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Rivals can't possibly fall in love, can they? Enemies fight till their last breath, but will they? Fortune looks like all sorts of trouble. Dark black hair cut short to the neckline of her school shirt, big, lively blue eyes rimmed with long black lashes. She had the kind of face that turned heads whenever she walked past. But some would say it wasn't her face, it was the label 'he' gave her. A Social Outcast. A freak. And he was a King. He had everything it takes to make a girl swoon. The looks: Jet black hair, dark eyes that sought for your soul and a smile so very powerful it could make you fall on your knees and beg. Most of all, he had friends that caused trouble and a lifestyle that called for attention. He was that one rich boy with that bad reputation. He was Azeil McKeon. And the two just despised each other to the point where they couldn't meet eye to eye. Till one day, everything changes. What happens when feelings deeper than hatred get involved? Will Destiny ever change their fates? Can the past ever be forgotten? Forgiven? Can a family on the brink of destruction ever be fixed? More importantly.. Will a sprinkle of magic really do the trick? ~*~

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1| ♡ They say Destiny flows like the rivers tide

Have you ever heard of something called 'Savants'?

I bet you haven't, and that's just how we like it. We hide in plain sight and we pretend to be just like everybody else. That's just how we were thought to act as we grew.

You'd then ask 'Are you not human?'

I am human. Just a little less than everyone else.

Growing up, I asked my mother once too many times "Mommy, tell me about that story!" You could tell I was extremely excited.

"What story honey?" She used to ask me as she wrapped the blanket around me tighter whilst we sat on the couch, my father laughing at something on the tv.

"The one you always tell me before going to bed!" I replied, my voice pitching up higher so that I could be heard over the loud television playing in the background.

"Oh, that one" my mother smiled, before whispering something to my dad which followed by him turning the volume of the tv completely off

"So, once upon a time..." She started in a soft, breezy whisper of a voice.


Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived people, and this people wore exotic feathers and all colours of fur, drank fine wine till the bask of dawn and sang lyrics that bought tears of joy to one's eyes... magical, they were.

They'd build statues and they'd worship gods from those of love to those of war.

There was one Goddess in particular that they all believed in, the goddess of love, they'd call her Aphrodite. It was said they'd hold grand rituals for her and worship her till the moon was nowhere in sight.

She was beloved by many, but there was only one mortal she had ever loved, unfortunately, her love was unrequited as he had eyes for only one other mortal.

His name was forgotten in ancient texts and scriptures, but she remembered.

Savant, the people would call him. He prayed every day to the Goddess of love so that his love for a mortal woman named Calypso would finally be reciprocated.

Aphrodite was devastated by his love for another mortal to be stronger than his love for her. So she cursed him so that he could never be loved by Calypso. She created an invisible string that she attached to his and another stranger's soul, a way for Savant to forget all about Calypso and fall in love with someone else.

The Goddess, however, was once again devastated when she found out that Savant found this stranger that became his soulmate, and they were to soon marry each other. Aphrodite couldn't be happy knowing the two were laughing over wine till this day.

So she persuaded Hymenaios, the god of marriage to not attend their wedding. This was said to doom a mortal's marriage.

She wanted to curse them for their unknown sin.

The act of simply falling in love.

However, Aphrodite's plans failed once again when Anteros, the god of reciprocal love overheard their evil plan, and along with his brother Eros they reunited the lover's souls and made it so that their offsprings will hold the power to always and forever find the other half of their souls, till the last of their lifetimes.

Apparently, Zeus, who watched everything unfold, was so delighted by Savant's love story, he gifted his kind with a power that derived from their passion, and made it so that they could all find their other halves...if not in this lifetime, then the next.


My mother always ended the story with a peck on my forehead, which led to my father holding me to his chest for a few seconds. They always told me "you're the best gift we could ever wish for, Fortune" before going to bed.

I believed them then, but I don't think I can keep holding onto those memories anymore.

Because the part they didn't tell me was a greater kind of hell than the paradise they depicted through their stories.

"And when you don't find that other part of your soul, that other mortal you want to be with so bad, that you can't help but search every corner of this big wide world...if you don't find that other person, you'll have to live in pain for the rest of your life. Till the day you die"

And my parents lied, they tried to be happy, they tried to love each other...but the truth always comes out.

They weren't each other's soulfinders. They were just a mismatched puzzle, and that's why eventually...

They fell apart.

And so did I.

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