day. It may help her heal quickly too. I will be back in a bit with a splint and some crutches." doc handed over a small droplet bottle before leaving.

He stood at the bedroom door, bottle and clothing bag in his hand and gazing at his English rose who was sleeping soundly. He looked in the bag and found a few t shirts, jeans, three dresses and brand new lace underwear. Also in the bag were toiletries, a hair brush, and a couple of sets of pyjamas. He must remember to tank Leila in person. He owed her that courtesy.

Alpha. I've left the splint and crutches on your porch. I didn't want to disturb you.

He ran downstairs and picked up the medical items and some snacks from the kitchen. This may be a long night. He went back up to see his English rose. She was still asleep. He looked at the splint. It was a plastic black boot that looked like it had been moulded by big foot. It had three velcro straps to keep her ankle in place and supported. He chuckled at the thought of her having to wear that monstrosity.

He pulled a chair from the corner of the room to the bed. He then got a basin of warm water, a cloth and a towel. She had dirt on her face and clothes. He took the time to gently undress her and placed her clothes on the footboard of the bed. As he washed her, he noticed scars on her body. He growled in anger at the thought of someone hurting his mate. He chose a pair of gray pyjama shorts and matching top from the bag. He hoped when she woke she would feel comfortable. He sat in the chair and watched her sleep. Her long dark hair splayed on the pillow and over her chest. Her full lips slightly parted. She looked so young as she slept and it worried him how old she was.

Alpha. The woman's car has arrived. Do you want her stuff brought up?

Yes please. First door on the left.

Brax and another of his pack brought up two bags and a small suitcase. They promtly left after making sure their alpha didn't need anything else.

He left the bags in the corner of the room not wanting to pry despite the urge to want to know more about his mate. He took the toiletries into the bathroom for her. He placed the shampoo and conditoner on the side of the bath with the shower gel. He placed the brush, toothbrush and paste next to the spare sink.

He walked into the walk in wardrobe to change. He decided to keep comfortable and changed into black sweat pants and a white v neck t shirt. He walked towards the window and stared out at the sky

His mind processed the mornings events. It had been eventful to say the least! It felt surreal. Like a dream. Or something from a movie.

He walked back into the main part of the room and looked to the bed. She was still sleeping. He slowly sat in the chair and began to stroke her hair.

"I promise you I will look after you until you need me to. My home is yours. If you want to leave me... I won't stop you. It will kill me. But I won't stop you leaving me."

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