Left alone in my thoughts

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Not over him?

After that pep talk from Puck I went to tell Mrs. Sylvester I was leaving. I couldn't. I thought of how I felt last year to not be on the Cheerios and to not feel popular and it was horrible. So I stayed.

We hadn't left school yet because we were trying to figure out how to get the cannon attached to the bus. When Finn came over to Santana, Brittany and I. He actually said some of the same things Puck had told me earlier, but for some reason Finn convinced me to leave.

So we all performed in the half time show. It was amazing and im glad I stayed. The boys won the football game too! And after Finn scored the touchdown he looked over at me. At me! Does he still like me? Has he forgiven me for what I did?

I had to find out for myself. I quickly went and changed out of my zombie clothes and re-did my makeup. I followed Finn inside. He went to his locker to get his jacket. I was on the other side of the hallway leaning up against the lockers. He turned around and saw me. He said,


“Hi. I never got a chance to thank you for helping me do that right thing.”

“Ah you would have come to it on you're own soon enough. So hows it feel to be out of the uniform?”

“Weird. Did turn a couple heads... You were amazing this week, on the field and off. It reminded me of why I love you.” And then I went in for the kiss!

I felt horrible after words because of Sam. How is he going to react? First I was going all googly eyes over Puck and now I kissed Finn. I think I was just turned on that Finn could make me leave the Cheerios by what he said but Puck couldn't. That surprised me. Was I not over Finn?

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