Wolf War 1

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He stood on the porch of house trying to keep his wolf in check. He didn't know what emotion was more prominent; sadness, anger or fear.

He was sad because his mate, his English Rose... CASSIA was sad and he felt it too. He was also sad because she had such contempt towards his kind and he wanted to know why. He hadn't directly hurt her. Why could she not see he meant well and would never harm her? Why could she not give him a chance? He was sad that whatever experience she had with his kind turned her against him.

This was exactly what angered him. Humans were not the only ones to suffer during the wolf wars! He had his whole family; parents, older brother and younger sister killed. His sister in law and niece were also killed. He didn't know where their bodies were buried. If they were buried. He had to take over as alpha. Luckily he had the devotion of the pack but it was never a responsibility he wanted.

He loved being part of the pack and a guardian. He could be free of the pack politics. It meant he could be in wolf form in the surrounding territory, patrol their lands and protect his people. He was made for that and had the training for that. He was not made or prepared for a leadership role. He was just so lucky he had Brax and Raul to help him. He also had their father's who helped him prepare for his new found responsibility. Seeing as the pack liked him, he had no challenge for the role.

He started to walk towards the the trees. He needed to run off some of his emotional baggage. He undressed and folded his clothes on the ground before allowing his wolf to take over. He felt his bones crack and bend. His hands instinctively went to the floor as his spine bent over. He felt the fur sprout from his skin and his senses heightened.

He started running. Running his cares away. Running his anger and sadness into the ground with every thud of his paws. He felt free.

This is what I am meant to do. Not lead or fall in love.

He slowed to his favourite spot in the woods. A small clearing with a crystal clear pond. Water trickled in through the stones on the hillside that housed wildflowers.

The silence was calming. He lay down, closed his eyes for a few moments and blocked out all sounds apart from the water lapping at the edges in the breeze. The sound of the bees buzzing in the wild flowers looking for pollen and the breeze in the trees. This was his idea of heaven.

Just being here for the thirty minutes allowed him to clear his head and he felt better.

He slowly padded back to his clothes on the edge of the tree line and got dressed. He ran his hands through his hair a few times and went back home.

On closing the door behind him, he realised he had been gone for two hours and he hoped Cassia had been OK whilst he was gone.

As he walked into the hallway and took his shoes off he realised Cassia was not the only person in the house.

Who the fuck is upstairs with... Oh shit! I forgot Leila was still here!

Leila, Brax's mate would come and help keep the house in order for him. She was a great person. So kind and loving. He smiled and walked into the kitchen, deciding to leave Cassia to make a friend.

The sun was starting to set. This was his favourite part of the day. The orange glow of the sun as it fades into red hues on a slowly darkening sky. The kitchen was the opposite side of the house to his bedroom. With one wall bi fold doors and glass to let the light into the spacious room.

He got a beer from the fridge and opened the door to watch the sunset. You could always rely on a sunset to be a constant. No matter where in the world you were or what termoil the day had brought. The sunset for Garett was a reminder that a new day would come with new prospects and new hope.

"Hey Garett. You OK?" Leila spoke softly. Concern in her green eyes.

"Yea, I will be. Thanks Leila. Oh and thanks for the clothes for Cassia. I really appreciated it."

"Oh don't be silly. Anything I can do for anyone in the pack is a pleasure. I hope you don't mind... I've told Cassia I will visit her again tomorrow? I think she needs a friend and will appreciate a human one.. You know?" she smiled with compassion.

"Of course. You are welcome to come by maybe the afternoon? I agree. I think a human friend is just the thing she needs right now. I don't thinks she had a friend for a long time." Garett smiled at Leila but his eyes were full of sadness.

"Look I don't know what she has been through, but I'm assuming its pretty bad. Just be there for her. Open up to her about your past and show her the real you. The kind and compassionate man we all know you are." Leila placed her arm on his shoulder and gave a light squeeze as reassurance before leaving.

Garett sighed and turned back to the sky which was darkening. The red hues still danced across the landscape.

He didn't know if he should go up to see her. He didn't want to upset her. He decided to make food. At least he would have an excuse to knock on the door. He looked in the fridge and found ingredients for a carbonara. He took pasta from the cupboard.

Once it was ready he plated up and put two bowls on a tray with two beers. He made is way upstairs to his room.

He took a deep breath and knocked on the door with his elbow.

"Come in." he heard her voice ring out. Still music to his ears.

"Hey. I made food and got beer? I hope you like cabonara?" he opened the door and slowly walked in. She took his breath away. It felt like the first time he had laid eyes on her. She was perfect!

She smiled and nodded her head. She was on the bed. Leila had given her the remote for the TV and she was idly flicking through the channels.

"I have Netflix on there if you want to look through and find a film?" he offered as he handed her a bowl and opened a beer for her. She handed him the remote to put on Netflix as she tried some of his food.

"Thanks for this. It's not bad you know. Do you cook often?" she seemed to genuinely want to make conversation.

"I used to cook loads for my family. When they passed, I lost interest in cooking. Plus I found myself too busy when I had to become alpha."

Leila did say to open up... So here we go...

Cassia watched him for a minute before turning back to her food. She flicked through the films on Netflix.

"Is there a particular type of film you like? If you would like to watch a film with me anyway" Cassia asked without looking at him.

"As long as its not a rom com or documentary, I'm happy." he looked at her and gave her a genuine smile. It felt like his first genuine smile in so long. She chose a shark film and settled back on the pillows. Garett sat in the chair.

They sat and ate in silence whilst watching the typical shark v human film. It was easy watch at least and every so often he would sneak a peak at her. She was memorised by the film. Every so often her mouth opening when a scene shocked her. He went down once for another beer for each of them. She accepted the beer from him and their fingers brushed when she took it. He felt the same heat from her skin when he saved her from the cliff. The sparks were intense and the urge to touch her skin more was intense. The desire to lay with her on the bed was more than he could bare. He sat back in the chair before he dived onto her.

By the look on her face, he though she felt it too. She appeared to blush and look away before mumbling a thank you.

"I'm glad to seem to get on with Leila. She is an amazing woman. So kind."

"Sound like there are some feelings there." Cassia laughed as she said this. Garett hoped there was a hint of jealousy and he hid his smile.

"She is my betas mate. They have been together for two years now. Needless to say, the only feelings for Leila are of friendship."

Cassia tried to stifle a yawn but failed. He chuckled and started to place the bowls and empty beer bottles onto the tray. He didn't want to leave her but he knew he couldn't stay in the room with her tonight. It pained him to stay away from her but it was right to do.

"I will leave you in peace to sleep. I will be next door if you need to me. Just shout. Do you need help to get to the bathroom or anything?"

"Oh no. Thank you. I can manage on the crutches. Listen, I want to thank you for showing me kindness. I've not had that for awhile and i don't know how to react to it. I appreciate you allowing me to stay. I err... Yea... That's it I guess." the smile on her face made his heart swell. He didn't want to be over confident, but he dared hope that this was progress.

" You are most welcome, Cassia." he kissed her hand before he took the tray and left the room so she could sleep.

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