Left alone in my thoughts

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Oh Jesus

So I heard there was a new quarterback named Sam. I've seen him sometimes in the hall. He has huge lips but is very cute. I should probably talk to him more to get my popularity more up.

That day at glee club Finn suggested we pay tribute to Jesus which was okay for me since I have had a tough year and I turned to God a lot for help and that I would like to say thanks. And of course Santana had to chime in like she always does whenever I say something,but I just tune her out.

Finn then asked Puck if he had a problem with Jesus because he made a face when Mr. Shu suggested we sing about spirituality. Puck said,

“No I have no problem with the guy, I’m a total Jew for Jesus he is my number one heap.” I giggle a little when he said this, he continued

“What I don't like seeing is people using J-money to cramp everyone else's style,

cause it seems to me that true spirituality, or whatever you want to call it,

is about enjoying the life that you have been given.”

When he said that it shocked me. It made me notice that there was more to Puck then what others judged him as or what I have judged him as.

“I mean I see God everytime I make out with a new chick.”

That sounded more like the Puck we all know. He never said that stuff when he was alone with me. But does he only say that kind of stuff to make us all see that he isn't that sensitive? Then Puck got up and started to sing “Only the Good Die Young.” He looked great singing it and he sounded good too. He kept staring at me during it like the song was about me but I didn't mind if it was. At this one verse he walked up to me and I was shocked but then I started to laugh as he gave me smirky smile he does and I started to dance to it.

Ater glee club I was in the hallway and Puck ran up to me and said,

“Hey did you like my song?” He was now in front of me which made me stop walking.

“Yeah it was okay.” I tried to play it off cool.

“Okay? You loved it and I know you did. I saw it.” I giggled a little

“Okay maybe I did so what?”

“Well it was kind of about you.” I was confused.

“How was it about me?”

“You used to be a virgin didn't you.”

“Yeah until some Lima loser knocked me up.” We both laughed. It was nice we could both laugh off the old things. The stuff we said and di to each other before we actually knew each other.

“Hey! You said I wasn't a loser that I was sweet and romantic.” He said this so charmingly.

“I did? It must of been all the hormones.” I laughed but he looked dead serious.

He got closer to me. Close enough to kiss me. “You know you love me.” He smirked and turned to walk away.

Why does he keep leaving me like this. With all these emotions that I don't know what to do with. I don't like Puck. He is just my good friend. Thats all!

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