Left alone in my thoughts

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New kid

So today in glee club Mr. Shu came in and told us that Puck was in juve. That made my heart sink. I asked what he had done. And apparently he drove his moms car into a convenience store and drove off with the ATM. What an idiot.

How could he do this to me! After he said those things to me the other day. He thinks he can just leave. And who knows when he will be back it might be a month or even a year. God he is going to get killed in there. He isn't strong enough for juve even though he might think he is.

Mr. Shu said it was okay because we got a new member, Sam. I’ve heard of this kid like once. He was the quarterback and then he hurt his arm and now Finn is the quarterback.

When he walked in he was cuter than I expected. He might be my ticket to popularity, granted he isn't the quarterback but me being single wasn't doing my reputation any good.

I was walked in the hallway when I saw Sam get slushied. I quickly took him into the bathroom and helped wash his face off. We talked a little. He is a little strange when he started speaking in Avatar langued but he complimented my eyes. Or well he said he did but I don't speak Avatar so who knows.

Later in the day Sam texted me and told me to meet him in the science room to talk about us singing a duet in glee club. He was sweet and very flirty. He showed me how to play the guitar a little bit. Then he leaned in and tried to kiss me. I backed away. Why did I back away?! I told him that this year was about me. I said that I have been down this path before and that I didn't need him. It was all lies. I was making up lies for not wanting to kiss this cute boy that obviously wanted to kiss me. Why would I do that not like there was anyone else.

While I was in the bathroom Rachel came in and told me I should sing with Sam. I wasn't interested until she said that winning this duet competition would raise my reputation in glee club. So of course I couldn't say no. I have to be at the top in everything I do. So I told Sam we were doing the duet together.

So we sang and we were flawless. He looked gorgeous while singing. And we won the dinner at breadsticks! I know that a dinner isn't anything to get excited about but I get to go with Sam which is strangely giving me butterflies because I have never went out with anyone besides Finn. Me and Puck never actually went on a date. Well if you call ordering chinese food at his house and eating it on his bed a date, I call that a normal Tuesday night.

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