Left alone in my thoughts

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Well it's official Sam and I are dating. He is really sweet and it's nice to have someone to be there. We make out sometimes but he always wants to go further, and I’m not ready for that.

When I walked into the glee room Sam and I were holding hands. But then I saw him. Puck. I quickly let go of Sam’s hand and walked to a seat in the back. Sam sat next to me and asked what was wrong I didn't answer him. I was staring at Puck. He looked badass. His mohawk was back and he had his ears pierced. I was really turned on by his bad boy look. Sam leaned over and said is that Puck I tried to say yeah but no words could come out of my mouth so I shook my head. I felt horrible it was obvious Puck had feelings for me and the second he is gone I get another guy. Well its not like he had asked me out or anything. I wasn't going to wait around forever.

Once Mr. Shu sat down he told everyone Puck was back as if we couldn't see him our self's. Puck made thrusting moves toward Artie as if he was going to punch him. He said that all he did in juvie was crack skulls and lift weights. Out of nowhere I said,

“What a catch I can't believe I ever let you go.” I rolled my eyes and Puck looked back at me and looked confused. I only said that to make sure everyone, especially Sam didn't see that I was glad he was back.

I have to be honest he kind of frightened me. Not because of the whole going to juvie thing but because I didn't know what to say to him or how to act around him. I could tell Sam felt threatened by him. I don't blame him Puck would kick his ass if he knew we were dating.

Maybe he already knew maybe he saw Sam and I holding hands. And then I would never have to tell him. But things are never that easy. I'll just have to avoid him.

After glee club I walked to my car with Sam. I'm walking a little in front of him just incase Puck was around. I lean up against my car and told Sam I didn't want him to come over tonight. Sam says okay, but before he leaves he leans in to kiss me but I push him back and say,

"I'm not in the mood."

"Because of Puck." I was shocked that he even noticed. I was more shocked that I let myself be seen troubled about Puck being back.


"Yeah sure, whatever Quinn." And with that he walked away angry. Great.

I got into my car and just sat there. Why did Puck get to me so much. Its not like we were dating.

Then I heard a tapping on my window. It was him. Puck.

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