I'll Follow the Sun (Book 2)

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Four people, two cities, 1600 miles apart. Follow Libby, Liam, Graham and Jenny as they come to figure out that sometimes life isn't supposed to work out in the way one hopes. Actually, it turns out quite the opposite.

Romance / Adventure
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Extended Summary

Extended Summary

Libby is back. After her stay with Liam and his family in New York, she knew that it was time to return to her hometown where her own family waited - including her boyfriend, Graham.

Graham is skeptical. Even though him and Libby were together, her split decision to stay in New York over winter break caused conflicting emotions towards his feelings for her and whether he should trust her feelings for him, as well.

Liam stayed. Torn with his love’s departure, he tried to resume his life with a better mindset. Not just for his family, but also for himself. College in the Spring came up and now he has to figure out the ways of balancing running a record shop, keeping up his GPA, and raising his constantly growing son.

And Jenny is heartbroken. With Liam’s final conclusion that his feelings for her were not enough to suffice, she tried to move on. But will it work?

The four of them are having a tough time moving on from the ghosts of heartbreak, but throughout it all, they knew one thing.

That everything would be alright.


an awesome sequel to Here Comes the Sun. none of this will make sense if you haven’t read the first book! thank you for reading x

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