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Demon blood

“Is your mana refining method always like this?” Sheila asked with a horrified face.

“No, but apparently demon blood kills most people. So better safe than sorry,”

“What if the water like, boils you alive instead of cooling you down?”

“Listen, this water is freezing, almost literally. So I’m going to get started and if the water boils freeze it,”

“Can you breathe?”

“Well I can breathe water, but if the water freezes completely it needs to melt every thirty minutes so I can breathe,”

I laid back in the cold water submerging myself completely.

Surrounding the room with a soundproof barrier I finally sunk into my mana pool.

The usually clear hot springs were a black bubbling tar. Intense heat came off of the pit. A horrible visible stench floated away from the pit.

Just looking at it made me feel sick.

Demonic bloodlines must have an incredible power to corrupt my whole mana pool.

Gently lifting a small ball of tar out of the pool with my mind I slowly brought it towards me.

With a slightly horrified look, I poked the ball only for it to absorb into my skin. I scrambled away from it and looked it the spot half the ball had disappeared into.

My hand turned an inky black and I watched in stunned silence as it crept from my hand towards my heart until the substance disappeared completely.

At first I felt nothing. Then an excruciating pain flared in my whole body.

Groaning and panting I fell to my hands and knees.

For minutes nothing happened I just laid on the floor panting.

Then finally, the pain receded and cool water came out of my pores. The cool water finally bleeds from the shore into the mana pool a small clear section separated from the black tar. I stared at it in wonder. My magic has never been cool, always hot or warm.

When I stood I felt almost stronger. Like the tar had already somehow strengthened me. But somehow this felt like the right way to purify this magic.

But I tried picking up just a drop of the tar and using my fire to purify it.

Almost instantly I heard loud screaming. Huddled into a ball on the ground I screamed and cried. Pain radiated off of me and tears leaked from my eyes.

After what felt like an eternity the agony subsided into a slightly sore feeling.

I need to get this over with my way.

I know I should patiently endure, everyone knows patience is the most important part of magic. But personally would rather be in agony for a few minutes than in moderate pain for hours.

I worry about Sheila seeing how much pain I will be in.

But I should be able to hide it in my physical body at least. I can move all I want here but my physical body will stay still. For the most part.

Sometimes sounds we make in the mana pool can be heard in the real world, but as long as I stay semi-quiet here it won’t seem bad there.

And the soundproof barrier will help.

I took a deep breath preparing myself.

I got close to the mana pool plunging both my hands into it.

My arms up to my shoulders turned black before I removed my hands.

I waited anxiously with my arms crossed and my chin rested on my legs.

The pain made me nauseous and my vision blurred. My fingers spasm and tingle. My muscles twitched until I fell on the ground coughing and shaking. My skin cracked painfully and bleed onto the ground.

I’ve never had my spirit itself bleed, my physical body sure, but my spirit has never been injured.

Finally the dizzying pain slowly faded leaving me numb and shaking. Bringing shaking limbs towards myself I laid on the ground trying not to be sick. The bleeding gaps in my skin slowly closed and the blood I had lost reabsorbed into me.

The numb shaking fell off my limbs and they strengthened until I could stand fully. Strength, even with my unusual fusion, I hadn’t yet possessed gathered in my core.

How long will it last? I didn’t use my usual method on it so I don’t know if it’s truly fused to me or not.

Clear liquid came out of my skin almost like sweat.

It wasn’t cold like the first drops were but a lukewarm water. When I dipped my hand into the clear part of the pool it was hot like bathwater. Almost as if it only held heat in large amounts.

Less than a quarter of the pool was clear instead of the sickly tar. But I felt confident looking at it. I took small but confident steps into the pool until I stood up to my shoulders in the dark tar.

I kept the lips of my physical body closed tight.

But screams beyond my voice echoed through my mana pool. My knees gave out and spasms beyond control cracked through me. I almost see my body from an outside view. Screaming and clawing at my skin I looked like I was either having a seizure or going crazy.

An unbearable full feeling made me feel sick like I would burst. The pool was nearly empty and all the tar had turned every inch of my skin pitch black.

Blood gathered on the ground in alarming amounts.

Before pain even left me clear searing hot water seeped from my body. But pain still shut down almost every thought of mine and my head had a pain I almost couldn’t follow.

Blood leaked out of my eyes and nose.

It was nearly crippling. But before the black even faded my pain lessened. I doubt saying I just adjusted to it is accurate. But rather it felt like my strength had over tripled before I even finished refining.

I sat on my heels in the mana pool just focusing on my breathing.

Shaking muscles racked my body, I struggled to swallow the lump in my throat and pull myself together.

Sitting my physical body upright suddenly I coughed water out of my lungs. Steam floated off the bloody water and my skin slowly faded from black to its usual light tan.

Cracks in my skin slowly healed over from bloody gaps into fading scars. In less than thirty minutes the scars will be gone.

I rubbed little circles into my chest feeling my lungs still being sore from being filled with water. Shelia sat watching me with a concerned look. She was pale as a ghost, and I’ve met a few.

Gently I cupped her face with one hand. Being charmed can control even emotions if the person’s charm is strong enough. Keeping her feelings away entirely only delays the inevitable, but I can lessen her emotions so she can work them out without feeling overwhelmed.

“I’m okay, I promise,” A goofy smile washed over my face trying to show her everything was fine. Slowly she reached out to touch my face like she thought I was fake or fragile.

“You…turned black. Like your eyes did earlier. It’s terrifying, your whole aura changes, it’s like you could kill without batting an eye. Her whole body shook and tears leaked from her eyes. But she still didn’t shy away from me.

“Succubus are closely related to demons, the black is from that. They are intimidating strong creatures but even still I would never hurt someone truly innocent,”

“How do you know that?”

I lowered the façade surrounding my arm revealing an embedded glowing rune.

“What? Who? Why? This is an anti-magic rune, you should be almost powerless,” she frantically patted my arm.

“My mom and I, we do the seal together once every three months otherwise it breaks. It controls my powers to an extent, letting me not be as angry or dangerous as I otherwise would be. I have another rune on my back,”

I lifted the back of my tank top to show her.

“It’s called a guardian rune, it forces me to protect the innocent if I want to or not. If not for the anti-magic rune it wouldn’t work on me,” I told her lowering my shirt.

“I envy you, you’re so strong you can fight even without most of your strength,” Sheila whispered.

“The strength you start with has nothing to do with the strength you have. Even a human can defeat a monster with enough determination and smarts. Instead of flying, we could do some training but I still need to stretch my wings.

I stepped out of the tub slicking all the red water away from my skin and down the drain. Rummaging through my closet I found a copy of my uniform with a diamond-shaped hole in the back.

I quickly got dressed before popping my wings out of my back.

Wrapping the glamor around my arm again I gave Sheila a smile signaling I was ready to go. I picked Sebastian up as he grumbles about eating things I don’t know anything about.

“Oh I have an idea! Enough stationary targets today we will spar!” I told Sheila happily.

“Demonic blood makes you seem a little hyper,” She opened the door leading us out.


“Relax Sheila, Sebastian is safe behind a barrier. All you have to do is use your power to splash some water at me,” I waved my wings floating off the ground a few inches.

“But if I hit you while you’re flying won’t you go flying?”

“If I go flying then I will consider this wildly successful. A little water won’t hurt me,” I gave her a wide smile.

A tiny little splash came from the water on the practice room floor. I floated quickly away. I gave a little laugh. She tried a little harder sending a huge wave at me which I hardly dodged.

“Wonderful, again, like you’re trying to hurt me!” I cheered.

“This is a terrible idea,”

“Change like you’re trying to hurt me. Try to kill me, it is almost entirely impossible so no worries,” I told her calmly.

She timidly pushed an icicle at me, which missed me entirely.

I gently pushed a teasing wave at her. Sebastian casually stretched out in his barrier cube.

She relaxed a little and shoved water off the floor towards me.

I beamed proudly.

“By the way,” she lifted a ribbon of water spinning it, “what did they name your bloodline?”

Artificial dark goddess,” I mumbled.

The water she controlled fell lifelessly to the ground.

Really?” I nodded. “My best friend is a goddess, damn. You’re something else.”


“Is she okay?” Vex asked Sheila.

My eyes stayed glued to the cafeteria door with an ear to ear grin.

“She’s waiting for Lilith,” Shelia replied calmly poking at some kind of vegetable stir fry the school had.

“Wait should we not try to stop her or something?”

“I don’t suggest it, besides the headmaster gave her permission. She just can’t do any permanent damage.

The door swung open and Lilith walked in chatting with her friends. A dark chuckle left my lips and I stood up slow and reserved.

With slow deliberation, I stepped toward the fake blond. She saw the dangerous red glint in my eyes and paused.

“Lilith, just because you spilled your drink doesn’t mean we should go around jinxing people. Maybe someone needs to go back to kindergarten and learn about kindness,” I taunted.

Lucky for her I have more control of myself than I did this morning.

“You don’t scare me,” she scoffed.

“I should,” in one swift move I knocked her feet out from under her and held her up by her hair.

Smirking I lit the ends of her hair on fire as she scrambled to put it out. I yanked her up by the shoulder hearing a loud pop noise.

“Don’t bother me again,” I hissed and mascara coating her face she nodded quickly.

I turned away hearing her flee the room. For a supernatural she sure scares easily.

“Why are you wearing a flying uniform?Vex asked sipping from a cup. Smells like deer blood.

“I like the way it looks,” I shrugged. “I’m going to get a sandwich, what do you want Sebastian?”

I don’t know, chicken?

“Yeah sure,” as I got in line people moved slightly out of my way.

Which got me lunch much faster so no complaints there.

So, fire magic,” Vex stared thoughtfully at me.

I just shrugged. Fire magic gives him a few things to guess about. But it’s not a definitive answer, especially since he must know I’m a fusion.

As we ate and made small talk I scanned his aura. And in about half an hour of lunch I was able to learn a lot.

He’s decently strong, almost equal to me. But his demonic powers aren’t as strong as most, they have a slight fire affinity so he might be able to use demonic fire but either his aura or power are suppressed or his powers are weak.

His aura was difficult to read, usually you can tell how aggressive a bloodline is not just what type it is. He isn’t so much angry or aggressive as he is slightly grumpy.


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