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Boy problems

“Vex, we need to leave the cafeteria. People will be here soon,” I told him holding his face.

“Okay,” He mumbled. He still isn’t talkative like normal but it’s a step.

I gently got up and held his hand to lead him away from the cafeteria. He seemed alright with me walking on my own feet now as long as he stood close enough to me that he felt he could protect me.

So I drug him through the hallway as he glared at everyone.

There aren’t many places for us to go. I can only think of a few that aren’t heavily populated right now or we have to go by a bunch of people to be near.

I took him to the only place I could think of besides some of the practice rooms. The dorm room I share with Sheila.

It took Vex a while before he realized the hallway lead to the girls’ dorms but even when he did he didn’t say anything. Usually I would expect at least a snicker but he was silent.

If I hadn't paid attention I would have missed the small change in his expression telling me he knew where we were.

He refused to leave my side even for the short time period of me turning on the TV and Xbox.

“Do you want to play anything with me?” I asked kindly.

As expected he shook his head. Starting a game I sat with him between his legs leaned against his chest as he held my waist. The last game in was the first Dragon Age, one of Sheila’s favorites.


“Is he still having problems?” Sheila asked looking at the space Vex has been for the last few hours.

“I’m mostly calm. I think I can go to dinner without having many issues,” Vex responded on his own.

His bloodline was mostly calm, just a little anxious.

“Do you really still need to be holding onto her? Your bloodline should be fine by now,” Sheila commented suspiciously. She probably thinks that he’s just taking advantage of the time he gets to observe me while I allow it.

“It’s fine Sheila. You can’t feel his bloodline but it’s still a little on edge. And I can try to figure him out better when he spends a lot of time with me,” I said to remind her she told us to be friends and figure each other out.

So if anything this is what she suggested.

Retra? Have you ever charmed me?” Vex asked me slowly.

“No, why?”

“Just, testing theories. Thank you, Babe,”

I rolled my eyes groaning.

“I prefer you too upset to remember stupid nicknames,”

Sheila snickered to herself.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Vex today, nearly all day, and I think I’ve learned a lot about him on a personal level. He’s a very affectionate person, most of his day was spend holding me instead of guarding me or trying to push my limits.

Humans don’t usually like that kind of clingy, and Sheila doesn’t either. I think it’s a good thing. Letting people know you care about them is important in all types of relationships.

I’ve also got a ton of time to examine his aura.

It’s not easy to describe a bloodline, it’s like describing a person, a few traits usually aren’t enough. And his is especially interesting. It’s not aggressive like I originally thought, just dominate.

It doesn’t pick fights based on nothing, just wanting to feel in charge. For some reason it’s interesting to me, that his possessiveness isn’t some side effect of his aggression.

Not all of his bloodline was that type of dominance or possessiveness. It held some kind of affectionate streak to it.

It’s harder to examine now than earlier today when his aura was stronger. It’s suppressed by something, a spell or a charm. Maybe a rune. I haven’t figured out if it was just repressing my ability to read his aura or his power itself.

Obviously Vex wouldn’t answer questions about it, he went through all the trouble of having something suppress his aura to be unknown. Of all people I can respect that.

So I’ve hit a brick wall, learning anything else is impossible unless he tells me or lets it slip.

Pushing him away is what I want to do, but it also isn’t. I told Sheila what I am and she didn’t freak out, maybe this isn’t like human school, maybe I can be different without scaring people.

Retra, you died like two minutes ago.” Sheila pointed out snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Sorry, spaced off,” smiling sheepishly I restarted the game.

“Dinner is in a half hour, are you sure either of you want to go to the cafeteria?” Sheila asked clearly concerned. The look she gave Vex was different than the one she gave me, she knew how to calm me down.

Not knowing how strong Vex really is, I’m reluctant to get into a fight with him, but I think I should be able to keep him calm.

Turning my head to look at him I gave an encouraging smile.

“We’ll be okay,” he said giving a small back to me.

A gentle knock on the door set me on edge immediately, I always think of this as a safe place only Sheila is allowed in without my permission.

A deep breath in calmed me down more than it calmed Vex down. I know exactly who’s on the other side of the door and I trust them completely.

I paused the game to answer the door, Vex stood close to me guarding me like I guarded Sheila the other day.

“Hello Mr. Jed,” I greeted politely as I opened the door.

Retra, what would your mother say about having a boy in your room?” Mr. Jed scolded around a tall pile of books. There are at least seven. I guarantee he can't actually see us.

“What would she say about me having a girl in my room? I’m pan you know,” I pointed out with as much sass as I could. He sighed.

“The exact same thing, I know, but I can’t give you your own room. These are books from your mother, she insists you continue your individual studies. You know how she thinks this school isn’t quite equipped to handle you,” I can’t see his eyes around the stack of books but I’m sure he rolled his eyes.

“Amazing how she doesn’t trust you of all people,” I took the books out of his hands setting them near the door.

“It is isn’t it? Stay out of trouble kid,” He waved casually over his shoulder and walked away.

“Why so many?” Vex asked curiously.

“Advanced methods can be really long when written down instead of taught in person,” I gave a partial truth.

“Wait I got it! I know what you are!” He said excitedly. He obviously didn’t notice how I paled at those words. He did seem to notice how I flinched though. I haven’t wanted someone to be wrong so bad in my life.

“Oh?” I asked calmer than I felt.

“A succubus-witch fusion, it makes perfect sense! The wings, strength, and speed not to mention your strong charm. And the familiar is for your witch part, it explains the fire and throwing of the drink too.” Vex beamed with pride.

“You got me,” I said giving a nervous smile.

“Hey guys, it’s about dinner time. Are you both ready?” Sheila asked coming to my rescue.

“Let’s go,” I answered quickly.


“Are you okay?” Sheila asked as soon as Vex went back to his own dorm.

I hugged the pillow from my bed debating my answer. I felt my eyebrows draw together.

“I think so,” I looked up at where she sat on her bed practicing her control over water.

Water gently floated back into her cup as she looked seriously at me. She smoothed her pajama top sitting daintily as ever on her bed across from mine.

“Is it about the books or about Vex?”

“It’s not the books, I train a lot, near constantly to maintain control. But, I don’t know, I spent all day with Vex.”

Fidgeting with my hands I paused for a second. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to say. Maybe if I keep talking I’ll get to a point.

“You’re the best friend I’ve ever had and if I thought you didn’t need to know I wouldn’t have told even you about what I am. It’s best it stays a mystery, I think. Nothing good comes out of being different,” I rushed.

“You think once he knows what you are he will judge you?”

“Not judgement necessarily, more like... fear. Maybe I’m just getting in my own head, but, people always fear and hate things they consider dangerous. I don’t want that to happen, if everyone knows what I am...”

“Not everyone is like that. The people who get to know you will understand your bloodline isn’t everything. I know your bloodline and I’m still around, aren’t I?” She asked giving me a bright comforting smile.

“Yeah. Is he worth trusting? Worth being around? He seems so genuine, and, he reminds me of myself. I want him to be worth trusting,” My voice sounded almost desperate. She stood up walking towards me.

Sheila held my hands in her own.

“Vex is more than his bloodline, just like you are. I think you two could be good friends. And if I’m wrong, you’ll have me. You won’t lose all your friends if he turns out to be the wrong kind of person.”

“Thank you,” I told her sincerely.

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