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I opened the dorm door seeing Sheila sitting on her bed. I was once again momentarily distracted by her beauty. She’s a water nymph, a light blue light emits from her sharp but kind features. Her dark hair fell in perfect waves to the middle of her shoulder blades.

I know for a fact that she’s as short as most water nymphs are. She’s only 4′10" and one of the few humanoid people I’m taller than. I’m about 4 inches taller than her which is absolutely amazing for me.

Charm and grace rolled off her in waves. Her pretty green eyes looked at me. Her race just like mine tends to use charm to get their way. Though I can ignore her charm I can definitely tell she’s powerful.

But she’s not very easy to anger so though she wears a red band there is no black one in sight.

I think her peaceful nature is the reason she’s my roommate. She minds her own business and doesn’t antagonize anyone. But because she has a water ability she’s also perfect for putting out any flames I make. Which I assume also played a part as to why we’re roommates.

“The headmaster let you have a familiar?” Her soft voice asked.

“Yeah, he said by tomorrow I should have classes and a name for my bloodline. Is it your free period?” I asked collapsing into bed facing her.

“That’s great news, and yeah I have free period.” She gave me her time-stopping smile. Though I assume she was just supposed to be someone I didn’t mind Sheila is basically my best friend.

“Do you want to do anything?”

“Will you train with me?” Sheila asked shyly. Water nymphs are peaceful but I know she worries her good looks could get her in trouble so she practices regularly.

“Sure, I need to be able to show off for my new classes tomorrow anyways.”

It’s not obvious really but I admire the hard work Sheila does. Water nymphs are usually hardly capable of defending themselves but she works to be strong. Life gave her lemons and she used the juice as a weapon.

I’m always in awe how she manages to use her small non-combat skills to protect herself.

Standing I picked up Sebastian and placed him on my shoulder.

“Grab whatever you need for what you want to practice today,”

Sheila picked up a small set of throwing knives and I smiled. Most people use whatever is in the training room but as a witch I can rearrange matter until it does what I want.

We have a lot of cool stuff hidden around our room because of it. We each have a large box of random stuff under our beds so I can make anything we need.

We walked into one of the water practice rooms. I set Sebastian down on top of the weapon rack where he won’t be in danger of being in the way.

I pulled a dummy out into the middle of the room.

“Can you show me again?” Sheila asked. I nodded taking one of the knives from her.

I picked up a small amount of water from the floor using it to levitate the knife. Since I can control the water I can use the water to control the knife. Genius really. Okay maybe that was just bragging but it’s still cool.

Waving through the air I had the water and therefore the knife circle the dummy a few times before quickly sending both flying into the middle of the dummy.

I dropped the water and the knife stayed lodged into the dummy’s chest.

“Amazing,” Sheila remarked fidgeting with a knife.

“Your turn,” I waved my hand putting a barrier around Sebastian. Theoretically the black cat should be fine but you never know.

“She’s that bad of a shot?” Sebastian asked me.

“Yeah,” I said knowing Sheila didn’t hear Sebastian.

The water she was holding was almost perfectly balanced. But the second she surrounded the knife with it the knife had the stability of an ADHD fly.

“You’re controlling the water not the knife,” I reminded.

Sheila nodded and her control got a little better. When she finally managed to get the knife semi-straight she gave it a quick push with the water. And missed the dummy entirely.

“Try to think of the water like your hand, it should be easy to move and control. If you’re holding something or not you have complete control of your hand,” I explained patiently.

I can’t blame her for her lack of control. This is a little tricky and the method of using elements for telekinesis is almost unheard of. So few people practice it it’s almost impossible to find another practitioner. And learning from someone your age is frustrating since they can already do something you can’t at the same age.

If Sheila’s bloodline wasn’t so patient she probably would have quit long ago. Slowly but surely the control got better but the speed slowed down. Which is actually a good thing. She can speed it up later as long as her control improves.

“Have you chosen a mana refinement method? It might help to strengthen your mana pool before using such a fine elemental control method,”

Sheila shrunk a little. She looked so lost and confused. It’s important to refine your mana because magic beings are constantly absorbing magic but not all of it is compatible. So you have to either convert or throw away the mana that doesn’t work with you so the whole thing can function smoothly.

“How did you chose? There’s so many,” she looks distraught.

“I chose the method that was the most comparable with my magic and the quickest,” I said simply. I left out that my method is extremely painful.

“D-does it hurt?” Sheila shuddered. Most parents would have forced someone to pick a method far before now. This school is only mandatory for one year after you turn 15, Shiela is 16, most parents would have put their kids on a method before now.

“It depends on the type of method you use. It’s not easy and it can strain you even if it’s a simple method. You have to draw a line between how fast you refine and how much strain or pain you are willing to take, talk to someone in the staff and they should be able to point you in the right direction.” I advised.

“Will you help me when I chose one?” She batted her long eyelashes at me with a small pout.

“Don’t try that on me,” I scolded, “but yes I will help.”

Making a dramatic show of rolling my eyes and setting my hands on my hips I sighed. Her trying to use her charm on me might go a way she doesn’t want.

Succubus and other creatures that can gain energy through intimacy are all bisexual. And though I can ignore her charm my nature really isn’t to. Thankfully I wasn’t just a succubus or I would pounce on anyone remotely flirty.

She smiled brightly at me.

Picking up one of the knives from her I balanced it in my hand. I will always be able to use ‘telekinesis’ because I can control all elements. But before I had mastered the elements I learned to throw it by hand.

There won’t always be water to control. And I can teach Sheila only what she wants to learn. She finds using blood as the source of her water horrifying and throwing the knife without being able to retrieve it is a one-time thing.

Letting Sheila practice just bringing the knife back to herself would be good but I worry about her injuring herself.

Smiling I slowly rearranged some water into an exact replica of the throwing knife. Frozen knife waving in the air I smiled proudly.

“If you can bring the knife back to yourself then I can teach you to throw the knife by hand. That way you don’t get stuck without a weapon and don’t have to worry about force or fine control.” I stuck the ice knife into the dummy letting it go.

“You’re a genius!” She yelled wrapping me in a gentle hug.

“If you panic or think you might hurt yourself you can unfreeze the knife and it’ll be harmless water,” we both smiled brightly and I gestured encouragingly at the dummy.

I watched the knife gently move. A little shimmied movement that got me very excited. Mostly because maybe I found something that works for Sheila, it’s been two days since I met her and I finally found something to help her.

And I think in all the excitement something clicked in my brain. Something you’re pressured to know for a long time before you need to know. I finally figured out what I want to do with my life.

I want to teach at a magic school. I should be strong enough to and it’s so satisfying to figure out what works for someone.

The little movement changed and the ice knife flew towards Sheila. Just before it hit her arm it melted with the wide expression on her face showing me how badly it scared her.

When she glanced timidly at me I just smiled at her.

“You did great! I think that’s the best you’ve done since I introduced this method to you,” I cheered happily.

She visibly calmed down since I showed no negative emotion.

“C-can I try again?” Sheila asked.

Nodding eagerly I reconstructed the knife.

We stayed in the room for an hour just practicing her control over the water. She had progress until she could bring the knife safely in front of herself and insert it back into the dummy.

She didn’t quite get the courage to bring the knife to her hand but her control had still gotten so much better and I’m so proud of her.

Riiing. We both looked up a little surprised by the bell. I released the barrier around Sebastian and he walked over to me hopping onto my shoulder.

“I guess you should get to class,” I smiled taking the throwing knives from her hands.

“Crap, I’ve got to get all the way to the other side of the campus. I’ll see you later,” she called over her shoulder.

Smiling slightly I walked out of the practice room with Sebastian on my shoulder.

I totally forgot about my soda, what am I supposed to do for the rest of the day? I almost prefer being busy with classes. My brain always works like this. I get lost in the most stupid thoughts.

Maybe this is the reason I didn’t notice all the stares I got. In between classes almost everyone was in the hallways. And for more reasons than I can list people stared at me.

Suddenly someone put their arm out in front of me. I glared at them as a reflex. I hate being stopped from doing something and I hate anyone cocky enough to think they should be stopping me.

My eyes met a mostly human face. His hair was blond and his face was angular, bright red eyes stared curiously at me.

“What are you?” he asked bluntly.

“None of your concern,” I grit my teeth. My eyes felt the change and I knew they were red but his facial expression remained calm.

“I beg to differ, something is off about you. I can’t read your aura, or guess what your bloodline is, you have a familiar in a place where few are allowed, you walk the halls like you own them, and somehow you don’t look where you’re going and people just passively move out of your way. And if I had to guess, you’re the person who is somehow still in testing,” why is he leaning so close to me?

“Do you take track? Because you sure are good at jumping to conclusions,” okay I’ve had better insults but it was kinda on the spot, okay?

Rolling my eyes I turned to leave. I know it’s for the best I walk away my anger is relatively explosive and it’s like having a small pot of water on high heat.

And the only ways to calm me down are things only the staff and Sheila knows.

These are not easy things to guess, trust me.

Everyone stared in shock at how I treated the blond. Apparently people know him or he’s something you shouldn’t make angry. Either way he stared with just as much shock as everyone else.

Calmly with Sebastian chuckling on my shoulder I walked back into my dorm. A slight smirk sat on my face but the annoyance in my eyes was probably just as clear.

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