The Warrior King

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He leans in until his lips are brushing my ear and a shiver runs down my spine. "I think you know who I am" he says in a hushed tone. "It's him, it's him!" My wolf yells in my head. I suck in a breath and my heart is racing out of my chest. "Say it" he whispers seductively in my ear. "Say my name." "Z-Zander" I say in a voice so low I wonder if he even heard it. I feel a smile growing across his face and my wolf begins to howl. I gasp as I throw my head back and look at his face, my eyes wide in shock. "Mate." I say and he nods before his lips find mine once again. ---------------------- Zander Knight has been King for 150 years and he's been doing what needs to be done to keep his people safe, remaining hidden. When his mate, he never thought he'd find, finally comes into the picture he has to make a choice between loving her and going to war. *Warning: Contains some strong language and mature scenes*

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Nicola's POV

Deep breath in, slow breath out...

I look through my scope at the circular target 350 yards down range. I pause as I let the last of the air out of my lungs and steady the crosshairs on the center of my target.


I stare at bullet hole I made in my target that's a half inch high and an inch left of the center.

"Come on Black my grandma has better aim than that!" Cameron says as he smirks down at me.

"Fuck off Garrison, who even let you on the range anyway?" I say back and I load another bullet into the chamber trying to suppress a grin.

Cameron Garrison has been one of my closest friends ever since I joined the kingdom's ECHO Division. This is the kingdom's special operations force, made up of the most elite warrior werewolfs. Everyone in the division has some trace of Lycan blood making them stronger and older than the normal werewolfs. Some of these warriors have been in the division for over 50 years, making their knowledge, experience, and skill level incomparable. Though I do have Lycan bloodlines, I am no warrior. I'm the pack's weapons specialist.

Now don't get me wrong I can hold my own in a fight, but that's only because I've been in the Division for years and have been given some training by a few of the warriors. Most of them are like brothers to me and being that I'm a female, they want me to be able to defend myself if something were to ever happen.


I fist pump the air and then proceed to flick Cameron off as I look at my perfect shot. Bullet hole straight through the center.

Cameron just laughs at me as he shakes his head and walks away.

"Nicola Black!"

"Yes Beta Kane?" I respond as the Beta, Kane Betters, approaches me.

"How are the new guns coming along?"

"Great! We ended up switching the metal from regular carbon steel to titanium. This means that we've managed to drop the weight by 18% without sacrificing-"

"Great" he cuts me off in my overly excited ramble "and we're still on for tomorrow at 0800 to introduce them into the training program with the warriors?"

"Yes Beta"


Beta Kane has always been short and to the point. He wants the best for ECHO, no excuses. He's really not a bad guy, he just has so much work to get done that he doesn't really have time for nonsense.

ECHO belongs to the alpha king and is in charge of protecting the security and safety of the werewolf species. Once in a while, a platoon will ship out to one of the packs to handle internal conflicts but other than that ECHO hasn't had the need to deploy and go to war since it's been established.

More than 150 years ago the world was a terrible place for a werewolf. They were hunted, captured, and tortured. Children were stolen in the middle of the night and sold into slavery by the fae. Entire packs were slaughtered and wiped off the map. Numbers slowly dwindled until out of 31 packs, only 12 remained. Then the day came when one of the Alphas stepped up to put an end to our torture. Zander Knight.

Zander united the remaining 12 packs to fight against the fae. The battle between the two kingdoms was a brutal and bloody one. After 8 long months of constant battle, Zander and the fae king, Jullian, finally faced off on the battle field. Fae against werewolf. The whole world seems to stop and watch as the two fought. Everyone knew that only one man would walk away from this and the event was going to change history.

Zander killed Jullian by ripping out his throat and claiming victory over the war. Since then, the fae and werewolves have lived in peace and Zander took the thrown as the Alpha King over the werewolves while Jullian's heir, Rand, became the new fae king.

Zander later established the ECHO Division so that if history repeated itself, we would be ready.

Stories have been told that after the war Zander went crazy and locked himself in the pack castle to prepare for the next war. Some say he gave up fighting completely and we away to live in exile. The truth is that no one really knows where he is or what he looks like since he hasn't been seen for over 100 years. No one except for his beta and gamma of course and they won't tell a soul about him. Trust me, people have tried.

There are rumors about him. About what he looks like, where he is, his personality. Most say he has jet black hair and grey eyes with a scar down the side of his face from his fight with Jullian. That he's strong and powerful, twice the size of all the other alphas since he's the closest pure blood Lycan that exists today. They say that he has no Luna, all this time without finding a mate has made him go crazy and that's why he hides away. Some even say that there actually is no alpha king and that he died a long time ago, but I think that rumor is complete bullshit.

I know he's around, I can just feel it. There's always a hum of power through the air that strengthens us all as one pack. Many are upset that the alpha king hasn't been seen in so long. They think he doesn't care about his people. I just don't understand why he doesn't come out and he says hidden. We could be so much stronger if our leader was here alongside his people. And if he truly doesn't have a mate then why would he hide and not try to find her? Maybe he has gone crazy.

He's got to be close to 200 years old and most find their mate at 21, though the ones with Lycan blood sometimes take longer. I haven't found my mate yet but I'm still only 25. Plus, I have plenty to keep me busy so not finding my mate yet isn't a big deal. Well at least it isn't a big deal to me. My wolf on the other hand seems to be a little irritated and it shows in our training.

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