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Erin had spent her entire life surrounded by family and friends. They would all come together every week and have their weekly family picnic. Book 2 of Alpha Kian There has been peace in their pack for as long as she can remember. Her father King Kane rules from the middle and Alpha Kyle and Alpha Jack helped ruled each from the South and Northern side of the border. Her life was anything but normal with the number of children coming in and out of her house, and the fact that she had more 'Aunts and Uncles' than most people were lucky enough to have. What happens when on her 20th birthday she finds her mate, and he is no other than Liam Alpha Jacks' 29-year-old son. How will she adapt when she has to move three hours away from her family and friends to live with him, and only him? And what if things in the land are not as peaceful as she thought?

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Chapter 1

“Mom! Evan ate my gummies again!!” I woke up to Eva screaming. I looked at the time and saw that it was 8.

“Evan you owe her two packs now you know my rules on candy!” My Mom said which made me laugh. I got out of bed and out my brown hair in a bun. I went into my closet and put on a pair of jeans and a random sweatshirt and made my way downstairs.

I saw that my Dad was reading some files, and drinking coffee. My mom was cooking breakfast, and Emma who was now 18 was helping her. Evan who was 17 and our littlest sister Eva who was 15 were bickering as usual. My older brother Ethan who was 21 was probably taking a nap. Once he had turned 18 he had started training every morning and night with the pack warriors.

My father was King Kane and he was in charge of all of the Alphas. We lived in the middle of all of the packs and next door to us were my parent’s best friends and all of ours.

Directly on the left of us were Aunt Lilac Uncle Luke and their children Joe, Sophie, Jason, and Charlie who were 20,19,18, and 17.

On the right, there were Aunt Addy and Uncle Jase and their children George, Jazz, and Mila who were 22, 19, and 16. George had found his mate two years ago. Her name is Kylie and she was a sweetheart. They had moved a town over so he could be a protector over there.

Next to Aunt Addy was Uncle Kam and Aunt Jules. Both of their children May and Easton who were 25 and 22 had found their mates. May was mated to Jason and they had moved four towns over and started a family together. Easton had moved two towns down because his mate Violet was a doctor there.

Alpha Kyle and Luna Lucy had moved to the furthest town which was six towns south to watch over the southside of the kingdom. They visit every few years and they have a daughter Jane who is 19 and a son Daniel who is 15.

Alpha Jack and Luna Kerry live six towns to the North and their son Liam will take over once he meets his mate. He will be 29 this year, which is pretty old to have not found his mate. Although it is not impossible seeing as my father was around that age when he met my mother.

I had turned 20 six months ago but had to wait to look for my mate until the mating ball. We throw it once a year and everyone 20 years and older are invited to go and try to find their mates. My brother didn’t find his mate last year and was anxiously waiting for his chance to meet his mate and take over as Alpha King.

If we live in the same town as our mate once they are both over the age of 20 they will be able to find each other. Each town is about a 30-minute drive to each other. With the number of people in each town it is hard to find our mates which is why we throw this ball.

“Goodmorning Family!” Charlie said as she walked into the house. She was best friends with Eva and she took a seat next to her. Jason showed up not too far behind and so did Joe and Sophie. Ethan came downstairs looking half asleep before nodding at Joe.

Jason Evan and Emma were all really close with each other and they all liked to do athletic stuff. Sophie, Jaz and I were all best friends as well and we all would prefer to read or do something quiet together. Eva, Charlie, and Mila were all best friends and they were obsessed with movies shopping and your typical teenage girl stuff. Ethan had been close with Easton, George, and Joe but since two of the four had moved it was just Ethan and Joe now.

Every Saturday morning all the kids would gather at one house, and every Sunday afternoon we threw a picnic all together. This Saturday it was our house’s turn.

“MEC is back!!” Mila screamed as she ran into the house taking a seat with Eva and Charlie. Jaz walked in behind her rolling her eyes. She came over and joined Sophie and me at the table.

Ethan and Joe sat towards the far end of the table on one side of my dad. Emma Evan and Jason all helped my mom put the plates on the table and my mom sat on my Dad’s left side. I sat next to Joe and Sophie and Jaz sat next to me. Emma, Evan, and Jason sat next to my mom. Eva, Mila, and Charlie all sat on the other end.

“Hold hands,” My mother told us sternly as we grabbed each other’s hands.

“Thank you, Goddess of the Moon for our powers, our families and friends. We thank you for the strength you give us and pray that you keep each one of us healthy and well,” My Dad said. Then my mom looked at all of us smiling.

“Dig in,” she said before it was a free for all. Everyone was grabbing food and before we knew it our plates were full and no more food was left. We all ate in silence and then my father started to talk.

“Tonight is the ball as you all know, this year Ethan will be returning, also Erin and Joe will be invited to find their mates. They also will be able to choose what Jobs they want to do and what town they would like to move to. We hope you find everything you are looking for,” My Dad said grabbing my Mom’s hand as tears filled her eyes.

“Mom, don’t cry,” I said groaning.

“Well, we know your Mate isn’t in this town so you may have to move,” she said wiping her tears.

“I am not going anywhere,” I said, giving her a smile.

“You are your mother’s daughter,” she said smiling back at me.

“Now go get ready, the ball starts at 12,” she said.

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