Left alone in my thoughts

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So I have been getting ready for my campaign for prom. I need everything to be perfect. I have already been putting up posters for me and Finn. They look amazing.


So today I went to the doctors office with Rachel. I know what you're thinking but it was just because she is jealous of my looks and that Finn chose me so she wants my nose because hers is kind of huge and mines well perfect.


I saw Lauren putting up posters for prom queen. If she thinks she is going to win, it will only be because people think it's a joke. People want a queen that they want to be. Not a queen who is one of them. And if she thinks Puck will be her king she has another thing comin to her because I thought about Puck and I being king and queen but it didn't work out because he said no to me last year. Well he said no because he said I wouldn't win because nobody wants a pregnant queen. Well nobody wants a fat one either! Sorry Lauren things just got personal.


Finn yelled at me the other day to stop helping Rachel get a new nose. Who is he to tell me what to do! And of course he wants to protect Rachel like she is some homeless dog, well she dresses like she's homeless.

Even in glee club Puck said girls who change the way they look aren't as hot. What do they know they are already gorgeous they don't understand what it's like for a girl.


I was walking in the hall when Lauren passed me. She called me Lucy. Lucy! She figured it out! She found my file with Puck and figured out that my real name is Lucy and that my middle name is Quinn, I was fat and had a big nose.

I stopped going by Lucy because people called me Lucy caboosey. I lost all the weight and once I got my braces off I got a nose job. I hated the way I looked so yes I changed. It shouldn't be bad for a person to feel good about themselves. And when I saw my old highschool photo up on posters saying “Vote for Lucy caboosey.” I was devastated! I hated Lauren.

Finn didn't care that I was fat. And people really loved that I overcame what I used to be and my votes went up forty percent. I did overcome a lot and I was glad I could finally stop hiding.


I went outside for lunch today because I needed some fresh air. I saw Puck and decided I should go talk to him too. I walked over to where he was sitting. He was with some of the football players, not Finn because he always practices during lunch which is super annoying. I stood there until Puck noticed me. He said,

“Oh guys could you give us a minute.” They all said yeah and left. I sat down. “What did you want Lady Fabray?” I laughed

“I wanted to thank you for helping Lauren get my file. It really made me appreciate my past and how I overcame it all.”

“Hey no problem. I mostly did it for Lauren, but I’m glad it help you too.” That hurt me a little that he just did it for Lauren. That he would put out that picture of me on posters not even caring how I would feel about it.

“You didn't care if blowing up that picture of me would hurt my feelings?” He didn't say anything just looked down. “Wow Noah.”

He looked up surprised, “Why did you call me Noah you never call me Noah.”

“Well it's like you're a different person now, not caring about others...especially me.”

“Listen I’m sorry but you said it helped so I don't see why were talking about this.”

“Yeah me neither.” I was so mad. What has he become?


During our big number of glee we all wore shirts with things we didn't like about ourselves but we embraced it anyway. I wore a shirt that said, Lucy caboosey. Finn wore one that said, can't dance and Puck said, I’m with stupid and pointed down which was completely accurate.

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