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I got out of bed weirdly excited for classes. Don’t get me wrong, school sucks, but I’m curious about what magic school is like instead of normal school.

I rolled out of bed with a huge grin and set to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and hair, put on deodorant, and did all the normal morning routine things.

I came back into our bedroom and changed into a new uniform. Sheila was glancing at me while brushing her hair. I told her about what I am in case she ever needs to know but so far she’s just being overly cautious about me.

It annoyed me a little but not enough for it to show.

Apparently all the school had told her was that I am a special fusion and methods to calm me down. They didn’t tell her much about my powers. Seeing her point of view wasn’t impossible, her roommate and friend is far more dangerous than she knew. But at the same time, I’m still me.

Nothing about my personality or actions has changed.

I know she’ll calm down and accept what I told her soon though so I’m trying to let her handle it her way.

“Excited to join the rest of us and actually do something?” she asked trying to sound teasing. She was quieter than usual though. But it’s an improvement so I’ll take what I can get.

“Of course, want to get breakfast with me?” I asked tying my shoelaces.

“Yeah sounds good,” she sounded relieved, maybe the normality of the day was all she needed.

Sebastian was sprawled across my bed purring. I don’t want to wake him up but it’s safer for him if I can keep an eye on him. Gently scooping him up I tried not to wake him up.


We walked quietly to the cafeteria. I hopped into the omnivore line grabbing a donut and the lunch lady gave me a cup of cat food. The headmaster must have told the staff about Sebastian.

We sat at an empty table with Sheila eating a small bowl of berries. Water nymphs are basically lactose intolerant, she can eat animal bi-products but will regret it. But actual meat will make her seriously ill.

“Hello pretty ladies,” Vex greeted.

I glared. Sheila just rolled her eyes.

“Hello Vex,” I greeted.

“You know, your meals do nothing to help me figure out what you are,” he complained.

“Oh no. I care so much,”

Vex just pouted. I’m still trying to figure him out, his bloodline is an extremely hostile one but he’s always got this smile on his face.

“Retra, if you keep staring all you’re going to do is be late to go get your schedule.” Sheila reminded. I snapped out of it and started to eat my donut. “Are you sure you don’t need to feed? You seem jittery,”

“I’m fine, Sheila. Just first-day anxiety I guess,” I shrugged nonchalantly.

“Feeding, what does she eat besides human food ?” Vex leaned on the table, I could feel him trying to charm Sheila.

I flicked him.

“No charming my friend,” I scolded.

“You always know things you shouldn’t,” he grumbled.

“Retra your eyes are glowing. Are you sure nothing’s wrong?” Sheila asked.

“I don’t know I feel weird,” I mumbled drumming my fingers on the table.

My eyes locked on Sebastian. If something was wrong with me my familiar would be able to tell better than me since his emotions and perception wouldn’t be altered like mine.

“Sebastian,” I commanded. His head snapped in my direction. “System analysis,”

"Currently affected by an anxiety-causing low-grade jinx,” his noble voice reported robotically.

“Source of origin?”

“Terik Roberts,”

“Dismissed,” I replied sinking back into my mana pool. Usually I would never dare to be so venerable in public but with Sheila, Sebastian, and Vex at the table I should be safe for a minute. I don’t think Vex would let anything happen. Not if he could observe me without me noticing.

A large but messy purple rune circle sat over my mana pool. Seeing it pissed me off beyond imagination. No one, and I mean no one, will get away with an attack on me.

Almost as a reflex, the green fire flared to life around my body. It wasn’t controlled but a huge burning tornado ready to destroy anything in its path. The rune was ripped to shreds and then absorbed in under five seconds.

When I returned to my body I was livid.

“Y-your eyes they…they’re bl-” Sheila stuttered at me.

“How much time before classes?” I interrupted.

“About ten minutes?”

“Perfect,” I gave a fanged grin.

I stood abruptly and let instinct lead me towards the person who dared attack me. When I absorbed the rune’s energy I got a feel for the witch who jinxed me. Her energy leads me to the other side of the cafeteria.

In half a second she went from sitting in her seat to pinned against the wall by a fractured collarbone.

“You’ve pissed off the wrong person,” I snarled.

She shook in fear but didn’t try to defend herself.

“Tell me who told you to do it and maybe I’ll show you mercy,” I looked straight into her fear-filled eyes.

“I-it was Lilith! She told me to, I’m so sorry!” Tears formed in her eyes and I reluctantly let her go.

“Go to the nurse,” I huffed walking away towards my table.

Shocked gazes met me from everywhere.

Still seething I took deep breaths trying to calm down.

Sheila and Sebastian stared at me cautiously with only mild shock on their faces. Their gazes were calculated, observing and looking for my next action. It seems like a look you’d give a mountain lion if you thought it might eat you.

“Do you need to take today off?” Sheila asked seriously. Vex’s eyes were filled with confusion but he seemed to realize for once to stay quiet.

“I’m not sure,” indecision filled me. I refrained from killing the girl but only because she looked innocent if she hadn’t…

“We’ll talk to the principal and he can decide. If he wants you away we can spend the day together,” she said in a calm tone.

I nodded moving to stand protectively behind her.

“Don’t bother her today,” Sheila advised looking at Vex.

Sebastian stood at my heel. As gently as I would if he were made of paper and glass I picked him up stroking his fur.

I knew close contact with him would absorb some of the amplified magic around me. Thankfully the promise I made to him was like a contract. I promised to protect him in return for him being my familiar. Now I will protect him even if I don’t want to, from all threats including myself.

Sheila dealt with our trays and walked out knowing my bloodline basically imprinted on her. Anything I consider my friend or family my bloodline won’t hurt. Thankfully my bloodline is as protective as it is aggressive. So right now it can only focus on Sheila and Lilith.

And if I see Lilith, god help her.

“Oh dear,” Mr. Jed said looking at me.

“Something set her off, I think she’s stable but if someone does anything even slightly upsetting, I wouldn’t guarantee their safety,” Sheila spoke over me. I growled but we both know it’s an empty threat.

“You’ll have to start tomorrow then Retra. These are your classes, you can prepare for them while you relax. Now then, what happened Retra? I need to know so I can help,”

“Lilith had someone put a jinx on me, I don’t care how minor it is she’s going to pay!” I practically yelled waving my hand that wasn't holding Sebastian madly.

“Sheila you’ll have to stay near her until she finds Lilith,” I would have taken the paper he offered but my eyes snapped to his when he said Lilith.

“What happens when she finds Lilith?” Sheila asked skeptically.

“Her bloodline won’t calm down until it feels she got some kind of revenge.” His eyes shifted to mine. “You can have a full minute, no permanent damage and no killing her.” He told me sternly.

I nodded eagerly taking the paper and smiling.

“You girls go find something to do but nothing illegal or stressful.” He dismissed. Sheila and I both nodded and set off.

“Let’s go back to the lunchroom so you can get something that will calm your bloodline down. Then, we can go flying?”

I nodded. I love flying and I want to take Sheila. She can’t actually fly but I should be able to carry her. We walked back to the lunchroom with me calming down a little.

Sebastian’s presence was a lot more helpful than I thought it would be. If I had known how well familiars work I would have gotten one sooner.

The lunch lady looked at us and immediately walked up.

“What’s your bloodline doll?” She asked smiling kindly at me.

Instances where a student needs to feed and calm down are fairly common here and the lunch ladies are well trained to deal with it.

“Uh….” I hesitated. I don’t know what my bloodline is called, I forgot to ask the headmaster.

My eyes darted down to the sheet of paper hoping he wrote down what he named my bloodline. I searched the sheet of paper finding where they wrote the bloodline on top of my classes.

My eyes bugged out comically and I stared at the blood line’s name like I might be imagining it.

Artificial dark goddess.

A goddess bloodline is like a last resort for when you don’t know what else to call a bloodline. But traditionally an actual goddess bloodline has too many powers to clearly define, and it’s possible to be born a natural goddess bloodline.

I’ve never heard of a fusion being so powerful to be a goddess bloodline.

Still stunned and slow thinking it took me a minute to recover. Telling her I have a dark goddess bloodline won’t help her figure out what to feed me, god and goddess bloodlines have no set diet.

I’m Retra Greeves,” was all I could come up with.

Most of the staff know how to calm me down even if I’m not sure how much they know about my bloodline.

Her eyes lit up with recognition.

“I’ll bring you a few choices to choose from,” she rushed and practically ran behind a door. I assume it’s to the kitchen.

No more than a minute later she was back and I was trying to stand still. Your bloodline being upset is sometimes more of a restless anxious feeling than actual anger.

You feel like you need to do something so badly.

She held a large tray out to me. It held lots of vials of different kinds, it’s an emergency set up for all bloodlines.

I didn’t think about what I wanted, my hand just snatched up a vial without me telling it to.

Within a second the black thick liquid was out of the bottle and down my throat. A deep sigh of relief left me while I carefully held the vial staring at what was left of the black substance.

I’m not even sure what it is.

But I can definitely tell you I do not care for whatever it was. It smells like tar and it tastes like death. And yet, I feel much better.

After a full minute of me staring at the empty vial curiously the lunch lady spoke carefully.

“It’s demon’s blood, most would be terrified to even be in its presence. Your bloodline is quite strong to have survived drinking that, much less benefiting from it. Take care the next time you refine your mana pool,” The lady cautions.

“Thank you,” I gently set the vial back on the tray.

“I don’t know why you drank that but get it out of your system. You reek of it and it tainted your whole aura,” Sebastian grumbled.

“Demon blood? I guess next time I’ll just ask for Vex’s help,” Sheila remarked.

“I’m not sure his bloodline is the same and I am not giving him that kind of information,” I dismissed.

“It’s good to keep in mind though, or I could-”

“No. Your bloodline isn’t a very strong one and if I took anything from you, I could seriously hurt you,” I interrupted. Walking away from the cafeteria.

It doesn’t matter how I feed on Sheila a kiss or a bite, it’s just too risky for her. And without any mana refining method, she’s even weaker.

“I, okay. What do you want to do?” She changed the subject.

“Well, I’m pretty sure I’m calmed down enough not to do anything rash as long as I stay away from people. I need to do mana refining before I see Vex because he’ll ask questions about why I smell like this, but other than that we can do whatever you want,” I gave her a bright smile.

“Can I watch? I’ve never seen someone refine mana other than my mom,”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea,” I grimaced a little. “I want to encourage you to do mana refining, not discourage. My method is a little harsh and the lunch lady said it will be hard to refine after drinking that,”

“Maybe I can help, or even if I can’t, at least I know what to expect when I do mana refining.”

This is a terrible idea. I'm going to scare her to death.

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