My two best friends

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Chapter 10

Mason's POV,

"So what do you think?" I asked Marcus who had been sitting looking out the window since we left Candace's place.

"I dont know man. She doesn't seem like she will go forward with this. I thought maybe she had a crush on one of us, but now I dont know."

"I just hope that if she only wants to stay friends with us. It doesn't hurt our relationship." I knew that was Candace's biggest problem with this and to tell the truth. It was what worried me as well. Marcus and I have talked about all of this for hours on hours, but even though we have done our best to promise that no matter what she does. We won't let it mess with our friendship. I know what love can make a person do. I know I love Candace, I always have. It's never been more than just a love for a close friend. I have also loved her because of the wonderful and caring person she has always been. I have always thought that she was beautiful, but now she added the fact of being beautiful on the outside as well. She became a double threat to myself and Marcus.

It's so different when you meet a girl for the first time and all you know about her is how she looks, but Candace is giving us so much more and I think that's why Marcus and I are so drawn to her. "Do you love her?" I asked him.

"Of course I do."

"No, I mean are you in love with her?" Marcus laid his head back and closed his eyes.

"I dont know, I have never been in love. Dude, I feel like such a loser right now." I had to laugh.

"Why?" Marcus looked over at me.

"What girl have I ever had to chase? I mean I know this is Cans and all, but still. I feel like a sap. I want to hold her and kiss her and protect her." He looked over at me. "Are you in love with her?"

"I dont know man. I mean I want to do all the same things with her. Her kiss feels like it means more. I dont know how to explain that." I think we were both at a loss and we needed answers ourselves. We never meant to put any pressure on her, but while she was wanting answers. So did we and only she could give them to us.

"I know right, her kiss got me all up in a roar and only made it worse for me. Watching her being hit on drives me crazy. I want to beat all these guys down." I looked over at him.

"So are you going home tonight or do you want to come home with me?"

"You can drop me off at my place." I haven't been home in a while and I should check-in."

"Well if you need me just call." We nodded at each other and I dropped him off and headed home.

Candace's POV,

Monday at school things seem to be normal. At lunch, I invited Missy to sit with us. I needed girl time. I actually needed a female friend in my life. Missy seemed like a nice person so I thought I'd give it a go. "So tell me, Mason, where are you headed once school is over?" Missy asked him. We all looked at him.

"Probably Harvard," Marcus said. I smiled at him.

"That smart?" Missy asked.

"Yes, he is," I said and smiled at him.

"I mean I could go there if I wanted to, but I won't," Mason said.

"Why not?" Missy asked him and I waited for his answer.

"Because I want to be with my friends." He said. We had never really talked much about college. I didn't know Mason felt that way. Marcus was probably going to go to community college. Not because he wasn't smart enough. Marcus was very smart, almost as much as Mason, but his family didn't have the money to send him anywhere and Marcus never went after any scholarships. I, on the other hand, had plans to leave. I didn't know they wanted to stay together. More food for thought.

"What about you Marcus?" Missy asked him. Marcus just shrugged his shoulders.

"I dont know if I'm even going to go to college." I shot my head at him.

"Marcus," I said and he looked at me. "You have to go to college. That's your future." I said to him. He smiled and looked down.

"What's your plans?" Marcus asked me.

"I dont know yet, but I know I'm going to college." Of course out of the three of us. Mason had the most privileges. I know we're good friends but the last thing I would want for him would be to lose out on an opportunity like Harvard. This was something I wanted to talk to him about. As far as Marcus goes, well I needed to talk to him too. He will go to college if I have anything to say about it. The last thing I want him to do is rot in this place. "What about you Missy? Where are you going?" She looked over at me.

"I'm not sure yet but I have like three places I would love to go."

"Well, I'm glad your at least going," I said to her. Missy and I decided to hang out after school today. We had a project in a class we shared and thought it would be smart to work on it together. Of course, the boys followed us to my house. We were all outback. Missy and I had the table covered in work while the boys just hung out at the court playing ball. I caught Missy watching them and I just smiled.

"Girl, I just dont understand it." I looked up at her.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I mean I just dont see how a beautiful girl like you and two hot ass guys like them. Have only ever been friends." I had to giggle at her.

"Well honestly, If you had met me before this last summer. You would understand." She looked at me funny. "I used to not look like this. I was s shy girl who stayed behind the two of them most of my life. I never wore anything that showed off my body and I didn't make friends."

"Really, so what made you come out of your shell?" I told her all about my summer and how much I loved just being the real me. I told her how I met the boys and what they meant to me.

"So nothing has ever happened with you and them." I looked over at them and then back to her. "Girl, tell me." She said and I smiled.

"I have kissed them both." Her eyes got big.

"And nothing came of that?" She asked all ears.

"It only just happened."

"Oh." She said. I looked back at them. I knew feelings inside of myself was starting to change. I just didn't know what to make of it yet and I couldn't even think of what one my feelings were changing for. It was like they were changing for both of them and I knew that type of thing was out of the question. My mother, of course, being the woman that she is, came outside and gave all of us dinner. "Your mom is so nice," Missy said. The guys sat with us stuffing their faces with food. I just scrunched my nose at them.

"Her family is the best," Mason said. Missy need up heading home after dinner and I stayed outback with the guys.

"Do you guys want to go over to the court?" Marcus asked. It was only seven. I nodded my head and Mason got up and said let's go. I was sitting on one of the benches just watching them play.

"Do you two ever get tired of playing ball all the time?" I said kind of laughing as I said it. They both stopped and looked at me.

"Really?" Marcus said.

"Yeah really." Mason just shook his head.

"What else is there to do?" Mason asked.

"I mean we have the ocean and lakes and trails all around us," I said like if I really liked to hike, which I didn't.

"You want to go to the beach or a hike now?" Marcus asked me.

"Well no but I get tired of watching you guys play ball all the time." They both smiled at me.

"Then come out and play with us," Mason said and Marcus flashed him a smile. I stood up and took my jacket off and set it down on the table.

"Screw it, why not," I said to them and met them on the court. "So teach me how to play." Marcus walked over to me.

"First, let's see if you can even make a basket," Marcus said and I rolled my eyes at him.

"Girls can play basketball you know."

"I know girls can play basketball, but this is you we are talking about." Jerk, I said to myself. Not that he wasn't wrong. I mean the last time I even picked up a ball was in elementary school. Marcus handed me the ball and just like a girl I started to shoot the ball granny style. Marcus laughed and then I felt him come up behind me and try to show me how to toss it correctly. He had his arms around me and I liked it. I tossed the ball and in the net, it went. I got so excited that I turned and jumped into Marcus's arms. He caught me and held me off the ground. I looked at him and he was just holding me and looking back at me. Damn it, here we go. I tried to pull myself off of him and he seemed to hold on just a moment longer. My feet touched the ground and I knew I was blushing because my cheeks were hot. If I didn't know any better Marcus was blushing a little as well.

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