My two best friends

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Chapter 19

The next thing I knew. I found out just how hot Mason could be. I always thought of him as this sweet loving guy. He was always about the cuddles and touching, This Mason, the Mason that was now touching me. Was a whole new guy. I was losing it on the couch while he touched me in ways I never wanted him to stop. I held on to him while he caused me to come up off of the couch. "Feel it, baby." He was whispering in my ear. "Remember your mine right now."

"Yes Mason, I'm yours." His lips and tongue flowed up and down my neck and chest. His soft bites were driving me wild.

"Tell me what you want." He said.

"Just you," I said. I pulled my tank top off and I wasn't wearing a bra. Mason moved off of me and laid me down on the couch. I watched him put two of his fingers into his mouth and then back inside of me. I reached out and gripped his upper arms. He pulled my shorts and panties off. I laid there on the couch completely naked. Mason stood up and just looked me up and down. He shook his head.

"Your amazing Cans." He said as he started to take his shirt off. His body was just as sexy as Marcus. Not as many tattoos but still hot as hell. I bit down on my lip. He smiled down at me. He went to his knees next to me. "Tell me, do you want this?" He asked me. Hello, I'm naked here. I screamed out inside my head. I nodded at him. "I can't hear you, baby?"

"Yes Mason, I want you tonight." He took his pants off and claimed on to the couch next to me. He grabbed the blanket and pulled dit over the two of us. The anticipation of waiting for his next move was driving me crazy. His strong hands were all over my body. He moved me closer to him. His lips and tongue were on my chest as I kissed his arm. He ran his hand down the side of my body. He kissed down my chest until he landed on my stomach. He let small kisses around my belly button. I giggle some as it ticketed me. Then he started to move his head in between my legs. Wow, I said to myself. I gripped the sides of the couch. "Mason," I whispered out as I felt my body release. His fingers gripped my thighs as he was upon his knees now between my legs. He pulled my hips closer to him. I watched him place a condom on. Then he took ahold of himself and pushed inside of me.

I gripped the couch even harder. Mason was much larger then Marcus. It took a few seconds for Mason to be fully inside of me. He took his time and kept his eyes on mine. Once he was there, he looked at me and I nodded at him. He started to move and I closed my eyes. "No baby, look at me." He said. I opened my eyes and did my best to keep them open. He bent forward and placed his head on my neck. His hand went under me and he gripped my shoulders. As soon as he was holding on. He started to move faster. My nails dug into his back. I wrapped my legs around him and held on. Mason was fast and I knew I was getting closer to my release. He felt amazing and I started to move my hips with him. I felt him kissing me and biting my nipples. "Oh god." He said in my ear. "You feel amazing." He said right in my ear and it pushed me over the edge. I moaned out, loudly.

The next thing I knew. Mason had pulled me on top of him and placed his hands on my hips. As I placed myself down onto him. I grabbed the back of the couch and place my other hand on his chest. I started to move forward and backward's. Mason's hands held onto my hip and on my breast. The sweat dripped down my face as I was moving on him fast. His eyes stayed on mine and then he let out a growl and pushed himself up inside of me deeper as I knew he found his release. His fingers dug deeper into my flesh. I fell forward onto him and he wrapped his arms around me. We both stayed still just holding each other and breathing.

"Mason?" I said as he was stroking my hair.


"I think I'm in love with you." He stayed quiet for a moment.

"But?" He asked. I sighed because I knew he wanted to know if my feelings were the same for Marcus.

"Yes Mason, I love him too. Only I haven't told him. He continued to stroke my hair.

"It's okay, baby. I understand. I scooted away from him and grabbed the blanket around myself. I just kind of shook my head. "What's the matter, love?" He asked me.

"I just dont understand how you both are so okay with me feeling this way." Mason set up on his elbows.

"How are we supposed to feel Cans?" He asked looking right at me.

"I dont know. It's just I'm now sleeping with you both. I can't decide who I want to be with because I want to be with you both, but yet you both act so cool about all of this." Mason smiled at me. "Why are you smiling? Do you have any idea how I feel right now?" I snapped a little at him. He sat up and pulled me into his arms. He kissed the side of my face.

"This is something only you can figure out. We can't help you decide what you want to do. In fact, I'm nervous about what your choice will be. I want you to pick me more then you realize. Even more, now that I know what you taste like. Now that I know what you feel like. It just made it that much harder on me. I'm in love with you too Cans, but you are the one in control here and no matter what choice you make. It will be a hard one. How can Marcus and I make it that much harder on you by acting like fools about this?" I didn't understand how Mason was always so sweet. All he did was warm my heart.

"Will you stay with me tonight?' I asked him. He smiled and laughed a little.

"You think I'm down with you for the night?" He said with a huge smile. I just smiled back at him and rolled my eyes. Needless to say, we moved up to my bedroom, and Mason made me feel like the only woman in the world for the rest of the night. I opened my eyes up in the morning and I was still in Mason's arms. My body was sore and felt stiff, but not in a bad way. My hair was a mess and I looked over at Mason who had half of his body covered in the sheets and half of his body out. He looked so amazing sleeping. I softly started to kiss his chest and then he let out a soft moan. "You want more?' I heard him say and I giggled.

"I might break," I said and he snickered.

"I promise I won't break you." I was going to protest, but Mason had already flipped himself over and was now looking down at me. I couldn't do a thing but giggle. I had no idea where the energy had come from. We had only slept for maybe five hours, but the next thing I knew we were at it again. I felt sorry for my neighbors. I was holding nothing back and Mason was being just as loud. Mason was much more vocal then Marcus. I loved hearing him moan. It turned me on so much knowing I was the one making him act this way.

I was finally able to pull myself away from him and run into the bathroom. I ran myself a hot bath and sunk into it. After a good hour. I finally got out of the bath. Only to find Mason sleeping in the bed still. It was after eleven and I was starving. I smiled at him and headed down to make some food. I knew if he could smell me cooking he would get up and come looking for the food. I made eggs and bacon and pancakes. I also started some coffee. As I started to fill plates with food. I heard someone knock on the front door. I sat the plates down as Mason started to come down the steps. He was in nothing but a pair of sweat pants. I smiled up at him and went to open the front door. Marcus stood there smiling. I stepped aside and let him in. "Could you smell food?" I asked him as him and Mason locked eyes.

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