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A quadruple hybrid tries to get through magic high school. But it's harder than it looks to seem normal in a school where no one is. A demon vampire who won't stop until he knows what she is, a headmaster who's terrified by her, and a worldwide threat are things Retra definitely doesn't need. And she thought her only teenage problem would be trying to keep her mom from nagging her about getting a boyfriend.

Romance / Fantasy
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Magic high school. Some Harry Potter type shit if you ask me. JK Rowling seriously got some shit for writing a book so close to actual magic high schools.

Not quite accurate but closer than any of the powerful people in the supernatural world wanted.

After all, this is a school to teach us how to control our powers and protect ourselves.

Colorful bands decorated some students. These students are from confrontational bloodlines if the bands were black and red bands if they were dangerous.

Students with black bands rarely lacked a red band. But anyone without a red band is generally mocked. The red and black bands protect people without bands so they know not to mess with people who might hurt them.

In theory at least.

On to bloodlines. Bloodlines are very important, hybrids and parts never truly exist. Your most powerful bloodline will either take over completely or if you’re very lucky your bloodlines will merge.

Instead of hybrids they’re called fusions.

We’re generally more powerful than supernatural people who only have a ‘pure’ bloodline. These fusions are given names and analyzed for abilities so they can be classified along ‘pure’ bloodlines like vampire or werewolves or whatever.

It’s impossible to be a percentage that is uneven. You can have all parts ⅓ but not 25% 25% and 50%. You can’t have that because either one will dominate or they will all blend together.

“Retra Greves to the headmaster’s office, Retra Greves to the headmaster’s office for further testing of your bloodline.” A female voice announced through the halls.

Why couldn’t she ask just me? I waded through the sea of students, some human-looking, others far from it.

Head held high and blood-red hair swishing I walked through the crowd. My hair and eyes came from my mom. White hair (which I dyed red) and purple eyes are telltale signs of witches.

My mom was a fusion bloodline and so was my father. Surprisingly both of their fusion bloodlines were compatible. I had a mixture of vampire beauty and succubus beauty. My looks hardly hint at the vampire, I look like a vampire witch fusion and nothing else.

My powers however are, special. This far beyond normal fusion is the reason I am currently heading to the headmaster’s office.

The most people usually got to is a three mixture fusion. After that something takes over or you become unstable and die.

“Lovely seeing you dear,” the office lady greeted. I nodded heading straight into Mr. Jed’s office.

“Retra, nice to see you.” The principle, Mr. Jed, greeted.

He was a slightly buff man with black hair and eyes. He looked around thirty but for all I know he could be 1000.

“Good morning. What do you want me to do today?” I asked politely.

“We already tested your fire elemental and witch side. We need to test your vampire and succubus,” he said.

“Yes sir,” usually the testing process takes a day or two. This is the third day of my testing process.

“I just need you to do some simple tests. A quick test before and after blood and two tests for your succubus side,”

“Yes sir,”

“Good, follow me Retra,”

We walked from his office down the hall with everyone parting like water. The headmaster of a supernatural school is always no one to be messed with.

I’m not sure what Mr. Jed is but I’m not keen on finding out.

We walked into a practice room filled with water. Usually a practice room filled with water is for water affinities but at this point I’m sure it’s to make sure I don’t go haywire and light things on fire.

He pulled a stopwatch from his pocket. This pocket watch is probably the fanciest and most accurate type there is. It didn’t count minutes but up to four decimals for seconds.

“Just run from one end of the room to the other.” He explained.

This is a feat in itself. The room is huge. Even a vampire would take a full two seconds to cross it at top speed.

I jogged from one end of the middle of the room to the wall in my left. Jogged is a word used loosely in the magic world.

“Start when I say. Start!”

I pushed off from the wall as hard as I could which is pretty damn hard.

It took me three steps from one end of the room to another. As soon as I hit the wall a small beep sounded from the stopwatch.

“1.43 seconds give or take. I wouldn’t let anyone know how strong you are unless you want to deal with people trying to suck up to you or blackmail you forever. Try to use a little restraint in front of others,” he advised smiling. He almost seemed proud, and I wouldn’t doubt he is since he was headmaster when my mom went here and they’ve kept in touch.

My mom and dad said the same thing. The headmaster is the only one in the entire school that knows everything about my bloodline and he knows most of my powers.

I nod sincerely at him.

He held out a small flask of blood. I took it and smelled it gingerly. It smells like rabbit blood. My favorite. Every time a vampire drinks blood they grow monumentally stronger for a few moments and slightly stronger for, well, eternity.

I tipped the small vile into my mouth and jogged to one side of the practice room feeling my eyes change color. When some races use their powers they have an eye color change. Mine go from violet to fiery red. This is from both my fire elemental race and my vampire side.

Energy flowed through me and an almost predatory feeling took over.

“S-start!” The headmaster’s voice shook and I didn’t notice how afraid he was.

To scare a headmaster is something near impossible. And if I was in a mood to notice I would have been shocked.

But I shot off like a bullet, fangs popping out of my mouth and black wings straining against my shirt, I crossed the room in two steps.

I rolled my shoulders in the uncomfortable white button-down shirt our school issues. Black skirts or pants are also part of the uniform we wear everywhere besides our dorms.

The uniforms limit any harmful magic we might try to use. Or more accurately any ill-intended magic we use.

“43.9 seconds,” he breathed out. I’d more than halved my time, I turned to look at him finally noticing how pale he looked. This only served to annoy me.

The black and red bands around my arms were proof my bloodline is a short-tempered one. Little flames around me flickered to life. The water in the room froze.

When my bloodline fused I became able to use all elements instead of just one.

Mr. Jed looks terrified. Taking a deep breath I dropped my powers and though my eyes still glowed the water melted and the flames flicker out. My wings recede into my back. Waves of ‘charm’ that I hadn’t noticed stopped and I calmed down.

Vampires and succubus both lure prey with their looks and ‘charm’.

“I’m calm now,” I said smiling lightly.

“R-right,” he stuttered.

I pushed any remaining predatory feelings down and smiled lightly instead of maliciously.

A light knock sounded at the door. A woman holding a black cat walked through the door smiling at me. I smiled back at her. She was obviously a staff member and if I had to guess had a partially vampiric bloodline.

“Thank you for helping me with this,” Mr. Jed smiled at her and I think I saw her swoon a little.

She just nodded and I stared curiously at the headmaster.

“I want you to use your charm on her,” Mr. Jed ordered taking the cat from her and holding it gently.

Confused I used witch energy to find her bloodline and succubus energy to find her sexuality. He brought me a real challenge. She’s straight and a pure vampire, vampires are nearly immune to any charms because they have one themselves.

Most people no matter their bloodline couldn’t charm her. Or seduce her if we’re being honest about what my task is.

I smiled almost apologetically as I turned to her.

I focused on letting waves of seduction and charm wash over me. With all my usual grace I approached her.

Her breath hitched and she watched in an almost awestruck way. Lust formed in her eyes and when I reached to hold her hand in one hand and cup her face with the other she looked like she might faint.

“What’s your name, beautiful?” I asked caressing her face. My charm works better with skin contact.

“Ellie,” she breathed.

“What a beautiful name, perfect for such a beautiful woman,” I praised.

“Thank you,” she blushed looking away from me.

“Look at me,” she took no time following my request. That’s when I knew I had her. “Kiss me,”

She did. It was an almost mindless action.

I stopped any of her energy from siphoning to me. I didn’t want to take any energy from her even if she would recover it. I don’t need more strength and I have to be cautious when I strengthen myself because it’s easy to lose control of my bloodline.

Mr. Jed coughed letting me know the test was over. I separated from her turning off my charms and we both look a little embarrassed. I finally felt my eyes change back to normal.

“You truly are something,” the headmaster praised. “One more test, we only need a rough estimate to place you in classes.”

“Yes sir, what would you like me to do?”

“I want to see if your blood has succubus traits and witch traits.” He said handing me the black cat.

When witch’s blood touches an animal that animal becomes a familiar, a magic animal that the witch can understand and ask for help with spells. But familiars though powerful are also finicky. Should your familiar be upset with you it may refuse to help you.

Succubus blood however makes it so you can’t disobey the succubus whose blood you touched. It’s capable of making anyone a mindless devoted follower.

“I’m permitted to have a familiar?” I questioned.

“I can’t let you get blood on a person, this is a good way to test things and familiars can help with control.” Mr. Jed explained.

I nodded in understanding. It’s not entirely clear why familiars help with control and power. A popular theory though is that animals have a high capacity for magic and having a bond with them absorbs excess energy or lets you borrow more if you need it.

The small black cat meowed at me. I’ve always loved black cats, even if they are stereotypes.

“Will you be my familiar? I promise to protect and take care of you in return,” I vow. Most animals can understand human languages but can’t respond.

Now witches can understand any animal, but it requires constant energy. A familiar is much easier to understand and not focus on.

“I will be your familiar, you seem powerful and it’s always best to stick to strong people.” A small but noble voice spoke in my mind.

I smiled brightly listening to him purr.

“I have to prick my finger and put a small amount of blood on you. When I use magic my eyes will change color to red. A small magic chain will appear around your neck from my heart, the chain isn’t real and can’t hurt you it’s just a representation of my magic. This is all normal so you don’t need to be scared,” I prepared him.

He nodded and I brought my finger up to my fangs. I let my fangs out and pricked my finger letting a drop form. The cut sealed almost immediately but I brought my finger to the cat before magic started going.

This requires no effort from me. It just kind of happens. The little chain I warned the cat about came out of my heart and looped around his neck.

“What’s your name?” I asked petting the cat.

“Sebastian,” the cat answered.

I also find this so painfully stereotypical.

“Part of the test was to see if you are affected by the other parts of my bloodline, try to resist my command.”


“Scratch me.” What am I supposed to tell a cat to do?

His paw reached out and his claws racked through my skin.

“I am so sorry!” he said walking over to my arm to look at it.

“No hard feelings, at least that question is answered.” I smiled petting him as my arm seals over.

“Interesting. I think I can figure out what classes to put you in by tomorrow.”

“That’s good,” I currently don’t have any classes. I was just in the hallway with everyone because I was going to the vending machine. I really wanted a soda.

“You’re dismissed, thank you for the cooperation. I’ll meet with you tomorrow before classes for your schedule and so we can name your bloodline.”

I did a curtsey and walked out with Sebastian following me. I walked through the halls which were nearly empty except for the few students with no classes right now that weren’t in their dorms or the commons.

I walked to the vending machine and inserted a regular dollar. The machine took both regular money and magic money since it sells human drinks and magic drinks.

“Let’s go, Sebastian,” I pulled a Sprite out of the vending machine and started walking to the girls’ dorms.

The walk was nearly silent. No one wants to anger someone with black and red bands and no one wants to anger someone who apparently still needs testing even though all testing should be over.

Sebastian walked close by to me as I tried to figure out what to do today. Maybe I can see if Sheila has any ideas.

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