Wolf War 1

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Frost bite

God I need a drink! My mouth feels like sandpaper! Oh... Nope! That fucking hurt! She went to sit up but the pain him ankle cause her to lie back down. It was then she assessed her surroundings.

She was in a large double bed with a dark oak frame. The covers were white with emerald green detailing. A black throw placed at the bottom of the bedding.

Ever so slowly she lifted herself up to a seating position and realised her left ankle was elevated. She leaned up to push the covers off to assess the damage. Her ankle was twice, if not three times the size it should have been and the bruising was so dark and all over foot it looked like she had frostbite. Fuck!

She looked around and found herself in a very large and very comfortable bedroom. The walls were white with the wall to her right almost fully taken up with sliding doors revealing a balcony. The floor was a dark hard wood floor and a plush emerald green rug.
The wall behing her was black.

Two doors to her left were open the one closest to her was an en suite bathroom. The one a little further a walk in wardrobe. A chair was next to the bed with no occupant. However a set of crutches were leaning on the arm and an ugly black boot sat on the cushion.

There was a soft knock on the door facing where she lying.
"Come in?"
A stunning woman entered the room with a dazzling smile. Her copper hair shone like silk and framed her face. Her green eyes sparkled as she spoke.

"Good afternoon sleepy head. How are you feeling?"

"Where am I?"

"Alpha Garetts' home. My name is Leila. Would you like a drink?.... Maybe something to eat?" Leila smirked at the last sentance as she replied to the very loud growl that came from my stomach.

"erm.... I can come with you."

"No way. You're on bed rest. Docs orders and Garett would skin me if he found you cooing about the place and not in bed. How does pancakes, bacon and maple syrup sound? Would you like coffee or tea?"

"Tea please. Coffee sucks in this country." Leila giggled and closed the bedroom door behind her. Her mind wandered to the mornings events. It was like something out of a film. Damsel in distress and a handsome hero.

Is there such a thing as an anti hero? That's what he is...He's no typical hero from a novel.
Garett.... That's my hero's name. Hmm.... Suits him.

A knock on the door pulled her from her thoughts before she say come in, a head poked through.

"Hi. Erm.... I've brought your breakfast for you?" there he was. Garett. He spoke softly and with a smile. She gave a small smile back, letting him know it was OK to enter.... She wanted the food. He walked through the door but left it ajar and walked to the chair. His hair was damp from showering and had a slight curl to it. He wore a pair of grey sweat pants and a muscle fit white v neck t shirt that strained over his chest and biceps. Her eyes were drawn to the v neck space and she noted some black ink. He had tattoos!

"Would like me turn around so you can get a view of the full package?" Garett smirked clearly enjoying the fact she couldn't keep her eyes off him.
She tried to think of something else in a failed attempt to not blush.

"Here you are... I still don't know your name." He placed the tray of goodies on the bed and sat in the chair.

"And you won't know it. What am I doing here? Am I your prisoner?" she whispered afraid of the answer.

Garett laughed. "Oh Rose. If you were my prisoner, I'd have you chained up and begging for mercy. Not in my bed, having breakfast and having my pack running around after you."

"So whats the deal? I can leave when I want? I can leave today?" she asked hopefully.

"Well yeah. If you really wanted to." He looked pained when saying this sentance. She felt it too. Then his eyes appeared to glint at a realisation.

"I mean. If you can leave feel free! But you will have to hobble. You can't drive and Doc said you can't weight bare or you will damage your ankle. It will take a week to walk down the drive with your sexy new boot and crutches." he smiled at her, clearly proud of his comment. She realised he was right. She couldn't walk and certainly wouldn't be able to drive. It dawned on her she would be there for awhile. Whether she liked it or not.

" Fuck! What about my car and my stuff? It was in the car park."

"Taken care of. The car is downstairs and your bags are there in the corner" motioning to the furthest door on her left. "I took the liberty of asking Leila for extra items including some toiletries which are in the bathroom. I can help you with anything you need and Doc said he will pay weekly visits and give you exercises to help build your ligaments up.

I managed to wash you down yesterday and changed you into some clothes. But I can run you a bath if you like? And help you get in. Nothing sinister or creepy. I just want to make sure your comfortable."

She wasn't going to lie, her aching body was screaming for a bath. She hadn't had one of those for a very long time.

"Actually, a bath sounds nice to be honest. Can you hand me that blue bag please? I have a swim suit in it." Garett looked confused.
"You think your seeing me naked? Do me a favour. Bag please."

Garett handed her the bag and as she looked inside for the swim suit he admitted he saw her naked yesterday when he changed her clothing.

"Yesterday? What the hell are you talking about? I didn't know you yesterday!"

"Ah, you haven't just slept a few hours. I saved you yesterday morning. You slept almost twenty five hours." He scratched the back of his head as he spoke.

"Well fuck me! No wonder I was hungry." she laughed. Then cried. Suddenly all the hurt, anger and pain bubbled to the surface and she couldn't control it. She sobbed her heart out and Garett rushed to side. He beside her and held her until she began to calm.

" Never keep your emotions in my English Rose. It does no one good to hide how you feel. How about that bath whilst you look for your bathing suit? I promise I will stay in the bathroom until you tell me." she nodded and get lift from the bed as he placed a light kiss on her forehead. He went into the bathroom.

She found her bathing suit and very gently pulled the shorts and top off. She realised changing was going to be very difficult and regretted only owning jeans. There was no way in hell she was getting those over her ankle!

"you can come out now Garett." she had butterflies in her stomach as he re entered the room and looked at her.

"You really are beautiful." he said as he made his way over to the bed. He gently lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bathroom. The steam from the water was already making her feel more human than she ha felt for a year and she smiled. Garett gently placed her in the water. He turned to leave to give her some privacy.

"Hey! Don't think I've forgotten you have seen me naked! Just to be clear. That won't happen again." he smiled at her nodded as he was about to close the bathroom door.

"Cassia. My name is Cassia."

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