Wolf War 1

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"What do you think of our Luna then?" Brax came behind his mate as she washed the dishes from breakfast. She smiled and leaned her head back onto his chest, revelling in the sparks that heated up her skin. He ran one hand through her copper hair as the other hand slowly made its way across her waist.

"She is troubled. Very troubled. I like her. Clearly not had a friend in a long time. Hopefully she will start to feel safe and happy as time goes on. I'm spending some tine with her again this afternoon." Leila spoke sofly with a texan accent. She finished the dishes and cleaned the sink before turning to her mate.

She still couldn't get over their pull towards each other. They had been together now for five years and the spark never dulled. She looked into his sea blue eyes that reminded her of their beach honeymoon in Aruba.

I could get lost in your eyes and just stay there!

How would I be able to satisfy my need to touch you if your lost jn my eyes baby?

Ah mind link to mates! Never had there been such a blessing for the copper haired vixen. They could have private conversations in public. Leila loved to wind Brax up and turn him on during meetings. He would come back to her so wound up and craving her! She had lost count how many front doors he had broken down in his lust haze.

"What time are you going to see her?" he whispered in her ear as he nibbled a her neck.

"...... In about an hour." she closed her eyes feeling the warmth of his lips on her neck as they brushed over his mate mark. A tingle shot down her spine to her core. Before she could be distracted she spun around to face her mate. The love of her life.

" I think we should tell Garett today. We've left it long enough now." Brax stepped back and ran his fingers through his hair. His sea blue eyes shone bright.

"I don't think its the right time. Garett has alot on his plate right now with Cassia and the treaty to work out. I don't know how he will react." Brax appeared nervous. She knew it was a touch subject and Brax was worried that once everyone knew and something went wrong again it would kill him. Telling people would make it real. Leila stepped to him and took his hands.

"Brax if anything happens, we can get through it. I'm two months into a six month pregnancy. We can't hide it much longer. And I want to be happy about this! We can't let the miscarriage overshadow. This should be a happy time for us! And Garett will be happy for us. You know that! Come and pick me up from the house later on and we will tell him today. Together and with Cassia. Maybe seeing him happy and excited will help her settle? Make her realise he is a person with emotion." Leila knew Brax would be more inclined to agree if she threw the Lunas name into the mix. He smiled at her and touched her face.

" OK. You know how to play me don't you baby." Brax gave her a kiss on the lips and on her forehead then headed out of the door for his meetings.

Leila turned and stared out of the kitchen window to the back garden. A smile on her face. After heartache of losing her child a year ago and then going through the miscarriage seven months ago, she believed she was losing touch with herself. She felt so alone despite Brax being with her and going through the same as her. If not more because he had no idea how to help her.

She remembered her turning point well. Two months after the miscarriage she went her child's grave and Garett found her. They talked for hours and it was the first time she admitted how she was feeling and about letting down Brax. Garett told her that losing hope was admitting defeat and why should we waste this beautiful opportunity on Earth by being sad. I needed to live my life with Brax and make every day like it was my last.

She put on a light jacket and her shoes and left to visit Cassia.


Cassia was sat on the sofa watching TV when Leila let herself in.

"Hey! How are you? That dress suits you! It never look right on me. Ooh! I love your tattoos. I've always been scared of the needle myself. I'm going to make myself a herbal tea. Want anything? " She smiled at Cassia. Cassia smiled back pleased to see her and asked for a coffee.

Leila came back with the drinks and a pack of biscuits she found. They asked how each other were and Cassia began to ask questions about her relationship with Brax.

"I had my grandparents living in town. When my granpops died, I decided to move to help my grandma. I didn't like the idea she was on her own. Me and Brax met at Greta's when I got a waiting job. At first I thought he was a stalker. He just started at me sniffing the air. I thought it was a shame that someone so hot appeared to be a weirdo. After a week of staring at me everyday he finally introduced himself and asked dme on a date. It was a strange feeling. This beautiful man was a stranger, yet I felt like he was the other half of me. It was so strange! We dated for a few months before he told me what he was and showed me. I actually told him to leave me alone. I was so scared! The aching in heart for those three days I didn't see him was so intense! He came in to Greta's finally and spoke to me. We have been inseparable ever since. Five years together and mated. Four years been married. If I have to have his mark, he can have my ring on his finger." Leila laughed at her own little joke, but Cassia stared at her in confusion.

"Your human? I thought you were a wolf too!" Cassia went red and apologised for her mistake.

"Don't worry hunni. I've been part of the pack so long know I am one of them. They accepted me as soon as Brax introduced me. They are a great set of people. Truly." Leila smiled and her heart bloomed with loved for the people who had showed nothing but kindness.

"So.... How did your date with Garett go?" Leila had been waiting to ask this since she walked through the door.

"Oh it wasn't a date. But it was nice! We talked about the pack and how many lived here. I spoke about England. We had a nice time to be honest. I saw a little more of his personality shine through." Leila noticed the smile on Cassia's face as she spoke about the date. It was a date. Cassia could try and say otherwise but it wouldn't wash with her.

They spent the next couple of hours getting to know each other and drinking herbal teas when the door opened. Leila looked at the clock on the lounge wall

Fuck me is 6pm already?!

"Good evening ladies! How's my woman?" Brax shouted and ran to Leila and kissed her. Leila giggled into the kiss. She loved the playful side of her brute of a mate.

"I'm good. I've had a nice afternoon. Erm... Os are we all going sit for a minute?" Leila became a little nervous. Now the reality of being pregnant was about to set in.

"I wanted to come in because me and Leila have some news. We are expecting and we are having a boy." Leila watched as Brax broke the news to their alpha and his new mate. She slowly turned to face Garett who was already on his feet and pulling them both into a hug.

"Holy shit! This is amazing! Brax... Your balls work!" Garett laughed and slapped Brax on the back.

"Leila. Congratulations! I'm so so pleased for you both! This calls for a celebration. How about a pizza? My treat?" Garett was already in his phone looking for a take out. Leila smiled at this man who had become one of her best friends. He was so excited for them. She looked at Cassia who was smiling also and congratulated them. There was a look of sadness in her eyes also.

Leila sat down with her whilst Garett and Brax argued over pizza toppings.

"Are you OK?"

"Yeah. I'm happy for you guys. It makes me miss my child that's all. I'm OK."

"A very wise man once told me that losing hope was admitting defeat and why should we waste this beautiful opportunity on Earth by being sad. Every day is a gift and despite our troubles. We should be thankful." Leila took her hand.

"Wise advice. Something I try and live by. Who said that?"

"That amazing man that's next mine arguing about pizza." Leila smiled and rolled her eyes. Cassia laughed and turned to watch the two muscular men argue.

"Ladies back me up here.... Pineapple on a pizza is the best thing ever right? Garett may have good taste in mates. By god his pizza topping choice was shocking!

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