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Chapter Eight


I shouldn’t have left so quickly last night but I had homework to do. My new goal, get to the bigs with the kid. Get to the bigs, get the girl, pretty straight forward plan.

The Blizzard is last in the division and we are losing attendance faster than a ten nothing blowout. They would pull the kid up, at least for a game to give the fan base hope. My goal was to keep him up there, and stay there with him.

I was up all night coming up with names and strategies for player personnel. Trust me this was not what I envisioned as a player. It seemed like I was doing more coaching than playing, but if I wanted the girl this was what I had to do.

I sent Maddie a text and told her I was ready when she was. Practice was over and I wanted to get the ball rolling, yeah I know, wrong sport. I had a line that was all young players like Eric and they could easily turn into a front line for the NEHL in a year.

The problem was I didn’t know if their teams would part with them. We had one in our system, he was good, not as good as Eric, but I didn’t need him to be. He was fast and I see him as a dump the puck and follow kind of player. Now I had to find the right two guys to out with him and I think I did it.

I walked into the conference room again and wasn’t surprised to see Mr. Green there. He was turning into my chaperone for better or worse but I didn’t care it might make this work faster.

“What have you got my boy,” he asked as soon as I walked in the door.

“How about a player that is already in the system, we just need to find the right pieces to fit around him. I need a young freak with a good wrist shot and someone like me with some heft who can stand guys up going both ways. Let’s find young guys and we will train them and have them ready for the next step.”

“Who is our guy?” Maddie asked pulling out roster reports.

“Victor Michook, you drafted the kid last year fourth round, and he stayed in Europe. He is actually a better draft than the two above him, and with the right two players beside him, I see a first line going forward to replace the kids.” I brag out.

“Why are we replacing Eric?” Maddie asked concerned.

“The kid is going to the bigs Maddie. This is my entire reason for helping put these lines together.” I said not taking anything away from helping her but my goal was to be with her.

“And you are going with him?” She asked, not upset, just like she was in a need to know stage.

“That’s the goal as well. For me to move on to the next stage in my life Mr. Green here has made it clear that I need to impress enough to be in the bigs.” I said still giving Mr. Green a look like I was not happy with him relationship blocking me.

“Right now we all want things, and what I want is this organization to turn around and start winning. I need your twos help to do that. If this all works out we all win, and we all get what we want.”

“I’ll get on the phone with Michook’s agent and see what we can do.” Maddie said not really happy about her role.

“No, I know his agent I will make that call. You stay here and work a way to get me those two other players. We haven’t a lot of time, so let’s make this fast.” Green said getting up and taking his cell phone out as he went into his private office.

“Here’s the names of the other players that will work and even in the tandems that we will work with. If we can’t get the entire grouping we need to move on. Some of these guys will not work together and we need this as smooth as we can manage, not everyone is a team player like myself.” I said trying to get a smile out of her.

She didn’t smile. Hell she wasn’t even looking at me. I know what was said in the boardroom the other day had gotten to her. I needed her to know. “Maddie, I’m doing this so there is no more restrictions. I want to be with you.”

I poured my heart out. She must have heard it in my voice because she looked up. “What about the other woman?” She asked quietly.

“Maddie, there is no other woman. I was talking about you. Mr. Green knows, he figured it out, and laid it all out for me. I can’t see you while we are both here in this organization. I need to get promoted or traded. To be honest, if I get promoted I am a hell of a lot closer to you, so that’s my goal.”

“So, you want to be with me?” She asked me and she seemed scared.

“Are you kidding? You are all I can think about. I will do whatever I can to be with you. I even was going to quit and ask for a job as a scout. Maddie listen to me, I want you in my life. I will make that happen one way or another.” I said so convincingly that she looked shocked.

“Ok,” she said unsure. “We only just met, but you seem so sure, how?”

“One day I picked up a hockey stick, I knew. You’re my hockey stick.”

She laughed. She finally laughed. “So, I’m a stick?”

“Well you know, that’s not what I mean, it’s just you are everything and I just know.” I said still searching for the words to make her see but she still had that smile on her face.

“If you two are done, Victor will be here in a week. Get me my two other players.” Mr. Green said from the door. He has the worst timing, I swear he plans it.

“Yes sir,” I said giving her a look that I hoped would melt her heart and then I took off before he could chastise either one of us.


I would pay any amount of money to have him look at me like that again. That look right there was the ultimate panty dropper. He said he wanted to be with me and when a guy like Jack Crabb says he wants to be with you, well, you know it.

“Quit daydreaming Maddison and find me two players to go with Victor.” Mr. Green said from his doorway to his office. “I have a call to make and I will see how you are doing in a bit.”

He shut his door a little too loudly so I knew he wasn’t happy and he must have heard what Jack said to me, but, I didn’t care. Jack wanted me, and if getting him to Buffalo would let us be together then that was what we were going to do.

It was three hours and forty phone calls later and I had two combos’ that were within reach. They were all young guys just starting out and within reach as long as the price wasn’t too high.
“Ok, what have you got?” Mr. Green said coming out of his office.

“Two combo’s Jack said will work are available. I never started right out with their names and even had a few of the ones we wanted offered if we were willing to trade. I think we can do this.” I said excited.

“Did Jack give you the list of who we could give up from this squad?” He asked and I felt a little weird about what I was going to say.

“He gave me a list from this squad, and the Blizzard.” I said sheepishly.

“The Blizzard, well a little full of himself isn’t he. Let me see the lists.” He said and I handed them over. He looked at them quite extensively and his mouth began working with no words coming out. I couldn’t tell if he was pissed or happy.

“I need to call my father.” He said jumping up and running to his office. He hadn’t even looked at my lists.

Another half hour went by and he came out still on the phone. “Maddie, your lists?”

I handed him my lists quickly and he went back into his office. I knew it got busy for teams like ours this time of year so I stayed and kept looking at other options we may be able to pursue.

Mr. Green stuck his head out. “Maddie go home. Call Jack, full board meeting tomorrow morning here at eight. I want him there.”

He was back inside as quickly as he had come out. I took care of a few things and left. I called Jack on my way out the door.

“Hey you,” he said instead of saying hi or hello. I smiled at that.

“Hey back,” I said feeling like I was in highschool again. “Boss wants the board in his office tomorrow at eight.”

“Well you have fun with that,” he said laughing.

I laughed back. “Hate to break it to you dreamboat, but you’re on the board, if it wasn’t for you, it would have been later but he doesn’t want to mess with practice.”

“Dreamboat huh, so you think I’m dreamy?”

I giggled. Yup high school all over again. I kind of liked it though. “Yeah, I might like you a little bit.”

“Just a little huh?” He said seriously. “I will have to try harder to make sure you like me a lot.”

I was getting warm now, ok, maybe not high school. “What are you going to do?”

“You remember that kiss?”

Oh yeah I might remember that kiss. That kiss was like wow. “Maybe, it was so long ago.”

He growled in the phone. “I will give you more than a kiss to remember,” he said talking sexier than I had ever heard him. I was twitching down below.

I giggled again from the nerves. “What are you going to give me?”

“Really, you want to play this game. Oh little girl you are so messing with fire.”

“Am I going to get burned,” I said sexy back to him.

“Fuck this, I’m quitting, I can’t take waiting any longer.” He said and I got scared.

“No, you can’t quit. I’ll be good I promise,” I said quickly.

“I don’t want you to be good. Damn it I want you to be so bad. I can’t stand it any longer. I want you now.”

“Jack, no, you are not giving up your dream for me, I won’t let you.”

“I have a new dream Maddie, and you are it. I could give a shit about anything else.”

Oh how I loved hearing that I wouldn’t be the one to take this away from him. “No Jack, stick with your plan and we will see it through. Now get something to eat take a shower and get some sleep. Mr. Green will probably have you working more than Coach will tomorrow.”

“Anything I eat will have no taste, a shower will have to be cold, and my sleep will be of dreams of you Maddie Maddison.” He said into the phone.

I think that was the worst lines he had said so far but I wouldn’t dare call him on it because he might come over and prove me wrong right in front of Eric. “I’ll see you tomorrow Jack, and don’t worry, I will be dreaming of you too.”

I hung up still thinking about all that he had said and where we could go from here. It was amazing to think about that a man I had just met was literally sweeping me off my feet like this, but he was, and I was lost to him.

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