NEHL - Jack

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Chapter fourteen


I watched him pull up and I ran outside to meet him. I threw myself into his arms and he swung me around in a circle. God I missed him. We kissed and I was getting warm even though the temperature outside was not.

“Easy baby we got all day and if you keep kissing me like that we won’t make it anywhere.” He said when we finally broke our kiss.

And what was wrong with that? I was getting tired of not being able to be with him physically. But what came out of my mouth was “I like the way you call me baby.”

“Good, Damn I missed you.” He said and I could tell he meant it.

“I missed you too,” I said laying my head against his strong chest.

“We better go before I drag you inside and not let go of you.” He said and I giggled because that was exactly what I wanted him to do.

We got to the zoo and we walked around holding hands and just talking and watching animals and it felt so surreal. I mean I was on a date with my boyfriend. I wasn’t some corporate GM and he wasn’t some sports superstar, we were just two people who were excited to spend time together, and we were.

We concluded our trip around the zoo and I regretted what I was about to ask but I figured it was better to know. “What time do you have to leave?”

“Well that depends,” he said seriously.

“On what,” I asked?

“When do you want me to leave? Coach cancelled practice for tomorrow.” He said smiling down at me.

Oh yeah, easy girl play it cool. “That was nice of him. I guess we have time to go to dinner then.”

He was smiling a really big smile now. “Yeah, Eric is in Buffalo and Cussman is keeping an eye on him, so I don’t need to be back tonight.”

My heart was racing. Was he asking to spend the night with me? We were ready for that, well I was ready that was sure, was that what he was saying.

“So I guess that means we can even have more time after dinner,” I said leaning into him.

“We have all night baby,” he said into my hair.

I sighed with contentment. This was a wonderful day.


“We have all night baby,” I said not wanting to rush her into anything. Then I heard her sigh and I was lost. All I wanted was to hold her in my arms and not let go. I knew it wasn’t exactly realistic with both of our careers, but it didn’t matter, that’s what I wanted.

“Where would you like to eat,” she asked and before I could tell her she said “let me rephrase that, which restaurant known for its meat would you like to eat at?”

“I actually packed a decent set of clothes.” I said smiling already thinking this through. I was wondering if you would like to go to Delmonico’s.”

Delmonico’s was a local favorite for high end dining and they were very good at getting a steak done the right way, if you know what I mean.

“Oh Jack we will never get in, their waiting list is weeks out.” She said into my chest.

“Well to be honest, I made the reservations a couple of weeks ago when I looked at our schedule.” I admitted. “But I didn’t know Coach was going to give us Sunday off. I thought I would have to rush back after dinner.”

“You made reservations for us back then. Well Jack Crabb, you want to actually date me, and not just get in my pants.” She said giggling.

“No I want to do that to, oh shit, I said that, where the hell was my filter.” I said flabbergasted.

She giggled even harder and then she snorted. Oh fuck she was so damn adorable. “Can I tell you a secret?”

“Anything baby,” I said hoping it wasn’t something bad.

“I want you to stay with me tonight,” She said hugging me close and I thought my heart was going to burst

I stopped our progress and looked down at her and her wide open eyes and then I smiled and leaned down and kissed her. Soon I would be kissing her forever.


Wow that man can kiss. He kissed me four more times before and after dinner and now we were going back to my apartment. This was huge for me, I hadn’t been with a man since college and I was visibly nervous but he kept rubbing my back and telling me how wonderful I was.

We got inside the apartment and kicked off our shoes and the nest thing I knew I was in his arms with his lips pressed hard against me. His tongue entered my waiting mouth and we danced as our hands roamed each other’s backs and I felt like I was lost in him.

Well that was until he cupped my ass with his hands and pulled me hard against him. I wanted that so I pushed into him as hard as I could and felt how perfectly our bodies meshed. He was my drug and I was overdosing on him. I needed him and I think he felt the same because we were both tugging on each other’s shirts to get them off.

I wrestled with Jacks shirt long enough that he stopped and tore it off himself and my bare hands were pressed flat against his hard chest. I felt every breath he took as my fingers and palms rubbed his chest and stomach.

My shirt was now lying on the floor beneath us and my bra soon followed. His hands were immediately on my breasts that swelled under his touch. I sighed as he carefully rubbed across my erect nipple making them as hard as they had ever been. I had been waiting for him to touch me like this.

He broke our kiss and his lips began kissing my neck sending jolts of pleasure through me as he followed a line only he could see across my sensitive skin.

My hands dropped to his pants and I quickly unhooked his clasp and unzipped them letting them fold open before me. His boxer briefs were stretched to the breaking point and as I reached down I knew what I would find.

He was hard and ready and oh so wonderful. It had been so long and just touching him like this was making me want him so bad I could feel myself getting wet for him. I wanted him, and I wanted him now.


Maddie dropped to the floor in front of me before I could stop her and she pulled my pants all the way off me. Then she grabbed a hold of my underwear like a woman possessed and pulled them down as well, but she was a little more careful as she did it.

I knew I was hard and from the way I sprang up right in front of her face I bet she knew it as well. I grabbed a handful of her hair as she reached out and grabbed a hold of my length. Oh damn that felt so good. I was on fire, but nothing could prepare me for what she did next. She sunk my entire length into her mouth and slid it back out. Oh fuck.

She hummed as she did it sending little vibrations through me and getting me harder and harder. If she didn’t stop soon it would be too late. “Maddie, I won’t last long.”

She didn’t stop. In fact she squeezed me harder as she continued what she was doing. I grabbed her head with both my hands while running my fingers through her glorious hair. I was on the edge and felt myself tightening.

“Maddie, I’m going to blow.” I found some way of saying even though I was breathless from her constant barrage of treatment.

She just continued and even as I did blow she never stopped and she took me over the edge and back again. When it became so sensitive I couldn’t stand it I reached down and pulled her up by her arms and latched onto one of her breast and began suckling her nipple as she leaned back to give me all the room in the world.

I had her pants unbuttoned now along with getting her zipper down and had a hand buried in the front of her pants. I could return the favor and drive her crazy now, but when my fingers met the wetness of her folds I gave up all pretense of thinking I could tease her since I just wanted to be buried deep inside her now.

I couldn’t remember moving but we were on the couch and I had her pants off and we were both naked and still running hands all over each other. Her moans were becoming more insistent and I buried a finger inside her and found the spot I was looking for.

She screamed as I teased it and I felt her shake beneath me. I held her tight as I continued to slowly rub her sex spot. When she was through with her vibrating orgasm I held her tight but that was not what she wanted.

“I need you inside me now, Cover that thing and hurry.” She demanded and I rushed to comply.

I wanted to be in her just as bad, but was content holding her after as far as we had already come, but she wanted more and I would not deny her. I secured the protection in place and was getting ready to climb on top when she stopped me and turned me over onto my back.

She smiled as she climbed on top of me and positioned herself above me. She had a look of need on her face and as she lowered herself on top of me and buried me all the way inside her we both let out breaths we had been holding. She just left herself all the way down and we both just relaxed and felt the satisfaction of being closer than we had ever been.

After a few minutes to let herself get used to my size she rose up and then went back down. She did that a few times and then looked at me and said. “I haven’t been with anyone in a very long time. Thank you for letting me get used to you, but now I need it, and I want it.”

Then she picked up the pace and began riding me like there was no tomorrow. I let her ride herself into another orgasm but then I needed something to. I took her off me and got behind her and slowly sunk my length into her and with every breath she took I pushed farther and farther in.

I was like an animal with need but I tried to control myself and go slow. She yelled at me then, “I need it hard.” I needed no further instructions and I grabbed onto her waist and began really filling her up. I was moving faster and faster and I felt her contracting with me but I wasn’t there yet and then finally she spoke out “please.”

I erupted and it was the most glorious feeling I had ever had. I controlled the scream that wanted to erupt from my chest but not the feeling that came with it. I continued to release and then finally fell across her back while I breathed out trying to get my breath back.

I finally pulled myself out and took care of the remains and then cuddled up next to her, both of us in our naked forms. I pulled her tight against me and fell asleep wondering if it would be like this forever.

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