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Everything happens for a reason, right? That was what Melissa thought until everyone turned their backs on her, or so she thought. Phoenix King, the bad boy everyone turned away from. Will both of their incidents be close? Or will they turn from each other?

Romance / Drama
Dakota Byron
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Chapter 1

It's crazy how people can change so fast. You can have best friends for years and they can pretend you were never there.

The only thing that catches me is that the family is the same, they can get away from you.

It hurt. Only by mistake can people hate you.

It was on my sixteenth birthday, I was driving with my little sister and we crashed into a tree. I survived but she was not as lucky as me.

That was a week ago. My parents don't look me in the eye anymore and my friends, well, I don't think they can consider them as friends anymore.

School is no longer the same. I sit alone at lunch, the teachers do not choose me to answer questions and everyone ignores me.

That is the luck that I have well. people who say it's my fault my sister died. I got home from school and, as always, my parents avoid eye contact.

"Hi mom, do you need help with dinner? So I finished work at lunch." I say putting my backpack on the kitchen chair. "I think you have done enough." She says keeping her back to me. At this point, I snapped at him because he was done with nucleation. "I think you forget that this is hard for me too, mom! It wasn't you who killed her! I was, this is the moment I need you the most and you can't even look me in the eye!" I scream as the tears fall by my face.

When I yelled that out, she turned to me in surprise.

Hey, sorry, I know it was hard for you too, come over here. I really need help with dinner," she says, trying to make up for the entire week by ignoring me. "No, I have done enough, right? I say running towards my room, tears fall from my eyes.

I cried myself to sleep that night and didn't go to school the next day.

"Melissa, can you come down to the kitchen please?" says my dad knocking on my door. I put on some makeup to hide the fact that I was crying all night, changed my clothes, and went downstairs. and I was surprised by what I saw, all my friends were sitting in the kitchen.

"What are they doing here?"

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