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Blue is not just a colour. It is something which hides everything. Black is an absence of colour, and so is blue a calmer side of colour. Just like the winds calms our mind, but, sometimes winds are the only reason for the storm. Moreover, Blue is not just a colour. It is a feeling, an emotion, but so not in a good manner. It's emotion only screams depression and Sings melancholy songs. Still complains none.

Romance / Drama
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It all started from the day I met her. Her eyes, shining like the stars, captivated me all at one glance. They exuded calmness, but underneath those long, luxurious lashes I sensed something else, something to which I had no control over.

They were the bluest eyes I have ever seen. The way they seemed to change shades now and then enthralled me. Ocean blue one moment, then navy, now baby and suddenly they looked nearly purple. Those eyes defied reason, fabricating new emotion within me. To which I couldn’t put my fingers on.

She looked in her apparent confusion towards me only to be interrupted. How I was desperate to know what she was thinking. Her manner told me there’d be no secrets with her. She was an open book, but to me, the words were faded and incomprehensible. I wanted to bring them back to life, to know...her.

However... She was young, perhaps too young. Still, the sight of her pink, supple lips spreading as she drew in a breath, and the precious view of the light reflecting off of her olive skin was enough to warrant an awakening from the demon within me. It had no care about age or piety. Instead, it desired nothing more than to chase her down and decipher the puzzle she had became, ready, entirely, for the hunt.

Before it could take hold, I left with a new emotion within me.

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