Left alone in my thoughts

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Well it's alcohol awareness week. Which means everyone will be drinking more and more. I know Puck will thrown some kind of party because he did last year. I heard he was trying to get it at Rachel’s house, something about how her parents are gone.


So I went to Rachel's little party only because I heard that there was going to be alcohol. And I needed it. Because when I got there Santana was on Sam’s lap sucking his face. She really pisses me off.


We needed better alcohol. All Rachel had was about eight wine coolers. I picked one up and was drinking it in the corner. I looked at Puck and pointed to my drink and made a disgusted face. He nodded his head.

Puck then got up and told Rachel that the party was lame and that he could make it fun if he could break into her parents liquor cabinet and that he would replace it all before they got home. She agreed thank God.

We all started drinking and things got crazy. I don't really remember much but I do remember dancing and yelling at Puck for some reason. People call me an angry drunk.

I don't know how I got home. All I remember was waking up in my bed this morning. My head was pounding. And I threw up. I was hoping my mom didn't hear it because she would of thought I was pregnant again.

I got dressed and put on sunglasses. I tried to walk down my stairs but I was too dizzy. I went back into my room and laid on my bed.

I couldn't drive in these conditions. I needed to call someone responsible. The first person I thought of was Puck. I don't know how I thought he was responsible but I grabbed my phone and dialed his number anyway, I heard the ringing he answered,

“Hello?” He sounded still asleep.

I whispered, “Hey are you still a little hungover.”

“I’m not that bad, I’ve drunk more than that a few times before.” His voice sounded like thunder.

“Well do you think you could give me a ride, my head's killing me and I’m dizzy.”

“Yeah I’ll be over in a few.” I hung up and threw my phone on my bed and I laid next to it.

After a few minutes I got up and tried the stairs again. It took me some time but I got it. My mom screamed from the kitchen, “Have a good day!” It literally killed me.

I went out the door and sat on my stoop waiting for Puck. His car pulled up and I got up and walked down to it. I closed the door slowly because it was going to sound like a gunshot if I didn't.

Once I was in he handed me a thermostat he said,

“It’s a bloody Mary it's suppose to help with the hangover.” I looked at it and drank it. Why not it could not get any worse.

“So were you not that drunk last night?” I whispered.

“I was a little.”

“Do you remember anything?”

“Yeah here and there. I do remember you and Lauren yelling at me though.” He smiled.

“Oh God what did I say?”

“Something about how I ruined your life and that you used to have abs.” He laughed a little.

“Well I did.” I laughed softly.

“Yeah I know, I remember.” He looked over at me a gave me a smirk.


When we reached the school we both got out. We saw Artie and Brittany walking in too. They looked really bad. Puck went over to them and gave them the thermostat. I was walking alone while he was talking until Sam came up next to me and said,

“Crazy party last night huh?” His voice was like a train. I didn't answer. I stopped to wait for Puck by the door. He stopped too.

“I thought we were going to be mature about this. You're the one who cheated on me so really I should be the one who is ignoring you.”

“Then why aren't you?” I don't need this right now. Doesn't he see I’m hungover?

Puck looked at me and walked over to Sam and I,

“Hey Sam.” He said “lets go Quinn.” He walked in between us.

“Are you her protector now?” Puck stopped and turned to look at Sam.

“I was always her protector.” He pushed Sam a little and Sam backed off. I’m going to say it again, thank god for Puck.

We all walked in meeting Santana, Mercedes, Mike and Tina. Artie passed out Puck’s bloody mary as if it was his own. In glee club we all performed “Blame It” it was great. Mr. Shu said are acting was great because he actually believed that we were drunk but said the song kind of encourages drinking. I chimed in and saying,

“You're such a hypocrite you drink, most adults do.” Mr. Shu agreed and then Puck backed me up,

“Yeah every commercial for NASCAR is about beer.”


At our assembly we performed “Tik Tok.” We were all nervous since we were still all hungover and that these performances at school never go so well. Rachel brought a drink mixed with liquor and other stuff so we could take a good luck shot before we went on.

It probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, because during the song Brittany threw up on Rachel, and then Santana threw up. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.

So after that the whole glee club even Mr. Shu got called to Mr. Figgins office. Puck and I thought we were going to get suspended for sure. But Mr.Figgins didn't suspend us he congratulated us. I guess nobody wanted to drink after seeing Brit and Santana throw up. I don't blame them I don't think I want to either.

After school I waited by Puck’s car because he drove me there and I needed to get home somehow. I thought he was going to be right out. I waited there for about an hour, and then I finally saw him come out. I was sitting by his car.

He ran up to me reached out his hand and said,

“What are you doing here?”

“I was waiting for a ride home.”

“Oh well you didn't say you need a ride back home after school.”

“I just thought you would be smart enough to piece it all together!” He walked over to the driver's seat and got in. I got in the car also.

“I see someone's hangover is gone.” He started the car.

“Whatever just drive me home.” I rolled my eyes.

“Don't get mad at me Quinn! You could have texted or called me.”

“I DID!”

“He pulled out his phone, “Oh sorry I guess I didn't hear it.”

“It’s ok.” We sat in silence until I got curious,

“What were you doing in there after school for an hour anyway?”

“I was with Lauren. We were in the supply room..” I cut him off,

“I get it….I’m happy for you.”

“Yeah well I haven't had sex with her if that's what you thought.” I was actually shocked.

“Really? Why not?”

“I don't want to ruin things. Like how I ruined it with you.” Awww how sweet is that!

“You didn't ruin it remember it was me.”

“No I pushed you, I got you pregnant I ruined your life.”

“No you didn't I wanted it as bad as you did. And the whole pregnancy made me see life differently. It was good for me.”

“No you didn't want to be pregnant. And I didn't help out as much as I should of. I was too busy with other girls when I should of been focusing on my two main girls.” He looked at me. I knew he meant the baby and I. He was so sweet for apologizing but he didn't have to. I wasn't mad anymore.

He pulled into my driveway. I unbuckled my seatbelt and turned to look at him. He looked sad.

“I’m not mad about it.” I put my hand on his cheek. “And if we didn't have that baby we would have never gotten this close.” We both smiled. I leaned in to kiss him.

He pulled away,

“No don't do this. This would be cheating for me and I don't do that anymore. You of all people shouldn't make me cheat.” He was right I was being selfish. “I love Lauren and last week you told me you loved Finn. You just need to stop and figure out your feelings before you bring me into this whole mess. I just got over you Quinn. I can't go back to you. I need to move on because your... toxic for me. I like how close we are now. I have never had this. A best friend.” he smiled. He obviously didn't want to hurt my feelings but I understood where he was coming from and he was right. I like having him as my best friend too.

“Yeah I like this relationship too.” I smiled and got out of the car. I got to my porch and turned around to wave goodbye. He backed out of my driveway as I watched him drive away.

Thank god for Puck. If he didn't stop me who knows how far we would have gone. I would of had those feelings again and I would be leading both Finn and Puck on. I was truly happy for him and Lauren, and I like that we can be this close and tell each other the truth.

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