My two best friends

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Chapter 16

Within minutes I had two sets of eyes looking up at me. "What's on your mind?" Mason asked me.

"I can't choose. Please dont make me choose." I said. Both Mason and Marcus looked at each other. Mason shrugged his shoulders at Marcus.

"We can figure something out Cans. Let's just try this dating both of us for a while." I nodded my head at him. We all got up and spent the whole day together. We hiked and went out on a boat. I sat back and watched the guys do some fishing. I tried to put the whole dating them both thing into the back of my mind. I wanted to just enjoy my time with them, like old times. Back when we were just friends. I walked back up to our camp while they were still fishing. I wanted to get a start on our dinner.

Marcus's POV,

"Hey?" I said to Mason as I watched Candace walk off. He looked over at me. "You think this thing between all of us is going to work?" Mason looked back out at the water and started to reel his poll in.

"Honestly, I have no idea. You heard her though, she doesn't want to have to pick. I have a bad feeling that when this comes close to an end she will not pick either one of us." I looked back up at him.

"You think so?" Mason ran his hand down his face.

"I'm kind of tired of all this talk but I'm also worried that this might hurt our friendship. It's been on my mind for a little while now." I tend to try and not overthink things. I haven't really thought about what this could possibly do to the three of us. I knew Candace was worried about it, but I had it in my head already that no matter what went down. I wouldn't lose either of them. Now they are both starting to stress me out.

"I think that the only way we will all lose each other is if we keep thinking that way. Look, man, I love you both and I have already agreed that if she comes out and picks you. I will be okay with it and I won't let it pull me away from either of you." Mason nodded his head at me. "Look, the truth is I think she should pick you." Mason shot his head at me.

"What?" He said.

"Let's face it man, your the better choice out of the two of us. You can give her so much more than I can. This is not just some high school crush. This is Candace we're talking about. This is long term. Possibly life term. Your the better choice."

"Do you hear yourself? What makes me the better man Marcus? Because I have money and you dont? Do you hear how fucking dumb you sound?" I looked at him like he was nuts. "Did you even just hear what came out of your mouth? I know how you feel about her, hell you haven't shut up about it. You just told me you would step back and let me have her because you think I'm the better man. Marcus, you're a good man. Stop thinking that. If she picks you. She will have a wonderful life with you. When are you going to realize that you dont have to live like your mother or even your brother? You are not them, man. You're better than that." I ran my hand through my hair. His words were true and I knew that, but most of the time it was hard to believe.

"So then we let her date us both?" I said to him and he nodded his head at me. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Yeah." He said while he threw his line back into the water.

"What if she sleeps with one of us?" Mason smiled.

"Then she sleeps with us."

"You mean if you found out I slept with her. You would be okay with that?" Mason turned and looked at me.

"Have you slept with her?" He asked me.

"No, but the other day at the river when we skipped school. We got pretty damn close. I'm the damn superhero that stopped us from going any farther." Mason looked back out at the water.

"Then maybe it's you that she wants." He said.

"I dont think that what it was. I think it was just more of a heat of the moment type thing. Besides, I stopped it before it went farther. That doesn't mean that she would have gone all the way. I just want to know if while we are doing this dating thing and something like that happens. Are you and I going to be okay?"

"You mean you're going to put your superhero suit away if she wants you?" I cocked my head at him. He smiled and set his pole down. "I guessing and I could be wrong, but I would think that if she gives herself to one of us. That's going to be the one she will choose. I mean I could be wrong, but this is Candace we're talking about."

"Okay look, I know how this is going to sound, but hear me out. What if when she said she didn't want to choose was her way of saying she wanted to be with both of us. Not that she couldn't choose and just wanted to stay friends?" I said. I looked out at the water not wanted to see his reaction.

"Could you really do that Marcus? Could you share her?"

"I dont know, could you?"

"I have never thought about it." He said. "You know what let's just try this dating thing and see where it goes. If she brings it up again. Then we can talk about it, I honestly dont know if I could or not."

"Come on you two. I have dinner done!" We both heard her call out to us. We looked at each other and grabbed our things and headed back to camp. Candace was quiet and Mason and I just kept looking over at each other. Mason ended up going to his tent before Candace and me.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" I asked her. She looked like she had been lost in thought all night. I hated to see her like this and I knew it was mine and Mason's fault. I believe we have turned her world around. I needed to do something to help her feel better about all of this. She went to her tent and grabbed a jacket then she came back out to me. We walked down by the water and started to walk the waterline. "Talk to me, beautiful," I said to her. She looked over at me.

"About?" Her soft voice said.

"Whatever is on your mind."

"It's just the same stuff that I have already talked about." I stopped and grabbed her arms. I made her look at me.

"Listen to me Cans. Mason and I have talked about this until we have been blue in the face. We will not let this ruin our friendship. If you choose me. Mason and I will be good. If you choose him. Mason and I will be good. Stop worrying about this so much. Just relax and start allowing yourself to feel something besides worry." Her eyes looked tired as she just looked at me. I bent down and softly kissed her lips. She kissed me back and we both turned and continued to walk. I heard her sigh.

"Okay Marcus, I will try." She said.

"That's a good girl," I said and we both laugh. "Besides you get to date us both. You know that's going to be fun." She rolled her eyes at me.

"I dont want people to know what we're doing." She said.

"Who gives a crap what anyone thinks, but dont worry Cans. We won't say anything. This is between the three of us." She smiled at me and we headed back to camp. Of course in the middle of the night. We all ended up in her tent.

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