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Touch: Erotic Tales of Passion

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Within these ten arousing stories, you'll discover how wild and imaginative the mind can be. Discover the emotions of someone's love and their deep desire for their lover...

Romance / Erotica
Janeen G.
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The air was cold as I heard my heels echoing into the air. I looked down at the floor as I paced my steps. My mind was dazed and else whereas I didn’t see a figure walking towards me. As I steadily walked in the mid-day alleyway, I see someone walking straight ahead of me. A pair of dark eyes kept my gaze as I start to slow down and analyze the stranger’s eyes staring at me.

His walk was confident as his hand was in his skin-tight jean pockets and his short curly hair moved against the wind with his light shirt. I felt myself stop in my tracks as he kept walking closer to me. The sound of his black boots hitting the pavement kept my attention towards the floor. He was near me now and I can smell his intoxicating scent. I didn’t feel his hand grab my arm; I didn’t feel myself being pushed up against the cold brick red wall. He held my arms to my side. With only a look, he held me tight to keep his gaze. I felt my body fade into the wall and the pressure of his heated body coming down on me. His supple hands cupped my face and brought me into a deep and alluring kiss. The taste was sweet as I tugged at the hem of his shirt. I felt his soft hair close to my face and whisked about in the wind.

I could hear my own thundering heartbeat through the soft moans coming from his lips. His hands moved from my face and were slowly peeling off my top. I gently tugged him off of me and looked back into his dark brown eyes.

The hint of lust was all through his gaze as I felt my body growing hot with want as his hands crept up my loose blouse. I grabbed him by the arms and crashed my lips into his but I was deeply hungry for him. He pushed me back into the wall but this time he put his weight up against me. I started to press my hands to his torso and palm over his hardening pleasure through his tight jeans.

His kisses traveled from my lips and went straight to my neck. I moaned and put my head back in bliss. I want to expose every part of my body to him. I didn’t feel my skirt being hiked up and his hands searching for my soaked clothing.

Ripping and tearing rang out through the alleyway as I watch my underclothes being thrown to the floor. The zip and click of his jeans felt like it was the only sound I could process through these feelings.

My body was firmly being pressed to the wall as he hoisted me into his arms and I felt the tip of his erect member near my entrance. He held me in one arm as he used his other hand and his own essence to moisten his throbbing shaft. With one hard thrust, I cried into the open air and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

His grunts were in my ear as with each drive from his member my vision became blurry. He didn’t hold back as his movements became deep and erratic. I could feel myself falling over the edge of bliss as I clenched my hands to his breathable shirt and my body clenched over his pulsing member. I couldn’t tell whose cries came first...but all I could feel was warmth and wetness between my legs and both our bodies were trembling. Just as I was about to bring myself to kiss his trembling lips...I felt a huge drop...


With a quick jolt, I lifted my head from my desk and looked around the pale-colored room. I was in my office and I dozed off again at my desk. I cursed under my breath as I straighten up in my seat. I took one glance out the window and looked beyond the afternoon shine.

The window scenery was nothing but tall skyscrapers and a busy street. People passing by loudly through their cars really started to wake me up.

Just as I started to rust off my dozed sleep, my eyes catch a glimpse of a small alleyway.

I could feel my mind picturing his face again as I stared into the small empty but dim street space. What I would give to go back into my lucid state and have him touch me again...

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