Guilty Pleasure

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"Aria was it?" He asked in a deep husky voice, making me clench my legs. Fuck even his voice was sensational. I think I'm going to faint, yes it's Aria.... say it again please I gushed. "Yes, where is the boss I need to talk to him." I said before looking towards Kasey, who I could see was shaking her head and trying to signal was looked like shut up with her hands and mouth. "He's right here," said the man in front of me making my eyebrow furrow in confusion. Is this a joke? I thought. "Where?" My voice said not believing what he was saying. I looked around the place at everyone as they all stared towards me with a 'are you serious?' look on their faces. "Right here." The same man said stepping closer to me so that there was only an inch left between us. My breath caught in my throat as I gulped. I looked towards the same man in front of me, as I realised who he was. Oh shit.

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New Job

"Aria get up, you have an hour left to get ready!!" Julian my older brother yelled in the hallway outside my bedroom door. He started banging on it repeatedly to get my attention.

I groaned rolling over to the left side of my bed which was closer to the door. Throwing my middle finger up even though I knew Julian couldn't see me.

"Don't throw that finger at me! Now get up before you miss your first day at work."

My brother said all to knowingly making me mumble a few curse words, praying that he would just go away. It wasn't until I repeated what he said in my head a few seconds later before I realised.

I have work. Shit.

My eyes shot open and without a second thought I flipped my blankets off of me and rose from my bed. Searching around my room to find everything I needed to get ready.

I took a little time getting dressed making sure I looked presentable for my first day, you know how it is got to make a good first impression. I was heading downstairs towards the kitchen to grab me some breakfast and a small snack for lunch. I passed by just in time to see my brother before he too left for work.

"Have a good day today and thank you for waking me up Juli," I said giving him a quick hug.

"Don't call me that." He grumbled wrapping his arms around me. I knew he hated the nickname I gave him, but it still didn't stop me from saying it.

I enjoyed how uncomfortable it made him since he thought Juli was a girls name. And well you know what that means........exactly it bruised his big old ego.

I watched him walk out the door and get into his car, waving out goodbye as he reversed down our driveway. My watch showed that I only had about fifteen minutes which meant I could take my time to eat my coffee and toast.

Noticing how bare the inside walls of our house looked made my smile slowly disappear. We had taken down all our family photos together because it was too much for us to handle just looking at them.

We lived alone, both my brother and I owned our house that was left to us after my parents had passed away from a tragic car accident. My heart still breaks at the mere thought of both my father and mother Mary Jane Williams and James Aryn Williams. I missed them terribly.

We were both raised by my aunt Elena and Uncle Mac, my fathers brother until we were of age to move into the house we now live in. We hadn't seen them since last Christmas, both of them were living in London while we came back home to New York.

To this day my brother and I barely talk about our parents. By now you would expect me to be over it or at least moving forward in life but I hadn't found the right person to that with yet. And neither could Julian, we both made an unspoken promise that we wouldn't dare bring up the past though, we found it much easier to just focus on the now rather then to dwell. It was easier to lie to ourselves rather than to face the truth.

Im 28 years old living with my older overprotective brother. Your proably wondering why? Well my parents left all of their savings behind for us including the house which we decided to share until one of us got married. I wouldn't say we were wealthy but we were definitely not poor. Mind you I liked to work and only ever used my parents savings when I really needed it. Julian kept an eye on things and made sure no man ever came near me but ill admit there were times he never knew about some men I had seen in the past.

By the time I finished my breakfast I was already in my car heading towards North shore primary school where I was hired to work as a teacher. My class consisted of both 7 and 8 year old children.

I walked through the hallways heading towards the staff room office. There I was greeted by other teachers, most of whom I had already met and some who were just returning from the last holidays that had just passed.

"And you must be Mrs Williams" said a soft chirpy voice coming from the left side of me as I placed my papers down on a desk inside the staff room. I turned towards the elderly women with a soft smile before greeting her. With my hand out mid air, "Call me Aria please and you must be Mrs Davidson?" I asked. Seeing her up close I could tell she was definitely someone I could trust here, she looked like she had a lot of knowledge.

"Yes dear but you may call me Evelyn, I'm in charge of the classroom which is next to yours and if you need any help don't hesitate to ask." She said making me smile brightly in agreement. I didn't expect that, but I was glad someone around here was helpful and willing to offer me assistance.

"Thank you I'll definitely take you up on that offer if I ever feel the need too." I replied, before exchanging a few more words with Evelyn. Then I decided on heading towards my classroom to prepare it before the students arrived.

I walked through my classroom placing the work I had set up for the kids to do down onto my desk, my legs moved towards the seats to place them down. I wiped all the table, giving them a quick clean before spraying the classroom with a Vanilla scented spray that I had packed in my bag. Call me OCD if you want but I prefer to sit in a fresh, clean area that smelt good and I'm sure the kids would appreciate it.

I put the lollies I had bought inside my draw, set the new white board markers into their places, placed all my pens and felts into a jar on my desk along with other decorations. I grabbed a few posters to pin around the classroom. And set my photo frame of Julian, my aunt and uncle down on my desk, with a box of tissues.

Connecting my laptop to the projector and also plugging my iPad into the charger I knew then that I was ready. Just as I sat down from finishing I heard the bell ring. As I watched all the kids rush in, some taking a seat while laughing, others looking tired already and most were talking with each other without paying attention.

What had caught me by surprise was when everyone sat silent as a young blonde boy in a grey hoodie waltzed into the class. He pulled one of the desk's right to the back of the room away from everyone and then sat down.

From the other kids looks they kept giving him I just knew he was different.

"What are you all looking at?" The little 7-year-old blonde boy snapped making the whole class turn their heads away from him.


"Excuse me young man, I'm going to have to ask you to move forward. I placed the desks in their spots for a reason," I said towards him breaking the awkward silence.

Most of the kids sat uncomfortably as if they knew something I didn't. They all looked a little scared for me.

"I sit where I want lady you can't tell me what to do," his snarky reply pissed me off along with his stink attitude.

"I will give you five seconds to move that desk back to where it came from, otherwise you can sit with me at the front" I warn him.

It took the kid some time to think about it as I watched his eyes squint as if to challenge me. I even thoght for a second that he wasn’t going to move until I saw him stand. For a second he reminded me of Julian as he dragged his desk back to whefe it was and I couldn't help but wonder why he was so hostile toward’s everyone.

Noticing how I wasn't going to get anywhere with him I decided to let it go. Taking a deep breath I carried on. However I didn't miss the small dark glare he sent my way as if he were imagining my head rolling.

I looked towards the class clearing my throat before walking towards the board writing my name in big bold letters "MISS WILLIAMS."

"Hello everyone, I am Ms Williams your new teacher." I smiled looking towards everyone around the classroom as I scanned most of the kids faces to try memorise as much as I could.

Judging by the looks they seemed to be surprised to have finally noticed that I was there. It shocked me when the same boy who from at the back said "Nobody cares, your just going to leave like the rest of them anyways."

I never understood why he said that but it irked me, I needed to ask him what he meant after class had finished. And before I could get to much into that I needed my class to know I would be there for a long time. "Actually I am planning to be here for quite a long time," I said turning back to the board not before seeing a few shocked and overwhelmed faces.

"Now, I want us all to introduce ourselves, we will go around in a circle and one of you at a time will say your names loud and clear for me to learn." I said with an authoritative yet soft tone.

I smiled encouraging the first girl who had spoken to me to go, "my name is daisy and I hope you stay our teacher forever" she said making me smile towards her.

After that it carried on, everyone in the class began to say their names.....

"My names bailey"


"I'm Tristan"




"Hi I'm Hayley"

"I'm Jayson but my friends call me Jay"

And finally after a few more students it got to the last person. The boy at the back of the classroom who looked like this was the last place he wanted to be. I have him a few minutes to tell me his name but he didn't seem like he wanted to talk.

Looking towards me uninterested as if to say he'd rather not tell me his name. I knew then that he wasn't going to answer so I nodded before handing out papers to everyone so they could finish the task I had given.

The first thing I wanted my class to do was draw, colour or scribble down anything that they loved so that I could know there interests and hobbies.

I looked in my draw for the lollies I knew I had, maybe if I showed that boy at the back kindness he would too? So that's exactly what I did placing the lollie on his desk before walking away.

Turning around I saw the same boy at the back of the class look at what I had given him with confusion before his little eyes snapped up looking straight at me. His glare had intensified, which had shocked me, I was wondering what could possibly be the reason for that look. I now had a new goal in mind which was to get that kid to trust me.

After I began handing out a lollie to each student that was working nice and quietly. They all thanked me except of course one and I'm sure you can guess who.

By the time class had finished and it was time for everyone to head home. I had already packed everything I needed before walking outside towards my car. On the way there I stopped to see Evelyn, or Mrs Davidson rather talking to that same boy from my class who's name I did not know of yet.

"Is everything okay out here?" I asked with a smile glancing towards the 7 year old boy from my class. His name still unknown to me. I had hoped to get a smile in return but to no avail only Evelyn acknowledged me.

"We are fine dear, you head home now and I'll watch Ethan till his father arrives." Evelyn said making me nod my head in agreement before walking off. I made a promise to talk to him tomorrow just one on one, so that I could find a common ground and make it possible for us to work together.


So that was his name.

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