My two best friends

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Chapter 18

"What are we going to tell Mason?" I asked Marcus while he was getting lost in kissing my neck.

"What do you want to tell him?"

"I want to tell him the truth." Marcus looked up at me.

"You do?" I nodded my head at him.

"He is picking me up tomorrow. I think I should tell him what happened between us." Marcus put his thinking face on.

"I think maybe it better if I tell him." I scrunched my nose at him.

"You think so? Maybe we both could tell him together."

"I dont think that would be a good idea. I dont want him to think you have chosen me and we look like maybe were ganging upon him." I sighed.

"Maybe your right," I said. Marcus nodded his head. He kissed me one more time and then told me he would call me later. I was very nervous and worried about how Mason was going to take this. i mean it wasn't like I had made a choice on who I wanted to be with. I just made a choice on who I wanted to sleep with first. I dont have a real reason why I wanted it to be Marcus. I just felt a little closer to him.

Marcus's POV,

I walked up to Mason's door and rang the doorbell. I felt a little worried about how He was going to take the news. Just my luck, Crystal answered the door. "Well hello good looking." She said as I watched her look me up and down.

"Is Mason here?" I asked her.

"He is, but I'm much better company." She said and winked at me. I didn't have time for this bitch.

"Can you just let him know I'm here." She nodded her head and left me standing on the porch. A few seconds later Mason came walking out.

"Hey man, what's up?" He said.

"You busy?" I asked him. He just sort of laugh.

"Not at all."

"Good, we need to talk. Can we go somewhere? Maybe grab some food?" Mason nodded at me and went inside to grab his keys. We ended up at this small pizza place in town.

"So what's going on?" Mason asked me. I sighed and set my pizza down.

"Candace and I slept together last night." I just blurted it out. I hated things to be sugar-coated. I just needed to come out with it. I watched him trying to prosses what I had just said.

"So then she has picked you." He said.

"No, she hasn't." He looked up at me.

"What do you mean? She has given herself to you."

"I understand this, but she still hasn't made a choice. I was just the one she picked to sleep with."

"Hell Marcus this is not making any sense."

"She told us she didn't want to pick. She asked us not to make her. I know she is very confused." I started to play with my fingers. Something I did when I got nervous. "Please dont be upset about this. She is worried sick about it." Mason smiled at me.

"I can't help but be a little sad about it, but I'm not upset with you two. I can deal, At least it wasn't some random guy. Whos ass we would have to kick." We both laugh and it felt good to know he was okay.

Candace's POV,

Marcus called me and let me know everything was okay with Mason. I sent him a text making sure things were still on for Sunday. Mason told me, yes and I felt a little better. Sunday morning Mason showed up early and my parents were out of town for the next week. Mason ended up catching me in my towel as I walked out of the bathroom. "Oh crap, you scared me." He just stood against the wall with his arms crossed. He had a smile on his face and he was dressed casually looking real hot. "You know you could have knocked.

"When in all the years have I ever knocked? Even if I had knocked you wouldn't have heard me." I guess he was right. So far Mason didn't seem different. He was acting like my normal Mason. I was acting so worried he would be different towards me. I walked into my closet and found a little pink sundress. I slipped it on and walked back out. Mason was still standing in the same spot. "So how long until your ready?" He asked me.

"Give me about ten minutes?" He nodded at me.

"I'll be downstairs." He said and headed out of the room. I stood there for a moment, shrugged my shoulders, and finished getting ready. I put my hair in a side ponytail and slipped my glasses on. Mason always liked my glasses and it was nice to give my eyes a break. I slipped on my shoes and headed down to meet Mason. He was sitting at the dinner table drinking some water when I walked in. His eyes lite up and he gave me a smile. "You look beautiful." He said, and I blushed.

"Thank you, Mason," I said.

"I love your glasses." I blushed once again and smiled at him. "You ready to go?" I nodded at him. He got up and walked over to me and took my hand in his. He stopped at the front door. He turned and looked at me. "You all mine today, okay? Just you and I. No one else matters today." I smiled and nodded my head at him. He smiled and bent down and kissed my forehead. I looked up at him and then stood on my toes and kissed his lips. We got in his car and took off. I had the best day with Mason. The town next to us had a fair going on and we spent most of the day there. Nothing else mattered but the two of us. We kissed on the Ferris wheel. We kissed eating cotton candy. We kissed watching the rodeo. We kissed in the car before we headed home. There was no talk or questions about Marcus and me. The day was just about Mason and myself.

"Will you come inside with me?" I asked him as we pulled up in front of my house. It was only around eight in the evening. Of course, the kissing started again at my front door. It also continued behind my front door. Mason's kisses were amazing. They weren't hot or out of control. He kissed me like I was the last girl in the world. His kisses were full of passion and love.

"What do you want to do?" He asked me once we came up for some air.

"Do you want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie?" I asked him.

"As long as it's scary." He said and winked at me. Mason and I have always been huge horror movie fans. The scarier the better. I nodded at him and told him to get a movie-going. I was going to change into something more comfortable. I ran upstairs and changed into a tank top and some shorts with little pink stars on them. I let my hair down and brushed it out and returned to Mason. He was in the kitchen making some popcorn.

"Dont forget to add cheese to the popcorn." I hollered out to him as I pulled a big blanket out of the hall closest.

"You act like I'm new or something." I giggled at him. I have always liked cheese melted on top of my popcorn. Mason hated it and always made me a bowl of my own. I was all set up on the couch when Mason came walking in with two bowls of popcorn. He handed me one and sat next to me. We started the movie Sinister and turned off all the lights. This movie scares the crap out of me. I curled up next to him and started to watch the movie.

About ten minutes into the movie. Mason had made his way into the blanket with me. About fifteen minutes into the movie. I could feel his fingers running up and down my leg. I took a breath and tried to focus on the movie. He wasn't making it easy as I wanted him to touch me more. I didn't want to seem like some sex crazed animal. I was doing my best not to turn to him and kiss him. My body started to betray me as I moved my leg out closer to him. I could see his smile, but I refused to look right at him. Truth, I wanted Marcus and Mason both. I made that clear to them. I knew Mason knew I wanted him. I bit down on my lip as Mason's fingers moved up my leg farther. Still, I kept my eyes on the movie. Mason laid back closer to me and I stayed still. I felt his finger getting closer and closer to where I wanted him to touch me the most. Just a little closer. I said to myself. His fingers went under my shorts. I sighed and turned and looked at him. He turned and looked at me. His eyes were dark and full of lust.

He licked his bottom lip and then his fingers were now inside my panties. He was looking at me almost like he wanted me to tell him what to do next. Instead, I pushed myself closer to him. As soon as I felt him start to caress between my folds. I rolled my eyes into the back of my head and let out a small moan. Mason moved closer to me and I felt his lips on mine.

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