My two best friends

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Chapter 17

"Is this really what you want to do?" I asked Marcus as he showed up to pick me up to go see a movie.

"Yeah, this is supposed to be a very scary one." I looked over at him. "Damn Cans, do you think your skirt could be any shorter?"

"You wish my skirt was shorter."

"I mean your right, but you're killing me here." I just smiled at him as we headed to the theater.

"Killing me fast. Oh yeah, sounds really scary." I said and rolled my eyes. Marcus stopped walking and looked at me.

"Do you want to do something else?" I stood there and the only thing that came to my mind was his lips on mine. "Well?" He gave me a grin.

"Let's go park somewhere," I said. Marcus shook his head.

"Why are you trying to get me into trouble?"

"Trouble with who?" I asked him.

"Is that really what you want to do Cans? Because I won't be held responsible for my actions." I got a huge shit-eating grin on my face. "Okay, you dont have to tell me twice." He got back into the car and we headed outside of town. Marcus found a spot close to the lake. He turned the car to where we could still hear the radio. "So what do you want to do?' he asked as he made himself comfortable in the seat. Every once in a while he has his brother's bronco. The seat is a bench seat and there is nothing in between us. He looked so good sitting over there in a white teeshirt and blue jeans. The truth was I had always had a bit of a soft spot for Marcus. I know what your thinking. I'm the typical girl who likes the bad boy, but I think its more than just that. Mason is very good looking and has it all, but Marcus, even though I know everything there is to know about him. He is still a mystery sometimes. It's very intriguing and does things to me.

"What do you want to do?" I asked him with a sinister smile on my face. He just smiled and shook his head. He motioned with his finger for me to come closer to him. I didn't disappoint and moved closer to him. He reached out and placed his hand behind my head. He pulled me even closer to him. His lips found mine and within a second. I was in his lap trying to pull my skirt up just so I could sit in his lap. I really wasn't trying to be dirty. Marcus didn't take it that way and soon his fingers found their way inside of my panties. No one has ever touched me there. I gripped his shoulders as I allowed him to explore me. His mouth was on my neck and he was doing some growling. I tugged at his shirt. Once I had it off. I allowed my lips and tongue to explore his muscular torso. He was so fit and hard. It only made me want him even more.

"Is this what you want?" He said in my ear as his fingers went deep inside of me. I moaned into his ear.

"Yes," I said as softly as I could. He pulled the back of my hair and kissed my lips again.

"I could eat you alive." He said and his words were doing nothing but pushing me even feather along.

"Marcus," I said.

"Yes, baby?"

"I want you," I said.

"I want you too." He laid me down on the seat and started to unbutton my top. He ran his hand down my body and found me once again. His lips brushed over one of my nipples. My body reacted wonderfully. I was doing my best to undo his belt. He just looked at me for a moment. Within seconds we were both laying there in nothing but our underwear. Both of us were breathing heavily and the car was starting to warm up. Marcus was kissing every inch of my body and I felt so safe with him. There was no turning back as I knew I was going to make Marcus my first. Marcus reached over and pulled a condom out of the glove box of the car. He looked down at me. "Are you still sure about this?" He asked me. I took a deep breath.

"Yes, Marcus," I said. He sat the condom on my belly as he slowly removed my panties. He kissed me there and then up my belly a little. Then he removed his boxers and that's when I got a real good look at him. I dont have anything to compare him too, but he was, how do I say this? Huge, and I got a little worried. I think he could tell and he just looked at me.

"Dont worry love, I will go slow. I promise I won't hurt you." I trusted him and nodded my head at him. I watched him place the condom on himself and then as he bent down closer to me I closed my eyes. It only took a few seconds and he was fully inside of me. I felt a small pinch and then he stopped. He looked me in the eyes and kissed my lips. "Are you okay?" He asked me.

"Yes," I said as I held onto him for dear life.

"Relax baby." He said and I took a deep breath as he slowly started to move. My hands went to his back and I ran my fingers up and down. After a few minutes, the stiffness went away and it felt like him and I had been doing this all our lives. He was so gentle with me. Caring and loving. He felt amazing and all I wanted was more. Marcus and I ended up spending most of the night out there by the lake. We went from the car to the side of the car to laying next to the lake. We both laid out there by the water just trying to catch our breath. Both of us wrapped in each other arms and blankets. All I could do was smile. He just laid there and watched me. His fingers were playing with my hair. "What's on your mind?" He asked me.

"You, this, me." Was all I could say. My body felt amazing. I felt like I was floating around and I was watching the two of us. My best friend just became my lover and I couldn't be happier about it, but was I choosing Marcus? That's when Mason came into my head. How are we going to tell him what we just did? I wasn't going to bring up Mason right now. I didn't want to ruin what Marcus and I just shared. I felt Marcus start to kiss up my arm and I turned and looked at him. He had that look in his eyes again. "More?" I said to him.

"How could you even think that I dont want to do this with you forever?" I just smiled and shook my head as I gained some courage and climb on top of him. I didn't get home until almost three in the morning. Marcus and I played the kissing game in the car in front of my house for almost ten minutes. I had to push myself out of the car. He blew me a kiss and I watched him leave. Marcus had to go home to return the car to his brother. I walked up to my room. My head was full of all of the things Marcus and I had just done. I couldn't stop smiling. He did everything right. Everything I had hoped my first time would be. Marcus made it happen. I turned on the shower and took a step inside. The hot water felt good on my skin. I was a little sore but it wasn't anything to make a fuss about. I finally crawled into my bed and my phone went off. I smiled seeing it was Marcus.

"I miss you already. Good night love."

"I miss you too. I miss your lips on me. Goodnight Marcus." I hit send and with a huge smile on my face. I rolled over and closed my eyes.

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