Left alone in my thoughts

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So I put what Puck had said into action. I went over to Finn’s over the weekend and told him I wanted to be with him but he didn't want to flaunt it now just yet. So we made out and it felt great like old times.

I even joined celibacy club to figure out my feelings. Which Rachel of course had to join. She kept asking me question about my relationship with Finn which I told her it was none of her business.

And then today Puck came to celibacy club. I guess him and Lauren were going to make a sex tape but he found out that that would lead to his arrest. What and idiot.

Mrs. Pillsbury came up with the idea that we sing to the glee club this old boring song. We were all down with it until Puck mention “Three chicks for him was typical Saturday night for the Puckerman bedroom, it's not the best balance for singing. We need at least one more dude.”

So Mrs. Pillsbury had her husband sing with us. So we sang and I guess the song was about some guy sneaking out to do it during the night I don't really know.

The next day in celibacy club we got new members, Santana, Artie, Brittany, And Lauren. Rachel took over Mrs. Pillsbury's position because she always has to be the leader in everything but also because Mrs. Pillsbury's marriage was going down hill. We have that in common. .But then Puck said to me,

“What’s with the hickey Quinn?” Why did he have to say that infront of everyone? I thought I could trust him!

“It's not a hickey.” I rolled my eyes.

“Oh I know hickey’s, I'm a freakin connoisseur. i can make them into shapes like balloon animals.”

Annoyed I leaned in and said, “I burnt myself this morning with a curling iron.” Then they all dropped the subject.

I was sure I was caught. The other day Finn was over and we made out and stuff. He is the one who gave me the hickey. It was so awesome. We were definitely going to win Prom King and Queen which was in two months. I told him I made a mistake with Puck that he should have been my first. Which was true because Puck was an accident, we weren’t even together and it was awkward because we didn't know eachother very well.

I went to talk to Puck after celibacy club to ask why he would out me in front of Rachel and Santana and all them.

I found him getting his bag by his locker. I marched over to him.

“What the hell was that about!?”

“Relax nobody even caught on.”

“They could have and then Rachel would not be nice to me and Santana would find some way to ruin it!”

“Okay I’m sorry I don't even know why I said it.”

“Ugh it's whatever Puck I should've never told you about me and Finn. I knew this would happen.”

“What would happen?”

“You getting jealous!”

“Me jealous!!? Ha. Why would I be jealous I have Lauren and she is great.”

“Because you still have feelings for me.”

“No I don't I told you I didn't!”

“You start yelling when you're lying. It's okay Puck. Maybe you should figure out your feelings.” I turned and walked away. This was the first time I was the one leaving first. It felt good.

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