Left alone in my thoughts

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New changes

Okay well I haven't talked to Puck in long while. Things have been kind of crazy getting ready for sectionals. Sam and I are going strong. He gave me a promise ring. At first I was a little hesitant but he is really sweet. Puck and Santana have been doing it a lot, which is disgusting. Of course he would go to her because he knows I hate her.

The other day though Puck walked into glee club with this girl. She was bigger. He said he was trying to find Kurt's replacement but he got thrown in a portapotty. He was stuck in there for a day. I didn't even notice he was missing. Thats a good sign, that I'm moving on.

Anyway this girl Lauren I think found him and he asked her to join but she only agreed if she got seven minutes in heaven with him. Which he said rocked his world. Which is weird because he used to tell me to lose weight, but I always had to tell him I was pregnant because of him!

Strangely I’m happy for him. But I know Santana isn't going to be if him and Lauren get serious.

I heard the other day that Finn broke up with Rachel. Apparently Rachel was all mad because Finn slept with Santana but that wasn't even when they were together. But Rachel wanted to get even so she invited Puck over to have sex but he apparently said no because he couldn't do that to Finn again. How mature of Puck. The old Puck I knew wouldn't back down I mean I should know. Anyway Finn is back on the market. Not that I care, I have um Sam.

So Christmas came and went. We all decorated Mr. Shu’s house. Puck was putting ornaments on the tree. I grabbed one and before I went over I checked to see where Sam was. He was talking with Mike and Finn by the window. I walked over to the tree and put the ornament on it. I looked shyly at Puck. Out of the corner of my eye he smiled and said,

“Merry Christmas Quinn.” I was shocked. He was actually being genuinely nice.

“Oh thanks um you too.”

He leaned in close to me and he put his hand on my back. I was still facing straight,

“Hope you get everything you want.” I went to turn to say something back but he was gone. He had went into the kitchen.

He was being friendly. That's a good sign. I think now we are friends again. Well I hope we are. I wonder why he hoped I got what I wanted. Was he implying that I didn't already have what I wanted, that I didn't want Sam?

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