NEHL - Jack

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Chapter Twenty-one


It was late by the time we walked through the door of our apartment, and I was convinced that having to be back in Buffalo would make Jack want to get to bed, um, I was wrong.

No sooner did we walk through the door he grabbed me and wrapped me in the biggest bear hug you can imagine. Then he trailed kisses down my neck, and I felt my body starting to respond. Oh god he was making me hot.

“Jack,” I breathed out and he took that as an invitation and captured my mouth in his and let me know once and for all that I was his woman. The way he possessively attacked my mouth spoke of need, and want, and desire, and I lost it.

I wasn’t some submissive to be controlled. I attacked back responding with my need, and want, and my love. Lips were occupied, hands were roaming and clothes were littering the floor as fast as rain drops in the spring.

“Maddie, I want you.” He said and then he did a Jack thing. He picked me up and carried me toward our bedroom.

I was laughing and still trying to kiss him as he walked us toward the small door to the bedroom. He better not hit my head in the doorway. Damn why am I thinking about stuff like that when I should be concentrating on where we are headed.

“Ouch, damn it Jack.” I said grabbing my head. Dumbass did hit me into the door.

“Oh shit baby, I’m so sorry,” he said setting me down and then he began looking all over my head.

I didn’t hit hard it just startled me. I was fine but I let him play at being worried and then I dropped to my knees and took him in my hand.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned out as my lips encompassed all of him and I slid it slowly in and out of my mouth. Damn, he felt so good, and I felt so powerful knowing I could make him feel like this. He was worked up, I could tell, and before I could go to much further he dropped down and grabbed me and led me to the bed.

I could tell you I slipped, but I think he picked me up and threw me on the bed because before I knew it he was on top of me kissing all over me. His lips were now occupied on one of my nipples while his other hand was running across the erect nipple on the other side. It felt so damn good.

Then he placed both hands on my nipples and rubbed them softly and sensually as he dripped kisses down my stomach. Jack was a big man with long arms and before I knew it he was making me moan because his fingers kept going but his lips were on the soft folds between my legs.

I wasn’t a virgin, but I had never had a man take their time with me like he was doing. It was sensual, it was sexy, and it was turning me on so bad. I grabbed his hair as a wave of intense pleasure flowed over me and I screamed.

Finally when it became too much to bear, I pulled him up to me. I just laid there recuperating as he ran his hands very gently over my body letting me regroup. The panty dropper strikes again, I thought as I laid there smiling.


I was glad I could make her smile like that, but it was almost a cynical smile. I wondered if I had done it right, or if I wasn’t giving her all she needed. When she screamed and grabbed my head, I assumed all was good, but I was feeling a little insecure now seeing that smile.

I kept running my hands over her flawless skin just amazed that this beautiful, cute, funny woman chose me. I mean, I wasn’t going to give up, but I was still glad she did pick me.

All of a sudden she pushed me on my back and climbed on top of me. She was perfect looking at me the way she was straddling my body waiting to lower her down. She waited, and just looked at me. She was driving me crazy with her body poised like that and then not lowering herself.

Then she reached down and grabbed me and held me in her hand. She stroked me a few times, watching my face as she did, and she watched me intently. I was getting really worked up and I didn’t want her to wait any longer.

“Maddie, please,” I begged.

She lowered herself down on me a fraction of an inch at a time. It was miraculous and excruciating all at the same time. I just wanted to thrust myself deep into her but I could tell by the way she watched me that wasn’t an option. She was testing me or something and I had to be a good boy and lay here and take it like a man, poor me.

I was fully inside her and could feel the heat we both generated and she left herself there, and from the look on her face, I could tell it was where she wanted to be. I needed more I needed movement but I wouldn’t, I would wait.

Then she slowly raised herself up, and then back down. I had never needed her so bad until this moment she was driving me absolutely fucking crazy. She just kept going slowly and I could feel myself building. Even going at this speed I wouldn’t last long.

“Baby, I’m not going to last much longer.” I said trying to let her know. I wanted to pleasure her again and like this I didn’t know if she would be able to orgasm.

“Whenever you need to let it go,” she said like it was a challenge.

Oh fuck, I couldn’t keep holding off. I thought about minor league stats, I thought about the files of players we had been looking at, I thought about every possible fucking thing I could think of to hold off from erupting but her body and the way she was slowly driving me insane was still building.

“Jack, I’ve been having an orgasm for a while,” she panted out as she still only rode me slowly.

Fuck, it was her words that drove me the last few heartbeats before I erupted with a shout. When I did I grabbed her hips and pulled her down tight against me. Her warmth, her smile, her need were all on exhibition and I loved every second of it, and wanted all of it.

We lay curled in each other’s arms just holding each other. It had gotten to be later than I thought and we were both drowsy. The last thing I remember saying was that I loved her and then I was asleep.


He looked enticing and adorable at the same time. How he could still be asleep was amazing me since I had been up for an hour. If this is what happened to him when we had a slow session I would have to save it for weekends, I thought to myself laughing out loud.

“I really hope it’s not my naked body you are laughing at,” a voice from the bed said.

“I was just thinking how adorable you look. You are just so cute,” I said giggling.

“Woman, when I can, I am going to make you regret those words.”

“Ahh, does the big bad wolf need to catch his breath, before he can blow my house down.” I giggled again.

“Maddie,” he said and I ran back in the other room where I had breakfast all made. If he couldn’t handle the teasing then he should get up and do something about it. Of course the twitching in my lower region was agreeing with that thought.

He stumbled out and he even put underwear on before he did, and I thought that was actually a shame, he did have such a perfect body. “Now look, calling a professional hockey player adorable is, oh breakfast.”

Yup, big tough hockey player, see’s food and drops to the table like a pig to a trough.

“Oh sausage, I love this flavor.” He remarked and all thought s of punishing me were pushed aside.

“You, sir, need to get ready soon. We want to have plenty of time to get to Buffalo.”

He turned and looked at the clock. “Holy shit, I didn’t realize it was so late,” then like all boys, he began shoveling food in his mouth. I would have chastised him but we really did need to get going soon, so I just concentrated on watching him.

He really was a gorgeous man and I felt so lucky to have him. He was more than that though; it was his little qualities, like Haley, and putting her before his career. It was his big qualities like me, and putting me first. I just couldn’t believe that someone could love me enough in such a short amount of time, and be willing to give everything up for me.

Of course he had beaten me to it, because I was willing to do the same thing for him, so I smiled that we were alike in so many ways.

“I need a shower, are you all set.” He asked looking me over.

And in some ways we were definitely not alike. “I am all set sleepy head. Take your time; we still have some time left.”

He made some kind of noise and headed for the bathroom. Of course maybe those qualities where we weren’t alike were like that for all men and women.

I was already through taking care of things when he emerged back out of the bathroom refreshed and more awake then when he went in and I could see the little devil wondering how much time we really had.

“We don’t have that much time,” I said stopping him before he could get started.

“See you were thinking the same thing,” he said stalking toward me.

“Haley,” I said and his movement stopped and his eyes focused and he was back to concerned mode again.

“Right,” he said looking at his watch. “We still have time and I want to grab that ice cream. Are you ready baby? Is it alright to miss work today?”

“Yeah, I called my boss and she said it was fine,” I said smirking.

“Smart ass, fine, let’s get going. I can’t wait to get this over with. That poor girl needs to have something to look forward to.”

“I was thinking when she gets feeling better, we can take her and her family out to dinner somewhere, you know, like a reward for being so brave or something, her choice.” I said.

“That’s fine, but if she picks McDonalds I will come unglued. I want a good sit down meal, not fast food.” Jack piped up.

“Jack Crabb, you will eat wherever that precious girl picks and you will like it.” I said to him in my firm voice.

He grabbed me and began kissing me. “Yes maim, I always liked that school teacher voice. You know, I do have this fantasy,” and before he could finish I was giggling so hard I couldn’t hear the rest.

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