Left alone in my thoughts

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Back at it

When I got into glee club I felt this pressure fall off me. Nobody asked me anything. I saw Finn and Rachel gazing into each other's eyes. Which almost made me throw up. Maybe I still liked Finn. I know he could get me back to being popular.

I went and sat all the way on the end but not in the back but the front. I want to be see. But then I saw him. Puck. He was wearing this brown shirt that showed off his arm muscles like all his shirts do. The mowhawk hadn’t grown back yet but he still looked great. I thought at least he would say something to me. I mean I just had his baby!

But nothing he walked in looked at me and gave me that smirk that he does so well. He sat in the same row as I did but at the other end next to Finn. Since when did they become friends again! Granted there was no empty seats around me but still. I said to myself It's okay Quinn you're over him.

We did this big number in the lunch room outside to get more members. We all thought it went well but apparently nobody else did. I had heard Finn got kicked off the football team. I felt bad for him because I know how that feeling felt. So I decided I should talk to him.

I went looking for him around school but I couldn’t find him. I passed the auditorium and heard him singing some really depressing music. I walked in towards the stage. He had stopped singing and said

“What are you doing here?”

“I heard you getting kicked off the football team.” I walked closer to him.

“Yeah well it doesn’t matter”

“It kind of does. You're not head quarterback so therefore your popularity will go down, and I know how that feels.”

“Quinn maybe popularity isn’t everything to me, like it is for you.”

I was wondering why he was giving me such an attitude. Maybe he was just mad or was it something else.

“Finn I know you you're just like me, you want to be popular. I know Rachel probably doesn’t care if you're on the team or not. I’m guessing she would like it better if you weren't, that way there is a lesser chance you'll leave her.”

“Yeah Rachel doesn’t mind me not being on the team, but she doesn’t even realize I want to be on the team. That besides glee football is all I have.”

At this moment I could have seduced him and made him break up with Rachel but I couldn’t live with myself if I did that. So I said,

“Then you better tell her that. And you better get back on that team”

And so he smiled that big goofy smile and he ran out of the auditorium. And I was left there alone.

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